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Chapter 102

Flames of Jealousy


“Aah, hot hot! Damn it! It’s all your fault!”



The firepower of the flames gushing out from Leviathan rose drastically.

That firepower warmed up the tip of Elka’s nose, who should’ve taken distance from him, and it made her go even further back without enduring it.




Leviathan pushed out his arm which was clad in flames.

In doing so, dark red flames filled up Elka’s field of vision, along with an explosive sound.




Immediately, Elka jumped sideways.

What Leviathan released was a gigantic flame sphere.

After avoiding that, Elka felt a sense of discomfort in her arm.


“This is…”


Elka avoided it by leaping to her right.

The body part which was the closest to the flame sphere at that time was her left arm.


“You can’t use that left arm of yours anymore, can you?”


Elka’s left arm let out violent pain and heat.

It appears to have been burned by the flame sphere.


(It didn’t touch me and yet, this power… it’ll be over for me if it hits me directly doesn’t it)


Elka stood up and applied ice magic on her arm, wrapping up all but her joints with thin ice.

Fortunately, her fingers weren’t burned so much that it had welded together.

It did not change the discomfort, but she still seems capable of moving them.


“Such first aid treatment will immediately become useless you know”


Leviathan created ten flame spheres the size of one’s head around him.

Elka readied her sword and entered a counterattacking posture.




The flame spheres began to move.

The slowly and unsteadily moving flame spheres hunted down Elka.


“<Ice Wall>!”


Elka swung up her burned arm and made a wall of ice appear.

One of the flame spheres that was approaching her from the front made a direct hit to it and raised water vapors.


(This will――――gh!?)


Elka was surprised the moment after she thought that she had defended against them.

A hole was opened in the wall of ice.

Elka immediately kicked the ground and jumped right behind her.

From the hole in the wall, dark red flame spheres came rushing through.

Based on their numbers, she had defended against one or two with the wall.

Elka, who had quite the confidence in its defense power, could not hide her unrest to that reality.




From the other side of the water vapor, Leviathan’s voice was heard.

Thereupon, the flame spheres that began heading straight towards Elka, dispersed in order to surround her.

Facing the flame spheres coming to attack from all directions, Elka thrust her sword to the ground.


“<Ice Dome>!”


From the ground around Elka, ice rose up.

It immediately took form of a ceiling and became a globe shaped shield surrounding Elka.

And inside of that, another dome of thick ice took form.


First, the flame spheres made impact with the outer dome.

Due to not really being able to create a thick one, an explosion attacked Elka.

She was protected from that by the other dome that was formed inside it.

After pulling through the attack, Elka erased the dome.


That action had altered Elka’s fate.


“The heat-!?”


Elka built an ice shield towards where she felt the heat.

The next instant, that ice shield evaporated.


(This is not good!)


While she was surrounded by water vapor and her vision was blocked, Elka continued to attack by creating ice pebbles.

From the side where she felt heat, sounds of evaporation was heard.


“ <Flying sword – Ice>!”


Elka released an ice attribute endowed flying sword towards that direction.

It contained a large amount of magic power, and changed into an explosion after it hit something.




This time there was nothing to protect Elka.

The explosion that blew all of the water vapor blew away Elka.




Having rolled on the floor, Elka managed to get up while raising a groan.

And then Elka noticed.

The presence of someone right behind her.


“It’s checkmate I guess”



Leviathan’s arm extended towards Elka’s forehead as she stood up in hot haste, and his fingers touched.

In response to Elka who immediately took distance, Leviathan showed a faint smile.


“If I had hit you with a flame sphere, then it would have been a mere instant, but you know, my mind won’t settle down that way. That’s why I’m going to have you die in torment”


Elka, having taken distance from Leviathan, noticed a sense of discomfort in her body.

Her body was releasing a severe temperature.


“The feelings called jealousy you see, is simply irrational. Everyone possess them in no some small numbers. You should have some too, from a tiny jealousy, to a large one”


Being told with a slow tone of voice, various scenes floated inside Elka.


Tia, sitting on Setsu’s lap.

Desastre, being pure in front of Setsu.

Yuuhi, whose being cherished by Setsu was easy to understand.


The others too: Levia, Roa, Shironeko and Mineko.


The figures of women with the exception of herself being near Setsu floated in her mind.


Elka… felt jealous to those women.




The next instant, red flames gushed out from the joints of Elka’s body.

They emitted temperature which she could never ignore, burning Elka’s body.


“Jealousy would turn into flames and burn your body――――”


The energy of the flames were weak.

However, the heat was equivalent to the flames whirling around Leviathan’s body.

Her whole body being burned, Elka grimaced in pain.




Before she lost consciousness, Elka managed to cast her magic.

She considered extinguishing the fire by freezing her whole body for a mere instant.


“It’s useless you know. Your body isn’t its ignition source”



A soundless scream.

From under the ice covering her body, fire gushed out.


“Farewell then, with this it’s over without me being jealous either”

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