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Chapter 46

The Hero Receives a Shock


“It has been a long time, Mr Brail”

“Oh, it’s the vice captain lass. What, you’re not gonna say that you got tired of your last sword are you?”


While popping his neck, a male demon of probably more than two meters tall came asking.

He got an awfully intimidating air.


“It was you who made it to get used to me in order to not let me get tired of it, wasn’t it? If it’s possible, I would’ve liked you to create another one of these kids…”


While saying that, Eleira handed over her sword with scabbard to the shopkeeper.

With a puzzled look, the shopkeeper took it and saw that disastrous scene as he pulled it out of its scabbard.


“The hell is this… ain’t this completely broken?”

“I am sorry. It is a blunder due to my inexperience”

“Inexperience and all that, this is a bigger problem than that. Who――no, what broke it? Never mind if it can be cut or not, it ain’t possible for my sword to be broken”


The man called Brail vexingly looked at the broken sword blade.

He must have had that much confidence in his skills.


“This one was a four star that’s as close as five star as can be. There’s nerves crawling in swords of three stars and higher that are called magic circuits, for raising magic conductivity… And because they have that, the sword blade ain’t breaking. It ain’t supposed to break you know”

“ …What do you mean?”

“If it’s with a dense magic powered blade, then the magic circuit itself will burn off so it would become breakable. But this one’s whole magic circuit is ignored and completely broken. Something like this is impossible even with five star weapons”


Brail vexingly kicked away a nearby cask.

I wonder if Echsdarc and I have accidentally done something quite inexcusable.


“Do you get it? If this ain’t completely losing against it in performance, it wouldn’t have turned out like this. It is overwhelmingly… impossible if there ain’t a difference of at least two stars.―― I’m gonna ask again. What broke it?”



Eleira was asked again, and after she let her gaze swim around a little, she pointed at me――no, at Echsdarc.


“So it’s you eh… Can you show me that sword?”

“Eh, ah, yeah… sure”


I detached Echsdarc along with the scabbard and gave her to Brail.

Brail then pulled out Echsdarc and began to stare fixedly at her sword blade.


‘Milord… being stared at this way is yet another mysteriously pleasant feeling’


Shut up, be quiet.


“This one is… no wonder it would break”


Brail put Echsdarc back in the scabbard and returned her to me.

And when he did so, he showed an expression like he gave up on something or recognized his defeat.


“So this sword… what is it?”

“To be specific, even I don’t know. But this sword is an article beyond six stars. Even five stars literally doesn’t stand a chance”

“Beyond six stars!?”


Doesn’t it only go up to five stars?

I’m not sure about it, but there’s no mistaking it that he’s praising her.

I felt happy like it was about me, so I tried stroking Echsdarc’s grip.

Strange voices leaked out, so I stopped.


“A sword that’s beyond six stars are currently deemed ‘not possible to be created by man.’ For example, the sacred sword possessed by the Hero or something… meaning that sword holds a level of quality rivaling that”

‘I do not want to be put together with the likes of the sacred sword… ‘that sword’ is more unpleasant than me in a different meaning too’


Like I thought, Echsdarc would know about the sacred sword…

I know a little about the reason that Echsdarc finds the sacred sword unpleasant.

From other people’s perspective, especially from other swords’ perspective, that existence is ‘incomprehensible.’

I’ve been coupled with it for a long time, so for that reason I’m more or less able to understand a part of it.

For that reason, I sold it off.

So that I won’t be able to get my hands on it the second time, not knowing where it may be.


“ … This sword is something I found in the dungeon. There’s no inscriptions of anybody on it”

“Well there’s no helping that I guess… it can’t be helped if it’s broken by that one. This time it’s also by my lack of ability. Wait here, alright? I’ll beat a top quality one right away”


Brail pulled out Eleira’s broken sword and, holding that, went back inside the store.


“Thank you for helping me”

“Me too, thank you for using this guy up until the end. Showing too much favoritism is against my policies, but how about a five star sword for the same cost as this one as gratitude?

“You would do that much for me…”

“Of course, I’ll be using the base itself like the grip as is though”


Brail said as he pointed at the grip of the sword in his hand.


“If that is the case, then by all means. That grip is something inseparable for me now”

“Alright. I’m gonna have you let me hit some life into it. Please wait for about two hours. I’ve got just the right thing to make it with”


Brail said, and this time he disappeared inside the store.


“I’m glad for you there. Looks like it will work out for now”

“Yes it did. Originally, five star swords are out of my reach with my wage, but… I can buy it if I can get it at the same price as before”

“ … The demon lord army works with a wage system?”

“Yes they do. There is a difference between ordinary soldiers, vice captains and captains however”


I had an extreme shock towards me personally since coming here.

So all the demons I’ve fought until now had been fighting by wages.

――it feels like they’re not paid a lot.


“More importantly, what shall we do during the two hours? I think having a meal before departure would be adequate”

“Have a meal huh… That’s right, let’s do that. We haven’t eaten since yesterday after all”

“In that case, there’s a famous fish based cooking store nearby. Let’s go there”


Eleira took a rental sword for those who have left their sword in the story, and went out of the store like this.

This really is an excellent store.

There are basically weapon stores anywhere which put out swords for rental, but they’re nothing but inferior goods.

If I were to say it in the blacksmith’s words, you could say they’re all one star things.

However, the ones here, even the rental swords have an ability of three stars and higher it seems.


“I wonder why this store is not popular”

“There is also because it’s in an inconspicuous place, but the store owner Mr Brail would not even show his swords if it’s not someone who meets his judgment first. In the beginning, he wouldn’t even let me purchase anything”

“So it was like that”

“I wanted to try to wield the quality swords here, so I had a moment where I continued to train. This place is also the reason I’ve become strong”


A store that created a vice captain of the demon lord army――huh.

I must be grateful for this store’s method of business.

If this technology had been used unsparingly during the war, then no doubt the war situation would have moved in a direction that would not be good for us.

After wiping my cold sweat that dripped a little, I walked next to Eleira.

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