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Vol 9

Pioneer Leader Yuuji doubles as Houjou Village Head and Defense Captain.



“Really, I’m glad the residential complex made it in time for winter! Also this too”


Snow flickered in the forest, and the pioneer land began to be covered lightly in snow.

In front of the pioneer land’s assembly hall/residential complex, Yuuji gathered and had a conversation with the woodworker Thomas, his apprentices and the adventurers party of four.


Alice, Kotarou and the elven girl Riese were a little separated from the circle of adults and looked over them.


“That’s right isn’t it -su! It’s thanks to everyone for helping us out -su! But Mr Yuuji, the thatching and fireplace didn’t turn out well -su…”


Who answered so was the woodworker Thomas.

It appears that the thatched roof and fireplace that he heard from Yuuji and made his challenge was unsuccessful. Was it that he was unable to find plants that possess oil in their stalks that could become substitute to hay, or was it that its slope was gentle?

The roof leaked when it snowed. For that reason, they removed the pseudo-thatched roof and so the roof became a wooden board. All in all, they suspended the use of the sunken hearth and used a fireplace that they had created from the start.


Even while conversing with Yuuji, Thomas’s hands did not stop.

What was in Thomas’s hands was a thin and long wooden board. The ends of the wooden board turned sharp and was gently curved. What the woodworker team were trying to create was a sleigh that’s furnished with a packing box. 

It was something for the sake of hunting the snow rabbits that they planned to start once snow would genuinely accumulate and an indispensable tool for going to the city in case a state of emergency would occur on the pioneer land.


Hearing the complete plans from Yuuji and Thomas, Alice and Riese’s eyes sparkled. It was not a vehicle however.

Even so, the two girls were getting along well with each other. I am the more level-headed, both assumed the air of the older sister however.

And then, Kotarou was excited as well. Almost as if to say I will pull the sleigh.


Who was not here were the beastkin household and the two seamsters.

The beastkin household would seem to be doing work inside the tent/yaranga, which was their house.

The catkin Nina obtained bow and arrows to use in hunting, and the dogkin Marcel and Mark obtained dissection tools for processing spoils and tools to tan hide. Although it has become cold season, living in a family-only tent seems to be pleasant for them who possessed fur themselves.


And then, about the two seamsters.

They had been doing some sort of work inside the tiny yaranga installed in the garden of Yuuji’s house.

Sometimes a peculiar sound of *tatatata* resounded from that tent. They were operating the sewing machine Yuuji had offered.


Currently, both the thin needle with hole and durable synthetic fiber threads were covered with the things Yuuji had in possession. “How are the needles and threads made I wonder, it may become difficult once we use them up isn’t it,” was seamster Yurshelle’s subject. Hearing that, Yuuji comfortably thought things like shall I have Mr Kevin look for durable threads? I wonder if I should get the master smith create the needle once he comes to the pioneer land, and then have him create a sewing machine together with Mr Thomas, the internet should have some old blueprint. He did not seem to have noticed the degree of difficulty in manufacturing them.


Yurshelle, who received stimulus from the design sketches and pattern paper Japan had offered across the internet and having awakened after seeing Riese, wholeheartedly used the sewing machine to continue creating clothes. Then again, overalls and jeans were not of denim itself, but durable thick clothes were made use for it. It was difficult to sew with Yuuji’s mother’s sewing machine for home use. 

What Yurshelle was making for that reason were not the Jeans and overalls, which its sales had been decided, and not her employer Kevin’s important gift either. While proceeding her appetite and enthusiasm, she completed trial products one by one. Even though she knew that she may become unable to use it some day because of the problem with threads and needles, it did not seem to have become something to hold her back.

Perhaps the members on Japan’s side had gradually gotten to understand it as well; they seem to be taking considerations on things they seem to be able to create with the fabric material existing in this world. But then again, the reproduction of the modern day brassiere seem to be going through a rough passage even now.


‘Yuuji-nii, could I ride on the sleigh once it’s done? Riese is a lady, so it is better to ride it than pulling it’


Riese, who was watching over the production of the sleigh in front of the residential complex, talked to Yuuji. However, she must have noticed that the contents of that question was childish. It was a question she asked while her face reddened and her eyes were turned away.

Nevertheless, even the elven girl was calling Yuuji the older brother. Was the ease of becoming emotionally attached to Yuuji due to his harmlessness, or her mental immaturity?


‘Uhm, I wonder… There’s the problem of strength, so I wonder if I can let you ride on it’


Yuuji answered while tilting his head.

Kotarou barked “wan wan”. What are you saying, Riese? A lady doesn’t ride on it, she pulls it, is what she seems to be saying. She was a dog after all.


The fourth year since Yuuji came to the other world.

Now, who were on this land was not Yuuji and Kotarou alone.


Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou, elven girl Riese, the beastkin family, the former adventurers party, the woodworker team and the two seamsters.


When Yuuji realized it, he had become the leader of a pioneer group of seven households and fifteen people and a dog.

They were not residents, but the eggs that were born from the six domestic chickens had hatched, and now there are eight of them. Well, there seems to be a chicken meat festival named after the change however. It must be a lifelong dream for the chicken to be eaten deliciously including its head, legs and entrails starting with the undeveloped eggs, by  great efforts of the dissecting little girl. Probably.


This autumn, Yuuji protected the pioneer land as Houjou village head and defense captain, and secured safety by subjugating the nearby monster village.

There were also plans to increase even more in people with the second pioneer group once it would turn spring.


That said, from now on it is winter.

The pioneer lands will continue on day by day in isolation by heavy snowfalls for about three months.


Yuuji will try to pass through the fourth winter since coming to this world, together with the nine years old Alice, twelve years old Riese and Kotarou.


Basked in the bulletin board residents’  jealousy and resentment.

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