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Vol 9 Chapter 5

Yuuji, leading the pioneer citizens in the post battle cleanup




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The former third rank adventurers party leader, who had readied his sword in front of Yuuji, saw the collapsed orc leader and released his battle stance with a puff.

What was on the face of the man as he turned around and looked at Yuuji, was a bitter smile.


“We- well, everyone is safe, so let’s consider that a good thing”


Yuuji called out to the man with a follow up. That Yuuji would do a follow up. Will spears fall down the sky tomorrow?

“Aah, I guess that’s true,” the party leader said to Yuuji’s words, still in bitter smiles.


They finished the battle and finished off the monsters that were still alive.

Now the pioneer citizens and Kevin’s group gathered in front of the fence.


“Still, what a terrible scene isn’t it…urp”


There were goblins still stuck onto the abatis. On the ground rolled a large amount of goblins with several arrows stuck on them, spilling blood. Around the center of the killing space were the scorched orcs who had received Alice’s magic. In front of the fences nearby the pioneer land were goblin corpses who tripped over the ropes and killed by Yuuji and co. As time passed, so did the smell of blood and burns go up to their noses.


Did they feel relieved from having finished the battle?

After surveying the remains of battle once again, Yuuji showed signs of nausea from the excessive disgust of it.

He experienced the terrible spectacle through his eyes, and through his nose.


“Aah, come to think of it, it was your first large-scale battle right? Well, you’ll get used to it eventually. In any case, good job. You did well in the strategy and command for your first time you know”


The party leader fully hit Yuuji in the back as gratitude.

“No wait, right now that’s” Yuuji said as he crouched, enduring the nausea.

Kotarou, who was looking at him worryingly, quickly evacuated from at his feet. Yuuji, are you okay? But don’t pour it on to me, was what those movements of hers seemingly said. She was a cold woman. No, it couldn’t be helped. Those whose bodies are closer to the ground has higher risks of being under it compared to people. Kotarou was a dog after all.

Alice approached Yuuji in pitter patter and stroked his back, saying “Yuuji-nii, are you okay?” She was a gentle girl. And she seems to be fine even after she saw the disastrous scene. She had more resistance to guro than Yuuji. But then again, the majority of the smell that was making Yuuji nauseated was caused by Alice’s fire magic.

Yuuji finally calmed down after receiving the water sack that Kevin nonchalantly held out to him. It appears it ended without him throwing up.


“Cleaning this up is going to be difficult isn’t it… Right mr Kevin, aren’t you going to take raw materials from the monsters?”


The recovered Yuuji threw a question to Kevin.

What turned into a battlefield was in front of the pioneer land, on the animal trail connecting the pioneer land and the city. It was impossible to deal with this from a sanitary point of view.

The words of Yuuji could also be said to be his question as a pioneer leader and village head. An “if you don’t meet a man for three days” moment of his. Yuuji was a thirty three year old middle-aged man though.


“Of course I will be helping with the clean up, you know. Raw materials is it, let’s see… if we’re talking about for example something like a dragon, then I can use their fangs and scales. It’s just, goblins and orcs are… their meat and bones, if we were to turn them into small pieces and spread them on the field, then it can serve as fertilizer, but…?”


Kevin said and stared at Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel.

At the present time, Marcel was managing the pioneer land’s agriculture all by himself.

Yuuji too shifted his focus towards Marcel in order to ask him. Yuuji’s face was somewhat pale. Did he imagine the mincing work?


“We are still fine without fertilizers. Mincing them is difficult too”


Marcel shook his head and denied the mincing. Marcel’s son Mark showed a relieved expression. Just like Yuuji, he seems to have imagined the work of turning into small pieces and was uneasy about it.


“Meaning we have no choice but to simply deal with it in some way or another. Uhm”

“Yuuji-nii, can Alice burn it with the “Ei!” magic?”


It’s my turn! Is that what she thought? Alice called out to Yuuji in high spirits. “Oh, that’s” the former adventurers also showed joy about that.

Dealing with sixty monster bodies.

That became Alice’s monopoly.


“Eei~” Together with a lovely yell, Alice released her fire magic. That was the area type fire magic that played an active role in disposing the undergrowth and bushes in the killing space a few days ago.

What was at the feet of Yuuji and co, who were watching over that act near the fence, were pots lined up with plenty of water. Perhaps having nothing to do, Yuuji called out to Kevin.


“But still… I wonder why this place was attacked. They were the goblins and orcs of the village we discovered after all weren’t they?”

“Yes, they must be. There seems to be a somewhat clever orc leader, so they may have discovered the road and followed it. They did look like they have the intelligence to judge at least that there is something at the end of the road. If it was a highroad, then the patrolling guards will settle it, but this place is still nearly a backwater region”

“I see… If that’s the case, then would the city be safe? Also, the giant man and apekin man who were opening the road too…”

“There are no problems with the city you know. Only adventurers beside us can use this road and even if they were to go to the city, they’ll be shot by the archers on the walls and that will be the end of them. If this was a village then it would have been grave though. Those two who are clearing a road… have become very well informed of the surrounding terrains, so, well, they should be fine”


While Yuuji and Kevin were exchanging such conversation, Alice’s fire magic seems to have burned out.

It was a scene of sadness and gloom.

I’m glad it’s daytime Yuuji murmured, and separated his hand from his nose.

Incidentally, Kotarou evacuated to the tent where the beastkin household were residing in. It seems that to them it wasn’t a smell that they have to endure it by pinching their nose.


“Alright, then let’s scatter the water and throw them into the holes Alice has created for us so that the fire won’t spread!”


Yuuji so ordered. “OOH!” the pioneer citizens raised their voices and began to move.

Perhaps he acquired confidence in himself by his command in the defensive battle. Yuuji had a natural style of command.


Alice’s magic and the shovel that Yuuji brought out of his house played an active role, and the former adventurers displayed physical ability as high as average machinery. Tidying up the battle ground finished in mere two days. It was an astounding speed.

Incidentally, Yuuji and Alice, Kotarou, the beastkin household of three, the two seamsters and Eleine, the archer and adventurer who Kevin brought with him, seems to have gone up in ranks. The reason why none of the former adventurer team had their ranks gone up would probably be because they had killed many monsters so far.


In any case, thus the pioneer citizens easily exterminated the sixty goblins and orcs and attained victory in their defensive battle uninjured and with zero damage.

Rather, they came to raise their battle power even more, due to the pioneer citizens having risen in ranks. Excess of that is a good thing.


And then.

Two days after the defensive battle, the evening of that day when they finished cleaning up the battlegrounds.

At last the messenger/guide had arrived to inform them of their departure to the monster village subjugation.

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