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Chapter 90

Battle Commences




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Around four days has passed since then.

Me and Stroh’s side of investigation stagnated and I didn’t know where Jion and Ramina went off to.

Not finding their corpses should mean they’re alive, but where they are and what they’re doing is…



“What’s wrong, Mr Setsu?”

“No, well, I thought it’s been dangerous lately”

“Right? It’s scary right? But I have you here, so I guess I’m relieved”


The moment right now is the evening, when Mira and I finished our extraordinary shopping and were returning to the inn.

It goes without saying that the reason I’m following along is to be her escort.

I thought, wouldn’t it be fine if we just go tomorrow? But it seems something that’s by any means necessary.

Well, if I’m with her, I could at the worst let her escape, so I should be able to manage somehow.


“If the random attacker appears, make sure to protect me okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll protect you even if it changes my life, so don’t worry”.

“Tha… thank you…”


She’s a matured brat I guess, if her face turns red from that.

Hm? Did I use “matured” correctly? Well, whatever.

As we talked about things like that, the inn was already before our eyes.


“Ah, mom and dad”



On a closer look, the inn lady and the old man was standing in front of the inn.

I wonder what they’re up to at a time like this.


“Mom! Dad!”


Mira started to run.

That time, I felt something out of place in their facial expression and stopped her by holding her shoulder.


“Hm? What’s wrong, Mr Setsu?”

“No well… For some rea――――――――――――”

“We begin…”



Interrupting my words, the inn lady muttered something.

And with that, the two did not even make a twitch.

And then from behind them, a tall woman with silver hair, that was like reflecting the moonlight, made her appearance.

At the beginning, I thought she’s just a customer.

But she wore an angel’s raiment like thing and seeing those terrifyingly transparent eyes, I was convinced.


That this woman is a sacred sword.


“Setsu! Get away from them!”



I responded to the voice that came out of nowhere and jumped back while carrying Mira.

When I did so, a gust of wind raged through the place we were standing up until now.

The next instant, a few hairs of my bangs danced in the air.


“Jion, you helped me out there”

“You’re welcome… Don’t let your guard down, these guys are quite dangerous”


Jion and Ramina was standing on top of the left and right house.

When I saw who the two were staring at, both Mira’s parents, I could feel it clearly.

These guys are sacred swords too, just like I was afraid of.


“Oh, you seem to be quite the expert, aren’t you. Aero, Quake, release your figure”

““Yes Ma’am””

“ … What a disgusting outcome… this is”


When the silver haired woman said so, the inn lady’s appearance changed that to a pea-green haired woman wearing a robe of feathers, and the old man’s appearance transformed into a tawny muscled tumbling doll.

There were no traces of the two in either of them; I can’t see them as anything but entirely different people.


“ … We’ve been searching the locations of the places where the incidents had happened”

“And then you know… most of the incidents happened around this inn. There were several exceptions, but the random attackers basically appeared at a fixed distance from this inn. That’s why I thought about watching this neighborhood, but… Suddenly it’s a bingo”


I see, but I can’t believe it though.

The two people who were that nice are the random attackers?

The uncomfortable feeling won’t disappear whatever I do.


“Dad…? Mom…?”


That aside, the one I’m most worried about is Mira.

This is far… too cruel.


“Aah, both parents of that girl have died long ago. The were a hindrance to our plans, you see”

“A… aahh…”



The silver haired woman told us of a ridiculous fact.

What does she mean by that?

I’ve guessed that they’re sacred swords, but can they pull off those human-like movements?

There is something here, I’d say.


“Dad is… Mom is… Ugh”



I hold up Mira from collapsing.


“Tch… You scums, so you really are sacred swords?”

“Oh, I’m surprised. I see you are aware of our existence. Then I shall give you my name, I am <Mirror Magic Sword Mirage>. I am the one who will exterminate you “mankind” in the name of the Almighty Creasyl”

“Is that so… In that case, I won’t hold back in beating you to death then”


I hide Mira under a nearby shelter and prepare for battle.

Kuromaru is unfortunately inside the inn.

I don’t have the leisure to go and fetch him.


