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Chapter 42

The Heroic Hero


The magic coating our bodies was fading.


“It’s time. I’m counting on you” “Gotcha!”


Right before the magic wore out, Leona and I jumped up from the sea surface.

If we fall down in the sea like this, then we will be prey for the tentacles in the blink of an eye.

In order to avoid that, we have no choice but to succeed with this strategy.


“Beast Beat!”


The sound of Leona’s heartbeat became big enough to be audible around her.

Beast Beat――If I remember right, it’s a technique to temporarily super-enhance one’s physical abilities by raising the discharge volume of blood containing magic power. 


“Don’t get swept away either!”



Leona raised her fist overhead.

The tentacles had already begun to move at this time, but they won’t make it.


“Beast fist!”


Leona’s fully strengthened fist collided with the sea surface.

That instant, a shock ran along with a thunderous roar, and the sea surface burst open.

The wave instantly spread with Leona at the center, creating a gigantic hole in the sea itself.

The tentacles were agitated by the strong impact that broke forth and couldn’t approach us.

And then, the body of the giant octopus that was secluded in the sea, was finally exposed. 


“I can see it!”

“You’ve got one chance, alright!”

“I know――――gh!”


I landed on Leona’s leg in the air.

Things won’t end with just confirming its figure.

I have to settle it here.


“Get――blown away!”


Leona kicked me flying towards the octopus with a somersaulting posture.

Having acquired a driving force that is cooperation, I instantly closed in on the octopus.


‘I’ve gathered plenty of magic power! We’re good to go, milord!’



We’ve had plenty of time to prepare.

With this much magic power, I’m confident that I can cut it down.


“Flying sword――Strength – Sever!”


It’s the greatest grade flying sword the current me can release.

The octopus tried to protect itself with the tentacles, but it was too late.

The flying sword flew straight without wavering, and slipped into the body of the octopus.

And then it passed through the body of the octopus as if it was transparent.

Just then, the movement of the octopus stopped, and it feebly hung its head.

Liquid which I don’t know if it is blood or ink oozed out, and began contaminating the sea.


“That was a nice sharpness”

‘Is it not? After all, granting resistance to milord is something a second rate sword would do‘

“I’m glad I picked you up, you know”

“Fue!? Is that right, is that right… could you not praise me so suddenly… I am feeling a little embarrassed’

“I’d rather you don’t suddenly feel embarrassed though…”


I’ll be troubled in responding to you if you give a reply that’s different than usual.

――No, now is not the time to be having such exchanges.


“Hey, are you actually fine with ocean water?”

‘ … I should be alright, if you give me proper maintenance afterwards’

“Alright. I’ll go properly do your maintenance then”


Finishing such exchange, we were covered by the ocean water which had returned.


“Gehoh… haah, haah…”

“Phew, are you alright? Al”

“Yeah, I’m alright…”


I raised my body and looked around me.

We had been pulled up to the boat since then, and we’ve been lying on the deck in order to care for our bodies which had gotten worse from the ocean water.

We’ve managed to completely subjugate the octopus monster, and now the Order of the Silver Wings is going around to do the cleaning up afterwards for us.


“A monster that big was a first for me you know. What would’ve happened if you weren’t here, Al”

“A monster with that big of a body was my first too. And this is thanks to everyone you know”

“Is that so. Well, I’m glad I was helpful!”


Leona laughed with vigor and struck my back.

I stumbled a bit forward, but it didn’t feel bad.

I then, on my feet, moved to a place where I can see the sea from the deck of the ship.


“Why did such a big monster appear I wonder… not to mention so sudden”

“It was not sudden”



Silvar approached me and Leona while I was watching the sea.

Silvar looked at the octopus corpse that similarly rose to the sea surface, with a meek expression. 


“You say it wasn’t sudden… what do you mean by that?” “Before we departed, several information dropped in from the guild. Unprecedented monster with clear strangeness in its size has begun to be confirmed countrywide or so it would seem――”


A tortoise who could be mistaken for an island.

A bird of a size capable of concealing a city.

A dragon that could blow away a mountain with one swing of its claws.

What Silvar narrated were the monsters that lightly caused such calamities.

At the very least, I’ve never heard of such monsters even during my time as a Hero.


“High rank clans in each city seems to be dealing with it, but I’ve heard they could not reach a solution because confining them is taking them all. Greed Tiger, it has been decided that we will be going to their aid like this, but how is your condition?”

“Good grief, a series of battles? Well, I don’t have any problems with that. I can still use Beast Beat, so Greed Tiger will collaborate”

“Is that so, that would help us. We will see you off at the demon continent as promised, Al. We could not have achieved this time’s quest had you not been with us”


You have my gratitude――

Saying that, Silvar saluted me once.

I didn’t expect to be given thanks right to my face, so I was surprised and ended up frowning a little.


“Gratitude doesn’t fit you. I’m in your debt, so I’ve just gone to do the natural thing”

“Well, a retainer aiding the lord is natural I suppose”

“ … I’ll get angry in a different way, but that’s the most Silvar-like, so I’m relieved”


When we had such a conversation, a member of the Order of the Silver Wings approached us while having his heavy armor rub together.


“Lord Silvar, the recovery of the monster’s raw materials is complete”

“Good work, you may rest”

“Yes sir!”


He said and went back.

Is it already over? When I look again at the sea surface, only the blackened sea was spread there.


“As you would have expected, we cannot load everything. Its tentacles and several visceras, that’s what I’ve ordered them to load. The raw materials itself are identical to existing monsters, just gigantic. The impurities of the sea should eventually be cleansed by the magic powers existing in the sea itself.

“Is that so… that’s relieving then”

“The question is, why have such monsters appeared suddenly――however”

“Would it be cheap if we put it away as a mutation?

”I do think that likelihood is quite high, but… The simultaneous outbreaks are suspicious”


I can understand what Silvar is thinking about.

If this was a mutation, then there would be too many of them.

I would still agree more that there is a reason it turned gigantic somewhere.


“There may be an existence, someone or an organisation from somewhere, who have plotted this. As soon as we solve that part, we will trace it back to its origin.”

“Would it be better if I were to help you?”

“Once you have finished what you ought to do in the demon continent, I will have you collaborate with us. A retainer following his lord is natural after all”

“Yes yes”


I shrugged my shoulders, but honestly I’m worried about that part.

If monsters of such size would end up running rampant in the world, then it would threaten my peace in the blink of an eye after all. If I could resolve it, then I’d like to resolve it.

Not as a Hero, but as Adel’s conscience.


“If you’re going to help, Al, then even I will help! That would be fine right!?”

“What are you even saying? You are obligated to participate from the start. Fulfill your responsibilities as an A rank clan”

“It’s just complicated in its own way… well, if Al’s there, then I’m fine with it I guess”


Are you really fine with that?

I wanted to put in such straight man act, but my voice was interrupted by the sound of the ship creaking.

It appears to be moving again.


“We will be heading to the demon continent like this, but be careful. The demons are hot-blooded after all”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure to listen to your advice”


On the slowly departing ship, I gaze at the demon continent which is likely at the direction of our movement.

It would be nice if Isvel and the others didn’t get involved into some problems yet though――


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