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Chapter 29

The Hero Confronts the Sacred Beast




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I evade the general orc’s arm and cut off his underarm from a low posture.

The feelings of cutting tender meat to solid bone transmitted to me.

I continue my swing and cut off the arm of the general orc.



“Woah… ”


Raising a scream in pain, the general orc recklessly swung his remaining arm.

He has arms strong enough to smash even gigantic rocks, but dodging it is easy once it loses precision.

I cut at his behind which was full of openings as he fell on his knees.

However the muscles there were too thick to completely cut off.

It wasn’t that it’s difficult for the edge to go through, but purely a problem of the blade itself.

The magic sword Echsdarc has a sword blade that’s short for a two handed sword but long for a one handed sword.

It’s impossible to give him a fatal wound if I step in a little more closer.


‘What is left is only this one and yet, tenacious is he not’

“Like really!”


The general orc raged and unleashed his remaining arm towards me, over and over.

This prevented me from finding even an opening to cut him.


‘Milord! Take distance first!’

“I know!”


Aiming for the moment his fist hit the ground from the excessive force, I retreated.

We both were outside of each other’s range, so we began to glare at each other.


‘General…So his title as general was not just for show. He is not weak at all. What will we do?’

“It’s not that I don’t have a way around it, but…I would need to have you do your best in it”

‘Who do you think you are speaking to! There are no such thing as me being unable to grant milord’s wish with my position as your sword!’

“That’s good”


I control my breathing and inject magic power into Echsdarc.

Echsdarc began to disgorge a black aura and store up the enormous energy.


‘Nuoooooo! This is my first time with this much magic power!’

“Don’t break, alright!?”

‘I am breaking in a different sense!’


She’s raising an immensely delightful voice, but it’s strange to think that a sword is revealing a seductive voice.


“Rather, can’t you do something about this black aura?”

‘It is stylish is it not?’

“I don’t like the sinister look though…”

“I am the jet black magic sword! Echsdarc you know!? What will I do if I do not emit my black energy――”

“Alright already. I get that you have no other choice”


I’m not in the mood, but no other way around it.

Right now I’m pleased of Echsdarc’s performance for not breaking even though I put this much power into her.

As expected of a magic sword.

Looks like she still has room for more.



“I’m tired of seeing your face too”


I swung Echsdarc.

If I release a slashing attack filled with magic power, it’ll reach him even at this distance.

A black line reached the general orc and diagonally bisected his body.

With slipping motion, his body shifted, and the general orc too caved into the ground like the orcs until now.


‘All done then!’

“Yeah, next we’ll get the other――”


I first turn around in order to go reinforce Leona.

And when I was about to run that way, something came flying here from that direction.




When I dodged it by jumping to the side, that thing bounced up the ground several time and stopped after hitting the tree afterwards.




Surprisingly, that something was a person wearing a green robe.

Large amounts of blood spilled out of her mouth and she feebly hung her head.


“Oh? So you’re done over there too?”

“Leona――geh, something’s off about the atmosphere around you”

“Right now I’m in the middle of a powerup, so in a little bit the effect will expire… so…yeah… ”



Leona’s atmosphere turned to normal and it looks like she was about to collapse from losing her strength.

I supported her in panic, but seeing the fact the muscles in the arm I grabbed were stiffened, she must have overused them.

Sweat gushed out from her whole body, telling me that she accumulated fatigue.


“I’m sorry there… In truth I still had a little more time, but I overused my strength to blow away that girl’s black magic, so…”


I take Leona to the shadow of a tree and let her lean on it.

By the time I noticed, I could no longer hear the constantly resounding shouts of the orcs.

There were great amount of magic power responses remaining from the adventurers, so I guess I can say we’ve already reached the end.

All that’s left is to wait for Isvel.

When I tried looking for her, I could confirm her being in combat with a still large magic power.

Isvel doesn’t seem to be doing well considering it’s her, but well… it should be fine.

She’s a demon lord after all.


“Okay then”


I approach the green robed woman.

She is groaning, so I know she is still alive.

I’ll go ask for information that I can only ask of her while I have the chance.


“――I’m going to have you get your hands off my comrade”



I reflexively dodge the flame bullet that suddenly came flying at me.

A fire pillar rose from the place it landed, slightly burning the leaves of the trees.


“ … So it’s you, Red”

“We meet again, ordinary person”


Red was sitting on top of a tree.

Red jumped off waving his red robe and then slowly approached me.


“Your magic power has gone down quite a lot”

“Thanks to you yes. Regeneration needs magic power too you know”


So Red’s magic power having decreased remarkably from last time was due to that.


‘A comrade of this green one? Methink ‘tis better to kill him here though’

“If I can kill him that is”


At that time, Red used his strength to kill me.

However, if he used it all to just survive, then there’s such troublesome enemy like he would be.