“So you will fight me? Very well. Then you shall have to defeat these two”

“You will not do so much as to cause trouble to lady Mirage”

“God’s judgment to these fools”


The two who were Mira’s parents prepared themselves. Two at the same time huh? Annoying.

But, I have reliable companions here too.


“Hey wait a minute, you aren’t ignoring us are you?”

“I shall request a short bout with you”


In order for Jion to take up the muscle tumbling doll and Ramina the woman, they stood in each of their respective ways.


“Leave these guys to us!”

“I’m leaving the center to you”

“Heh… Sure thing guys!”


The two set up their attacks and separated the two sacred swords left and right.

Looks like they feel like fighting while separated.

If it’s like this then I can just take on Mirage.


“Hmph… You split them in two groups I see. That too is fine”

“What are you spewing so calmly. You’re gonna die you know?”

“I am? That is impossible. The likes of you “Mankind”… don’t try to appear smart, do you understand?”


That woman’s intimidating air struck my body.

Now that I’ve practiced divine power, I know it.

This one has more divine power than Phellibus or the two other swords just then.

In other words… she’s overwhelmingly strong one among my foes until now.


“I am requesting you, show me that you can struggle for a while”

“Sure, I will struggle enough that I will bite off your head even when my limbs are torn off!”


I break into a run without hesitation and release my fist towards Mirage.

She caught it with one hand and then slashed at me with a beautiful sword that appeared in her other hand.

Since my arm is caught, I can’t escape to the back.

If it was me since a while ago, it would’ve been The End here.

But the me right now is different.


“I won’t let you kill me that easily”

“Gh! … Oh”


I also catch it with one hand.

Seeing her blade being stopped by the palm of my hand, Mirage raised her voice.





Both my arms are occupied, but I still have my legs.

I jump up and drive my knee into her chin.

It should have damage that would normally lead to a fatal wound, but sacred swords aren’t just for show.

She loosened her arm and let me escape, but she did not even stagger.


“Hah, it felt like I kicked lead.”

“It seems I have mistaken you somewhat. I can see you are not an ordinary insect”

“I’ve been a Hero despite appearances you know, don’t lump me with those around me.”


That was already just past glory though.

I don’t need such glory in the first place.


“Hey, how about you go <Drawn Sword> soon? Else the one who dies quickly will be you”

“So you are aware of <Drawn Sword> …Very well then, I shall show you. I will thoroughly beat you here, insect. I have decided it just now”


Mirage readied her sword.

The way she gathers her powers isn’t common.

I may be doing something unnecessary I guess.

But this is fine.

If I can’t at least defeat this one, then me fighting Creasyl from hereon would be a pipedream.


“<Sword Draw>――――――――――――――”



“How dare you stand in our way, inferior swordswoman”

“Stop talking nonsense. I don’t know who you are, but you tried to bite the husband of our master. Have you prepared yourself for that?”


The woman type sacred sword called Aero and Ramina was facing each other.

Ramina’s hand was already drawn to her katana and was perfectly prepared for battle, where she could draw it out at any time.


“Foolish… As I thought, I, <Wind Magic Sword Aero> shall root out you insects”

“Hm? Is that your self-introduction? Then let me introduce myself as well. I am one of the five great demon generals, Ramina Sephyr. I shall have you firmly remember that until a few minutes after you die”



“Oh hateful one… it seems you are one who wants a fitting death”

“Ah? Me, die? That’s impossible I tell you”


At another place, Jion and the large man called Quake faced each other.

However, in contrast to Quake who was putting up reasonable tense impression. Jion very much took his usual aloof attitude.


“You, are you making light of me?”

“It’s not like I’m making light of my enemies. Even I have decent resolution when I do something you see”


Jion, nonetheless showed a smile.

As if he was a schemer who had everything gone smoothly.


“Aah, come to think of it, I have to introduce myself before that. I am one of the five great demon generals, Jion Lace”

“ … My name is”

“Woah, yours is fine, you don’t have to introduce yourself. I mean――――――――――――”



Quake’s field of vision warped.

No, his eyes were turning around.

Having lost his sense of balance and became unable to even stand, Quake reflexively went on his knees.


“――――――――――――it’s already over for you after all”

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