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Chapter 107

Ten Seconds


“The barrier…”

“Seems to have disappeared hasn’t it? Everyone has done well”


With a sharp glint, Glain glared towards the temple where Creasyl should be.


“Tia, you’ve recovered somewhat, but…”

“It’s fine, I will go too”


Tia seems to have recovered her magic power considerably; her expression has become as it was before.


“We’re not going to wait for the others?”

“I did consider that, but if we let Creasyl escape here, then it’ll become troublesome. She should likely not escape, but… Let’s exhaust Creasyl with us. And from there――――it will be a battle of attrition”


The two walked towards the center of the temple.

They tried to start the final battle.



“Hey, we will be going soon. Creasyl’s presence is fairly strong. It will be trouble if she were to move from the location she is in now”



Tearing off the chains wrapped to his body, a man showed up from inside a temple.

The man wearing a black costume looked up expressionlessly to the sky.


“It’s been a while, to be outside”

“It has――――not been three months, but you have been in there for a long period of time. Your body hasn’t grown dull has it?”

“You’ve made me train so harshly, you know there’s no way I would grow dull. We’re going, enough chit chat”

“What a cold man. Well, I do agree however”


A black girl laughed.

The two began to walk alongside each other.

And beyond there…


“Gihyahya! Just when I thought there was some strange presence here, I see a strong looking guy there! I hit the jackpot!”

“ …Who are you?”


Who was there was a slender man.

He had an eccentric appearance and his presence was clearly not human.


“I am the avaricious sword Mammon! And I desire your life!”

“Oohoh, the perfect thing has come hasn’t it? Setsu, how about you try out some of your abilities?”

“Try out――――right”


Setsu faced Mammon.


“Liberate my desires! For your everythiiing!”

“You’re noisy”



Setsu instantly closed in on the shouting Mammon and held his head in eagle grip.

An astounding grip assailed Mammon.

He felt the sensation of fingers eating into his skull.

Mammon raised soundless screams.


“Gii… ah…”

“Trying it out on this kind of opponent is kind of impossible, don’t you think”


“Setsu’s hand shone for an instant.




As the light settled, a figure was there of Mammon, whose upper half of the body had vanished.

The feet of Mammon that remained, fell down pitifully on the spot.


“I couldn’t erase everything I see… I’m bad at divine art no matter what I do”

“It is because you are one of mankind, it is inevitable that you would not be familiar with it, do you not think so? Do not overestimate yourself in your battle with Creasyl”

“I get it already”


Setsu kicked away Mammon’s feet and created an open place.

Destroia lined up behind that.


“<Transfer Gate> ――――Open”


Before the two, a large gate appeared.

Boasting a size where an entire dragon could pass through, the gate opened while letting out an earth tremor-like sound.

The inside was overflowing with light.


“――――Just you wait, Creasyl. I’m going to kill you”


The two vanished inside the gate.

The gate closed before long and disappeared from below.


What remained here was nothing.



(What is this… this sense of intimidation…!)


Glain and Tia ascended the temple staircase.

A sensation assailed the two like weight had been attached on their feet each time they ascended a step.


And then, they finally put their feet on the final step.


“So you humans would stand on the same height as I”



A flash, and an impact.

Without knowing what was what, the two rolled to the ground.


“Tia! Thanks for helping me!”

“That was dangerous. We’re going to run first”

“I know!”


A thin, transparent membrane covered the bodies of the two.

That was an anti-magic barrier that Tia had casted.

By endlessly turning the impact to 0, the lives of the two were protected.


From the collapse of this temple.


Within the rubble that were coming down like rain, the two ran through and managed to escape from the rain.

When they turned around, a figure could be seen above the temple which flew like it was split open.



“That is your place. The place of human and god ought to have this distance”


Creasyl looked down to the two while floating in midair.

Those eyes did not have any emotions, and seem to be looking at mere inorganic substances.


“Why have the sacred swords I have created disappeared, and why are you before me?”

“Isn’t it because the sacred swords that you’ve created were inferior goods?”

“Hum… I see”


Glain had the uncomfortable feeling of there being a gap in his conversation with Creasyl.

That would be there being a difference in class whether willingly or not; Glain noticed that he was shedding cold sweat.

Ever since the first time they encountered Creasyl, they had considerably increased their abilities as a result of repeating their training.

For that reason, there was something they understood.


The fact that Creasyl had already become a perfect bodied existence.


As usual, they could not feel any strength from her.

However, they expected not to feel magic power or killing intent, but they felt an air of intimidation to the point of hopelessness.


“In other words, it means I could just produce a somewhat higher level sacred sword”



As Creasyl pointed her hand down, drops fell on the ground from her hand with a plop.

And then, two human figures appeared from that ripple.


“They’re sacred swords that are stronger than the seven sacred swords. How you will struggle is worth seeing I suppose”

“ …Even though you’re not interested in it”

“Hoh, so you do understand. I do not care what rubbish would do. That is why――――this would be a modest jest, to the dying rubbish”


The expressionless man and woman, two newly created sacred swords, ran off towards Glain and Tia.

And then――――


““Out of the way!“”


Glain cut off the head of the male sacred sword, and Tia’s magic went through the head of the female sacred sword.


“It would be better not to make light of humans, god”

“If this is all, then I won’t feel like I can lose no matter how many of them will come”



Having the sacred sword she brought forth instantly killed, Creasyl seem to be holding slight interest.

She slowly descended.

Her feet still not on the ground.


“You have yet to become my threat, however… interesting, I shall play with you for a while”

“So you finally feel like fi――――”

“Here, this is the end”


Immediately following that, blood sprayed from beside Glain.

Without time to be surprised about, Glain felt an uncomfortable feeling in his chest.


“What… what is this…”


Glain noticed the blood flowing out from his mouth.

When he timidly looked down to his body, large amounts of blood spilling out from his chest entered his eyes.

And then, a fist-sized stone appeared from inside his chest.


“I have given you ten seconds for your sake, be grateful”


While looking down on the two collapsing inside a pool of blood, Creasyl so said, looking uninterested.

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    As the light settled, a figure was there of Mammon, whose upper half of the body had vanished.
    ^-Given the effects, unless it’s not katakana, wouldn’t “Vanish” be better?

    1. I’m not sure, it’s the exact same spell that Creasyl used before so I wasn’t too sure. I thought banish sounded better so yeah.

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