That regeneration ability of his is that amazing.


“Looks like you noticed that I’m not a fire specialist”

“If I’m shown that kind of regeneration ability, then I’d like to think that you’re only a regeneration ability specialist”

“I see. You’re completely ungraspable”

“This is the first time I’ve been told that”


Red sighed and glanced at the woman.


“Looks like you’ve done in quite badly, Green”

“Gu…uh, Red…? I’m glad I’m glad, help me! If you heal my wounds with your powers then I can fight again!”

“That’s true”


Red pointed his hand towards Green

Don’t tell me, he can regenerate even other people’s wounds?



“Wow wow! Tha――eh?”


Red flames burned the woman called Green.

It spread over Green’s whole body and covered her in flames in the blink of an eye.

Those flames was――not healing her wounds.


“Ah hot hot! How!? Why!?”

“Your habit of repeating your words shows up even right now I see”


The smell of flesh burning filled her surroundings.

What is the meaning of this? Why is he attacking her?


“Get rid of the useless ones. That was mister Roy’s orders you see?”

“Wha… Sir Roy said…”

“Bye then, green girl”



The woman’s scream resounded.

After suffering agony for a while, Green gradually stopped moving.

What was left in on the roots of the tree was something that could no longer be anything other than a human-shaped charcoal.


“… She was your ally wasn’t she?”

“Sometime ago she was, yes”


Red approached Green’s corpse and thrusted his arm into her body.

What was grasped in Red’s hand after he pulled out that arm was a green gem.

It’s a magic stone filled with quite some magic power.


“And you can’t even fight fair and square if you don’t resort to something like this”


Laughing as if he was making fun of her, Red grasped that tightly and looked our way.


“This thing is a magic stone filled with attribute magic you see. It gives immense power to the one who has this embedded. But if it breaks once――”


Red broke that magic stone.

The contained magic power was released explosively.

That certainly contained wind attribute; it created a sudden gust.


“Let’s meet again, ordinary person. I will properly settle the scores with you”

“Are you running away?”

“My abilities are boiling hot, but I’m rather cool inside my head. I don’t consider I can win in this situation you see. I’ll have you let me escape like a sportsman”


Red grew fire wings and flapped several times.

I put strength into Echsdarc.

There’s a chance that my peace will move further away if I let him escape here.

If I can at least put him on the verge of death.

With that thought, I cut.


“Too late”


Flames danced and instantly blocked my field of vision.

And just when I thought if those flames were blown off, Red’s body was floating.


“Bye then”

“――Who is going to let you escape?”


A cold wave went through under his feet.

When Red noticed that, the ice that was stretching from the ground, stretched towards his feet.

Red, who now looked like as if his feet was caught by an ice arm, viciously scowled towards inside the forest.


“Why you… Tch, so even Yellow was done in”

“He was tough, that ally of yours”

“Dead people aren’t my allies you know”


Red lit fire on his feet.

He must be planning on melting it and escape.

But, it’s already too late.

“Nice one, Isvel”


With a kick I closed in upon Red.

At the same time, I pushed out Echsdarc straight on.

The sense of going through flesh was certainly transmitted.


“Red, we’re settling our scores here”

“Ah… What a pity”


Flames spurted out from Red’s whole body.

But, I can’t let him escape with just this.


“You can’t kill me here”

“Gh! Adel! Dodge it!”


I felt a chill.

When I took a sidelong glance to my surroundings, I saw a cluster of wind heading this way.

I immediately pulled out Echsdarc and withdrew to the ground.

The perpetrator who fired the wind bullets appeared while shaking the surroundings with wind.


“It’s the sacred beast that’s been sealed in the wind magic stone. Now, try to survive first, will you!”


Having completely melted Isvel’s ice, Red disappeared in the sky.

He left behind quite the troublesome thing.

What’s in front of me was a giant, mysterious bird possessing green fur.

While causing wind, the mysterious bird turned its hostility towards us.

No… Rather than saying towards us, it’s towards everything.


“Hum. He’s in quite the bad temper, that bird”

“Yes he is. He’s going to blow away everything in fury”

“If we leave him alone like this, then he may likely attack the city, to say nothing of the forest. Can you go? Adel”

“More or less. I’ve hardly used any magic power. How about you?”

“It will be difficult for me”

“Really? You of all people?”

“Yes… I have my circumstances too”


Isvel fiddled with her fingers towards what seems to be difficult to talk about.

I don’t quite know the reason, but it doesn’t seem like it’s the time to listen to it now, so let’s have Isvel talk about it when she is able to later.


“Echsdarc, can you cut it down?”

‘Who do you think you’re talking about!? There are no such things I can not cut!’

“Then that’s fine”


I stand in front of the mysterious bird.

I’m no longer a Hero, but extermination of monstrosities is my specialty.

Let’s make use of my past experience, at least a little.

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