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Chapter 38

The Hero is requested


“Uheegh… I don’t think I’m good with boats…”

“Want to rest inside?”

“Inside is even worse, you know. Being hit by the wind and viewing the sky is much better”

“Is that so, then I’ll get you some water”

“Thanks for your trouble there”


It looks like Leona is seasick, lying on the deck of the ship.

The preparations were finished after that, and we boarded a large ship.

And as soon as we departed, Leona’s physical condition worsened and then we arrived at the present time.



“Ah, Silvar”


As I tried to enter the ship interior to get her water, Silvar came out from the inside

Apparently he’s searching for something, he was trying to look around the deck.


“Do you happen to know the Greed Tiger’s Master? I’d like to start a meeting soon you see”

“Ah, so it’s time to wrap things up”

“Yes. It is about time for our arrival”


The silhouette that was witnessed is in a place around three hours by ship from the port.

We’re soon to pass those three hours since departure, but they planned to do a meeting before the real search for the silhouette at this timing.


“If it’s Leona you’re looking for, she’s stretching around here. Said she’s seasick”

“What? And she said she is a clan master of similar rank to me… pathetic”

“Now, people got at least a weak point I say. And so I’d like to give her water though”

“If it is water you seek, draw it out of this cask. There is a bowl prepared nearby.”

“Thanks, you helped me out”

“Once you’ve given her water, drag her back inside the ship. I am going ahead and wait”


Leaving those words behind, Silvar went back inside the ship.

Certainly, the master would be setting a bad example to their subordinates with that.

However, those Greed tiger people approached Leona, who was looking up to the sky, laughed at her appearance and had a friendly chat near her in a way to involve her.

There they appear to have no difference in their positions.

Compared to that, the Order of the Silver Wings has a distinctive difference in their positions.

The clan members surrounding Silvar uniformly maintained their obeying attitude, inserting no unnecessary conversations.

If they’re called people awaiting instructions, then that would be all, but one could not simply imitate this loyalty.

Leona, who pulls them with strength, and Silvar, who pulls them with charisma.

Seeing it like this, there’s quite a difference between them.

Two clans with completely different polarity cooperating with each other, huh… I’ve gotten interested, what sort of battle progress will they bring forth?


“Leona, I’ve brought you some water”

“Ah, thanks for that. I’ll gladly accept it”


When I handed over the water I scooped up, Leona raised her body and accepted it.

While Leona was drinking the water, I felt strange glances on me, so I looked around.


“““… “””


Around me were the Greed Tiger people who had been making a friendly chat with Leona until now.

They were staring fixedly at me.

I felt just a little uncomfortable, and the instant I told Leona to quickly go back inside and tried to take my leave, the group began moving all at once.


“Mr Al! We’ve underestimated your efforts in our previous quest!”

“““We’ve underestimated you!“””



I ended up being taken aback by their appearance  as they shouted while simultaneously lowering their heads.

What in the world is this?


“Ah geez, you guys, can’t you see Al’s troubled? Stop it already”

“But sis! Paying respects to a strong guy is Greed Tiger’s-”

“Law, that’s correct. But I mean there are ways to pay respects to someone”


Leona said to reprove the people around her, and the guys finally raised their heads.

Leona stood up and approached me, who was still taken aback, with an awkward face.


“Sorry about that. Each of my guys have their wild sides”

“That, that’s fine, but… What was that all about so suddenly?”

“The people who saw your fight in the quest before had talked, you know. We’re a clan centered on ability you see, so they would unconsciously gather around strong people. Well, they’re just respecting you is all, so do your best not to mind them please”



The greed tiger people showed favorable looks towards me, even while I’m conversing with Leona like this.

It wasn’t like it was unpleasant by any means, but it felt a little uncomfortable.

That it was intended for me myself and not as a Hero was what brought about the uncomfortableness.

I wonder if this what it means to be shy.


“I eh, I don’t mind it, so I’ll tell you the important matters first. Silvar is waiting inside the ship. It’s time for the meeting you see”

“Is it that time already? This isn’t the time to be resting is it? Hey rascals! I’m leaving you guys to keep watch in our surroundings!”

“““Aye aye, roger that”””


After putting out instructions to her Clan members, Leona entered the ship.

I tried to start walking behind her, but the people who lowered their heads some time ago, called out to me.


“Mr Al, I have a request”

“ …A request?”

“It’s about sis”


I changed my body’s orientation towards the earnestly faced clan members and took a listening posture.


“About Leona?”

“Yes, it’s quite a serious subject”


“Frankly――Sis is already at that age as a beastkin”



These guys, what do they think they’re saying with a serious look?


“I think it’s about time for her to stop hanging out with people like us and settle down. But sad to say… The only man who sis would recognize as her husband is a man stronger than herself, so…”

“No no no wait, what are you really talking about?”

“We’re talking about sis’s happiness you know!”


Certainly that’s something important.

The question is, why now, and why me though――.


“You, you defeated sis once didn’t you!? If it’s you Mr Al, then I think you’ll be appropriate as Sis’s husband!”

“ …”

“I’m begging you! Marry Sis――


Just as the guy in front of me spoke as much, he was blown far away.

It appears he was splendidly knocked on his face and sent flying.

Leona, the perpetrator who sent him flying, showed a scary looking face for some reason and opened her mouth.


“What happened to the lookout job I’ve entrusted you?”

“““Yes Ma’am! We’ll be in position right away!”””


The group that had gathered to me until then dispersed all at once.

I see, they can’t go against this.


“*sigh* good grief. Don’t read too much into unnecessary things”

“You- you’re adored aren’t you”

“ … Well yes, they’re adorable friends I treat like brothers”


Leona, who smiled and said that, certainly seem to be a sis… er older sister.


“Now, let’s go again, shall we! Ah, that’s right. I really am taking applications when it comes to being my husband, you know. I will welcome you if it’s you!”

“ … I’m counting on you as a friend” (TL: A little confusing:  友達からで頼む )


As soon as I hold a favorable impression of her, it’ll already be like this. (TL: This was a little confusing: 好感を抱いたと思ったら、もうこれである。)

It’s not something I hate in any way, but I’m just a little bit mentally worn out.

I made sure to drag along my languid body back inside the ship.

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