Hiki-NEET Vol 9 Idle talk 3

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Vol 9 Idle talk 3

[9-12] Young elven girl Riese, heading to the pioneer land under custody


Mother and father said they would be busy these days and so they won’t play with me at all.

The other people said they’re busy too. Even though they look like they’re playing, doing hunting, singing and weaving clothes.

If only everyone made more kids.

Riese is already a twelve year old lady, that’s why she could just look after someone.

But still, nothing to do…


‘That’s right! Riese could just go gather fruits too! Mother and father would say “being able to pick them by yourself, Riese is already a splendid lady isn’t she” ‘


A good idea, even if I say so myself!

A~lright, if that’s decided then, I have to prepare right away!

I take a bag where I can put in fruits, and bow and arrows because the forest is dangerous, and oh, that’s right. I have to take that too!

Riese’s treasure that she got on her tenth birthday.

My favorite that mother made sure to have me wear on my neck, telling me not to lose it.



Preparations are done.

It’s my first time going to the forest on my own, so I’m getting excited.


Now, Riese’s adventure starts now!

I will become cool like the ladies that appear in stories!

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


‘What should I do, what should I do? Where could this be…’


At the beginning it went well.

After leaving the village and taking care not to be discovered by anyone, there were fruits everywhere!

I found mother and father’s favorite berry fruit!

But, by the time I realized, I couldn’t find my way back…


But, but Riese is already a twelve year old lady, so she won’t cry over something like this!

Even Hansel and Gretel from the story went back to their homes by themselves even when they were lost in the forest!

Riese can do it too!

But, I didn’t come here while dropping bread or pebbles…

What should I do, what should I do?

And father even said that it’s dangerous in the forest because there are goblins and orcs and humans…


‘You can’t cry Riese! A lady’s tears are expensive after all! … It looks like it’s going to be dark soon’


Come to think of it, father told me.

That if I’m lost in the forest, I shouldn’t move from there.

Because he will always come to my rescue, he said.


Riese decided to believe father and wait.

It’s dangerous at night, so I have to find a place where I can hide.

When it becomes morning, father will surely come to look for Riese.

Riese has to tell mother and father that she didn’t cry.

I wonder if they will be happy with the berry fruits.

I wonder if they will praise me with “You’ve done great, Riese.”


Today I hide at that tree stump and then, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Mother, father…

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


‘U… unngh…’


My head is kind of wobbly.

I had a dream where I was having a big adventure on a boat that was shaking veeery much, so I wonder if it’s because of that.

For some reason my stomach hurts, but my feet and legs were all dangling so it was fun.

I want to try riding on a boat someday!


But still, it’s a little dazzling.

I wonder if it’s already morning.

That mother hadn’t come to wake me up is a little strang…





Even orcs!

What should I do, I have to run away!

If, if I can put my feet on the ground and run, uuugh, let me down!

No, I don’t want this, I don’t want this!


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


I saw a scary dream.

I was lost in the forest, kidnapped by goblins and orcs and I tried to run away, but I think I was hit from behind.

I lost my consciousness and…

Nono, that wasn’t a dream.

Then, this place is!


‘… Eh? Where is this place? Kyah! Humans!’



There are no goblins or orcs!

Riese is rescued right!?


Eh, but these people have round ears!

Riese knows, these people are humans!

What should I do, what should I do?

Mother and Father even told me that if I meet humans in the forest, they won’t let me escape.

I’m surrounded!

But there are girls and even a dog, I wonder if I’m okay.

I wonder if they won’t kidnap me.


Wah, the man with an absentminded face is coming near me!


‘It is alright, calm down. You’ve been rescued you know’






‘You, you’re human and yet you understand our language?’

‘Eh? … Eh?’


And father and mother told me that humans would kidnap you and because they don’t understand our words, they instantly won’t let you go once they found you.

So why can this man with an absentminded face understand Riese’s words!?

