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Chapter 110

From the Beginning



“There, what happened to your energy from before?”


A marble pillar that came flying down sunk into Yuuhi’s body. 

It was heavy, solid and quick and yet there was some interval.

Its size was at body height, but that was even worse for Yuuhi.

It did not hit her whole body, but it struck focused on one point.

Due to that, the damage affected even the center of her body.



“You are being unrefined”



Creasyl’s backhand lodged in Yuuhi’s face as she blazed up the pillar which she had caught with her body.

An air rupturing *pang* resounded, and Yuuhi was blown away, plunging into the sea of rubble.




The sea of rubble was immediately covered in black flames and turned to dust.

At the center of that stood Yuuhi. 

What was struck was the blackened cheek.

It was crumbling like genuine charcoal, and fragments of it fell down.

It must likely had been Yuuhi’s skin.


“What is wrong? Is it terrifying that your body has completely changed?”

“Gh! I don’t care! I will give at least my body for this!”

“Hah! Fool!”


Creasyl ridiculed Yuuhi’s shameful sight.

Yuuhi no longer had words she could say calmly, only sending out flames recklessly.

As far as Creasyl was concerned, that seemed to be of great interest.


“It is an interesting emotion. Hatred is it… Did something let you feel hatred?”

“Shut up! Be quiet!”

“I will not. Human, trying to do such things like reproving I, know your place”



When Creasyl thrust a finger above her, a marble pillar protruded from the soil below Yuuhi.

That directly hit Yuuhi’s body and launched her up high.

Over her head as she fluttered in midair, a gigantic pillar appeared once again.


“Now, how will you avoid it?”


The giant pillar fell down in accordance to gravity.

Yuuhi bit her lips to regain her consciousness that she was about to lose, and pointed her hand upwards.

She tried to burn it with her flames again, but that time.


Suddenly, the pillar exploded in very small pieces.


“――――Phew, we did say that this side will support, so we have to put in at least this much work, right?”

“You insect…”


On top of a mountain of rubble somewhat separated from the two.

There was Touma, boldly set up the sacred cannon on his waist.

The pillar’s explosion just before seemed to be Touma’s doing.


“Woman! It’s annoying, but I will cooperate with you now! I’ll shoot down attacks that looks like would hit you! That’s why I’m leaving the attack to you!”

“Gh! ‘Kay!”


Being saved from a dangerous spot in front of her eyes, Yuuhi regained her composure somewhat.

Yuuhi was able to put her feet on the ground and then she jumped, aiming for Creasyl.


“You’re in the way! You filthy insect!”



Touma escaped that place by rolling.

At the place Touma was until a moment ago, a fist-sized stone appeared.

If he had not moved, the stone would have grown from his chest.


(Alright, there’s plenty enough timing to move)


There is some difference in time from coordinate designation of her powers of creation and her crucial invocation… I think, Touma conjected.

Being able to dodge it while holding the sacred cannon which made his movements slower after invoking means that he would not be able to be hit if he were to move around.





Creasyl flipped away the black flame attack at point-blank range.

Creasyl was swallowed up in the explosion, but it did not put much damage on her.

However, to Yuuhi this attack just now was nothing but a decoy.


“I’ve caught――――you!”



Yuuhi lept from the center of the explosion and grappled Creasyl’s body.




And then, Yuuhi, along with her body, wrapped up Creasyl with black flames.


“Hm, You…”

“This way… I will set you on fire!”


Creasyl created several knives in order to stick them to Yuuhi’s back.

As if they were sucked up, the knives went towards Yuuhi.


“I told you I’m not letting you!”


However, they were scattered away by Touma’s shelling just before it hit.

“In that case” she tried to attack with her arms, but those arms too were repelled by his shelling.


“This sacred cannon of mine has reached the point through training where it can hit anything I see. I will absolutely not miss, you know”



Creasyl looked at Touma, looking annoyed.

At that time, Touma had already escaped from that place.


“Burn… to death!”


The charred remains on Yuuhi’s body corroded her body.

Without caring about such things, Yuuhi strengthened her firepower even more.

Creasyl, without trying to do anything, relaxed her body. 


“――――Are you satisfied?”


(Not good!)


Touma had a bad presentiment about this, and immediately covered himself with full magic power.

Immediately following it, a flash that fully covered his sights, wrapped up the world.


A thunderous roar, and an earth tremor.


The mushroom like smoke that appeared abruptly on this day, at the center that was the solitary island, everyone came to call it the Mushroom Cloud.



“What… happened…?”


When Touma got up, intense pain that gave the illusion that all of his bones were broken ran through his body.

Several bones were actually broken.

Other than that would be a whole body burn and beating.

Those were regenerated at ultra-high speed by the Hero’s constitution, but his recovery was somewhat slow.

The total amount of damage must have been incredibly high.


“Everyone is…”


Touma looked around him.

It appeared that Touma was at a place separated from the center of a gigantic crater.

None of the others were nearby.

There were signs of magic power outside the crater.

Touma had grasped that they seemed to have survived, but that they had fainted.


“So this is one attack…”


He conjectured that the explosion just now was what Creasyl had caused by releasing her powers.

It was just that the scale was too unbelievable.

A small city would have been roughly destroyed by this explosion.


“So you survived, you are tenacious for an insect――――or is it precisely because you are an insect that you are tenacious?”



Touma grasped the fact that despair was occupying his heart.

Above the center of the crater floated the uninjured Creasyl.

The attack that Yuuhi put her life on the line for did not seem to be effective at all.


You, and the insects scattered about at my feet, seem to be interesting people for mankind. However, they are merely entertainment in mine perspective. I have enough of this already”

“ …Now I get it”


――――It meant that from the beginning, it had been a futile situation.


Touma went on his knees and feebly dropped his arms.

The sacred cannon that was scattered nearby dispersed in vain.

Near the center of the crater, Yuuhi was lying around, her body already nearly completely charred.

She seemed to be breathing, but they were faint breaths.

In Touma’s opinion, it would not be strange if she were to die anytime.

Perhaps she had tried to offset the explosion with her common-sense-ignoring black flames; her carbonisation seemed to have become more severe.


“I shall praise you in the end. Using a human body and injuring me, only that is worthy of my praise. For your final moments I shall put you to sleep, along with this island”


Creasyl put her hands together.

Comprehending the end of all, Touma closed――――his eyes.

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