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Chapter 25

The three confronts




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“Out of the way, you pigs!


Leona’s fists bore through the orcs’ heart and her kicks blew away their heads.

It seems her weapon is not just her speed, but also her tough body.

She freely ran around inside the forest and reliably choked the life out of the orcs.


“Ice――wait, ice magic was a no go in front of humans”


Due to being unable to use ice magic, Isvel began fighting with her cheap sword.

Although she can’t use magic, she kills them in one hit whenever she swung her sword.

There’s nothing but ordinary orcs around here, so they didn’t have the ability to be able to evade even a single attack of hers.

Whenever she swings her sword, corpses would pile up plentily.


‘My liege! We cannot lose to them!’

“You’re right about that”


I swing Echsdarc towards the orc.

He is thick and heavy which will give some response to my swing.

I can expect definite power with this.

That’s what I thought, but I did not feel any response from Echsdarc at all, which should have hit the orc in front of me. Did I strike and miss? I thought and tried swinging again, but at that moment.

A line was carved on the orc’s chest, which acted as a border for him to slip down right behind him.

I see, so the problem is that it’s too sharp.


‘Are you pleased with it? My liege’

“… Most pleased”


I can carve open a path with this.

I move forward while cutting down the orcs in front of me.

Towards the someone who possess power equal to Red.


“Hm? I’ve strayed off of the two before I noticed”


Slaughtering the orcs like a frenzied warrior, Isvel ended up in a place where nobody was at before she noticed.

It appears that she had cut through the group of orcs.

The number of orcs that could be seen inside the forest had noticeably decreased.


“Well, that’s fine. I should be able to link up with them once I annihilate them”


Isvel turned around and tried to return to the group of orcs again.

At that time, she looked over her shoulder as she felt enormous magic power from behind her.


“So it’s you, who killed Red and Blue”


Behind Isvel stood a man with a sharp look, clad in a yellow robe.

He single-mindedly glared at her without hiding his hostility.


“Blue? Aah, you mean that blue robed woman?”

“That you have a clue about that means that you really did kill Blue then”



Suddenly, the man’s hands released a flash.

Isvel leaped beside her at once, and then the ground of the place where she had been at until now bursted open.

Isvel looked at the ground which was raising smoke, and spoke.


“Thunder attibute magic I see… what a troublesome magic you’re using”

“To think you saw through my magic of this speed on first sight… So you really aren’t an ordinary person”

“I certainly don’t hope I am an ordinary person!”


Isvel picked up her sword and glared straight to the man.


“… I’m of the Rainbow association, Yellow Thor”

“I’m I――just Vel”


“Take this!”


Leona broke the neck of an orc.

With this, the last of the orcs around her were finally annihilated.


“Hardly chewy are these guys, really. I knew I wanted to get at least a general orc, but… None over here I see”


Making sounds with her fists, Leona deeply sighed.

The A rank adventurer Leona had liked thrilling fights when she was a novice.

She loved passionate fights where they would come to shorten each other’s lives.

If the risk increases, then so would the degree of difficulty of the quests.

The enemies become stronger in proportion to that, and that also excited Leona.

However, the current her was withering.

Leona could not appease her hunger, even if she were to continue killing such small creatures.


“How about I’ll be your opponent then, if you want to fight strong enemies that much!”



Leona’s skin was acting noisily.

When she reflexively turned her head, a sharp pain ran through her cheeks.

It appears she was cut with something sharp.

Blood ran from her cheek to her chin, and it fell on the ground.


“Wow wow! A big mouth is all you have don’t you?”

“You, who are you?”


Leona asked the enemy she could not see.

The voice could be heard from various locations of the forest, so her position was difficult to find.

Leona bent over, and then sharpened her nerves to deal with attacks from any place.


“Now now, you don’t have to be so vigilant you know. After all, I’m already in front of your eyes”


Wind blew violently.

Leona supported her hair by holding it, and then noticed a girl clad in a green robe, standing in front of her eyes before she was aware of her.

The girl approached her while drawing a circle in the sky with her finger, looking like she was enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart.


“Hey hey, good day! I’m Green Aura of the Rainbow Association. You’re an adventurer right?”

“I’m Geed Tiger’s clanmaster Leona. You look like you’ll be quite chewy”

“Yup yup, I think I’m chewy. But… First is whether or not you can bite me right?”


A sudden gust swept over.

A beast’s roar, which resounded at a level which would not be erased by that gust, resounded inside the forest.


“Where did the two…!”


“You’re in the way!”


I cut down the orcs, who were constantly approaching me slowly since a while ago, in one hit.

No matter how many of them I cut and cut, it feels like their numbers aren’t increasing.

I wonder, are orcs swarming this much where the two are?


‘My liege, a noticeably large bodied monster is coming from behind us’



When I turn around while I cut another orc, I confirm an group of orcs of clearly different appearance on the other side.

A noticeably gigantic orc with black skin.


“It’s a General Orc”

‘Is it the orcs’ boss?’

“Yes. But the one controlling the general orc is still somewhere else”



The General Orc’s roar rocked my eardrums.

The other orcs heard that voice and began to be excited as if to increase their ferociousness even more.


“Before I was aware of it, I can no longer sense the two large magic power, as well as Leona and Isvel’s magic power… Echsdarc, what about you?”

‘I cannot sense them either. Mayhaps they have made use of black magic that obstructs detection of magic power’


There are people who use such troublesome magic too.

I would have liked to look after the rainbow association people if possible, but it can’t be helped if it turns out like this.


“We settle it first starting with these, alright?”



I pour magic power in the magic sword Echsdarc.

Readying the sword that is clad in red light, I plunge into the group of orcs.


But still, aren’t I too unlucky right now I wonder?

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