… I knew it, looks like the humans around him don’t understand me, so…


‘This mister was asking, can you return to the elven village? But… You know where your house is right?’

‘Of course! Riese is already a lady after all!’


What should I do, I accidentally said I knew…

Even though I actually don’t know…

And mother had always said “Riese, you have the habit to put on airs so be careful”…

But, if Riese has her treasure!

I’m sure father would come look for me and beside, if I have that I can go in the village, so…


‘Uhm… Aah, not here, it’s not here! This can’t be true, what should I do… I can’t go back like this!’


No way, no way!

I think I’ve dropped it somewhere; I, I can’t go into the village if I don’t have that…

No, well, I don’t know where this place is and there are humans too you know.

I wonder if I won’t be able to go back.

Mom, dad…

You said that Riese is a lady so don’t cry, but, but.


‘I don’t really get it, but calm down a bit! Okay?’


The man with the absentminded face panicked and started to talk to me.

He’s human and yet, it looks like he’s worrying over Riese.

How strange.

And then, something was steadily hitting Riese’s foot, so when she looked there was a dog.

I wonder if this dog is also worrying over Riese.

The little girl was looking at Riese.

You can’t cry, Riese.

You can’t show your weakness to humans you know!

Riese is an elven lady you know!


I felt relieved after listening to the human with absentminded face!

Yes, he is outside!

If an elf is troubled in a human place, then we can rely on him!

It’s almost winter, so I won’t be able to meet him if it doesn’t turn spring though…

But, I can go back if I wait!

I wonder if mother and father is worried about me.

I wonder if Riese is going to be scolded when she returns.

But it will be fine.

Riese will do her best and go back to her village when it becomes spring you know!

I can meet mother and father again after all!

Mother and father might be looking for me, so I would wait for spring in the forest instead of the city.

A human who understands me is convenient, and there is a kid smaller than Riese too that the village doesn’t have!

That’s why, Riese is going to grow up even more and surprise mother and father!

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


We couldn’t find Riese’s treasure.

I’m sad, but there’s nothing we can do.

The dog, Alice-chan and Yuuji are all sad for Riese, so she didn’t cry you know.

Since then, we walked through the forest and arrived at the village Yuuji is living.

It is shabby, but it looks like it’s still under construction.


More importantly…

What is this house…

I wonder if Yuuji is a human wizard.

Even the chief’s house is not this splendid!

Not to mention…

This is a barrier, right?

It’s the same as my village.

Knows the elven language, lives in a splendid house and even has a barrier.

This human with absentminded face called Yuuji or something, who could he be…

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Alice-chan led Riese by the hand and showed her around the house.

Riese is surprised by a lot of things!

I’m a lady and yet I let Alice-chan and Kotarou accidentally see my improper places.

I mean, I couldn’t do anything about it.


I took off my clothes and when Alice-chan pushed up a rod with a sound, hot water came out!

She washed Riese’s body while smiling you know!

Smaller than Riese and yet, behaving like a big sister.

As a return favor, Riese washed Alice-chan!

Riese is the bigger sister after all!

But still, humans are squishy and soft, aren’t they?


That’s not all you know!

In the room where I was brought to by Alice-chan were chock full of clothes I’ve never seen before!

There were so many, it’s amazing. Riese got completely excited!

Ladies have to be dressed stylishly after all!

There are various colors and shapes…

There’s even a biig mirror!

Amazing, it’s amazing!


Aah, if only I had cloth that’s made in my village…

I think that if they would make these kinds of clothes with that cloth, it’ll be pretty…

Have to get father and mother to teach me once I get back to my village!

The humans aren’t abandoned!



Once it turns spring, I will go back to my village!

Mother, father, wait for me, okay!?

Riese is now having a big adventure like the stories, you know!

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  1. thanks for the chapter ^^ somehow i got an ominous feeling, like, maybe Riese’s parents came to the forest looking for her and something bad happened to them

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