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Chapter 111

What a Hero Is


I thought I will always be together with Yuki-kun.


When Yuki-kun disappeared in front of my eyes, the world inside me ended that one time.


Despair and sadness instantly descended, and something made a breaking sound.


All that was left in me was anger and bloodthirst towards Creasyl… 


I don’t want to spend even a second here in this kind of world with no Yuki-kun, but only Creasyl I won’t forgive.


That’s why, wait for me okay, Yuki-kun?



“Because I’ll… go over there… and take this woman… with me now…”



Yuuhi stood up.

She was ragged and the skin on her whole body had come off.

Her magic power must have been empty already.

She should not have the strength left to stand up.


Except, Yuuhi stood up.


While pointing her vacant eyes towards Creasyl.


“I will absolutely… kill you”

“ …”


Creasyl swung her arm.

A shockwave broke out, and it blew away Yuuhi while turning over the ground.


Yuuhi rolled on the ground, and while groaning she stood up.


“U- uugh…”

“Why do you not resign yourself?”


Once again her arm was swung, and Yuuhi was sent flying.

Even so, Yuuhi went towards Creasyl while crawling.


“――――I don’t know, really”


Even if she were to be blown away and blown away, Yuuhi went towards her.

Her feet had already been turned to a strange direction; she would not be able to stand up anymore.

She was moving towards Creasyl with just the strength of her hands.


“Gh! Irritating!”


When Creasyl swung her arm noticeably more grandly, Yuuhi flew up high.

Just before Yuuhi crashed into the ground, the figure of a person appeared below Yuuhi.


“Here, we go”


“This isn’t the time for me to be resting while a girl more injured than me is fighting, is it”

“You, have you not resigned yourself?”


Touma slowly put Yuuhi on the ground and faced Creasyl.


“Sure, I did give up. Anything I do against you isn’t going to be a threat. But I’m going to die either way right? In that case I’m thinking about taking just the stance of opposing you to the end.”

“ … Doing pointless things”

“It’s pointless, but if I don’t do this, then I won’t be able to face Setsu”


So said Touma and laughed.


“Let me resist with all my strength. With my all put into it.

“――――Mankind are incomprehensible creatures”


Creasyl swung down her arm.

She did not seem to have any intentions to deal with Touma and the others immediately.


“This world is one that I have created and raised to maturity along with mine companion. Humans are harmful insects that have appeared suddenly from nowhere. They were not what I have created”



At that point, Touma recognized anew that there was a wall that could not be crossed over between him and gods.

The presence or absence of emotions is something essential to Touma.

Without emotions, Touma’s biggest reason for living, which is that he loves Setsu, would disappear.

That would be effectively death for Touma.


“ …Suddenly appearing, mankind began to covet the world”


――――Coveting in gluttony.

――――Unmoving as a sloth.

――――Going mad in lust.

――――Burning in envy.

――――Contending in pride.

――――Pursuing in avarice.


“And then they unreasonably feel anger”


Creasyl pointed at the faintly breathing Yuuhi.


“To judge human sins, I have created the seven sacred swords of grave sins. To remove all that mankind has created, other sacred swords were created under human tools or natural phenomenon, and they moved in order to eradicate mankind.”




Creasyl cut off with that.


“Mankind had never died out. How it was settled at the end was that they gently persuaded even the god of destruction who was mine companion, and I was sealed away”


Creasyl’s look was vicious in any way.


“This time I will exterminate you with mine hands”

“… Why are you telling us these things now?”

“ … I wonder why. Thanks to you all, I have learned something called emotions, that is why――――perhaps. Also my sole companion had told me. To ‘convey those who will die, the reason they will die’ ”


Hearing that, Touma forced a smile.

I was an idiot for expecting that we may have had a path to survival, even a little.

Rebuking himself that way, the reality was the other way around.


“Then… I will …give you the reason you’ll… die too”

“Y- you!”


Yuuhi rose up beside Touma.

She was not in a state to be able to move at all, and yet she seemed to be moving forcibly through willpower.


“Really now, try telling me, insect”

“You… killed Yuiki-kun… You killed everyone’s beloved… Yuki-kun. You destroyed…! My world! That’s why…! I’ll kill you! You will die!”

“ …How illogical”

“I think we’re the same in that regard. Excuse me from being killed at your convenience, seeing that we’re not created by you”


Creasyl instantly sank into silence.

And then silently pointed her hand to the two.


“If that is the case, then logic would be with I, a god. Even if I were to make you disappear, you would not have any complaints, would you?”

“Heh, I’ve got too many of them, you know! But…”


We can’t do much about that, can we――――


Touma summoned his sacred sword to his hand and stood on the ready.

It’s the final stance that I can do precisely because I’ve given up on everything.

All Yuuhi would only do was trying to crawl towards Creasyl.


“Farewell, fools”


Creasyl’s hand radiated light.

That was the sign of <Banish>.

While Touma was showing a resigned smile, while Yuuhi was glaring at Creasyl with a look steeped in anger, their final moments awaited them.


And then――――


Suddenly, chimes resounded in the vicinity.


“ …What was that?”

“ …?”


The three at that place solidified and shaken.

Even Creasyl was shaking.

The chimes gradually got louder and eventually it began to be heard at a volume like it resounded nearby.


“… What… is that?”


Yuuhi pointed at behind Creasyl.

There, a gigantic gate appeared.


“A- absurd! Why is this gate here!?”


Creasyl turned her head and shouted.

Touma couldn’t take in his situation, but decided to carry Yuuhi first and take as much distance as possible.


“We’re moving back!”

“B- but!” “Come on!”


While Creasyl was shaking, the two succeeded in withdrawing.

They did not realize their wish of getting out of the crater, but they took distance within their capacity.

And with this distance, they would be able to grasp what that gate would bring about.


“This world is not supposed to be under the jurisdiction of that god!”


Facing the gate, Creasyl shouted.

That gate did not answer, but instead slowly began to open.

Even while opening up, the chimes continued to resound, and the sound finally stopped when it was completely open.


And then, the figures of two people appeared from within.


“There is too much time difference with the transfer gate! It would not have made any difference had we moved by flying normally, you know!”

“Ain’t this practically the second time I’ve opened this!? Just be grateful that it was actually a success!”

“You, you are…”


The two noticed Creasyl’s voice and pointed their faces towards her.

On one side was Creasyl’s old companion.

And the other one was a human who Creasyl herself supposed to have erased.


“Ooh, Creasyl. It has been a long time, as always you have taken an outrageous body”

“De- Destroia…!”


The other man clad in a black costume, stole Touma and Yuuhi’s gaze rather than Creasyl’s.


“ ‘Sup, all of you alive?”



Yuuhi shouted.

Touma wordlessly crumbled on the spot.

Tears went along his cheeks.


“You’re too late, you know… hero”


The man who appeared from the gate, Suzaki Setsu, glared directly at Creasyl.


“Long time no see. Shitty god”


Ferociously pulling up the corners of his mouth, Setsu so said like he was provoking her.

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