Hiki-NEET Vol 9 Chapter 2

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Vol 9 Chapter 2

Bulletin Board Chapter

Yuuji, Consulting about the defense of the pioneer village




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[I made] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 41 [a contribution site! ]

1 : YES Lolita NO touch

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them?

This is the thread to verify it.

I made designs, but I haven’t found any patternmakers!

I want to make the perfect clothes, even for the little girls in the real world!

And so I made a design & pattern paper site for everyone, where you can contribute and download for free!

It’s still a test version, so it may not go well though!

Ah, reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET posting >>900 is to open the next thread!


2 : Anonymous ETNE


It no longer has anything to do with Yuuji or the other world does it!?


3 : Clothes group member B

The idea is from the loli bastard, but I helped out you know~

There’s still much more to come for the site design!


4 : Anonymous NEET



I’m reluctant, but let me say that to 1 too



5 : Anonymous NEET

Saay, the pictures that already have been uploaded

is packed jam full with Alice though…


6 : Anonymous MEAT


It’s inevitable you know!

It’s the lolicon bastard after all!


7 : Anonymous NEET

And the Alice designs are ordinarily cute

I, I feel mortified…! *hard shudder*


8 : Anonymous NEET


It’s not a bad feeling I tell you!


9 : YES lolita NO touch

Pattern maker-san found!

But he’s a pro so buying the pattern paper is expensive…


10 : Well-informed NEET


Of course it is.

It’s their tool of trade

If we have the pattern paper, then we can do things like mass production

It’s something like a copyright sale


11 : Kemona Lv.MAX


So our dreams won’t come true then!


12 : Anonymous NEET


Methinks your dreams don’t have to come true


13 : Yuuji

[Sad news] Reproduction of modern day underwear is prolly gonna take time

Also got a request from Kevin-san for a woman’s clothing made of silk


14 : Anonymous NEET


What do you mean with either?

Moar info pls


15 : Anonymous MEAT

That Kevin-san had such hobbies!


16 : Infra worker


No, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to wear female clothing, you know!

He doesn’t, does he?


17 : Anonymous ETNE

Girly boy…

No, girly pops?


18 : Anonymous NEET


I want to kill myself for imagining it


19 : Anonymous NEET


Yuuji, you’ve sewed Alice-chan’s panties right?

Can’t you reproduce it even by using the sewing machine?


20 : Yuuji

The elasticity, raw materials, the 3D form,

the sewing or the many parts, they said various things

The sewing machine is electric so…

the extension cord won’t reach and also there’s no

other way but to let them in the house, but…


21 : Anonymous NEET

If it’s for the sake of underwear!

Can’t you just let them in!?


22 : Anonymous NEET


It’ll be limited to underwear

Fashionable… fashion


23 : Anonymous NEET

So only Alice-chan can still enter house, huh Yuuji

Isn’t it already fine if it’s just the garden?


24 : YES lolita NO touch

I want them to enter the house if it’s for Alice-chan’s clothes!

But they will be under the same roof as Alice-chan then…

Never mind, that’s not good!


25 : Anonymous NEET


You go to sleep already, pervert


26 : Anonymous NEET


The elasticity of the cloth or raw materials?

Is it that difficult?


27 : Well-informed NEET

Should be difficult

Even with the same thread, it differs just by weaving it or knitting it

And naturally the weaving methods and knitting methods are different too

There shouldn’t be any synthetic fibers either


28 : Sakura’s friend


Elasticity of the cloth and raw materials…

You can’t understand those if you don’t have the real thing right?



29 : Anonymous NEET

Uh, uh oh!


30 : Anonymous ETNE

Didn’t we tell you to consider the time, Yuuji!?


31 : Anonymous MEAT

For what sake did you think we buried the previous thread!?


32 : Anonymous NEET

Well, the only one in trouble is Yuuji though


33 : Anonymous NEET

It’s Sakura-chan’s turn after a long time right!?


34 : Sakura’s Friend



35 : Anonymous NEET

You don’t have to tell us you reported!


36 : Yuuji

No, Sakura. It’s that you know

If you don’t properly care for them and it gets heavy and saggy, it’ll be terrible right?

They say it hurts when they do intense movement you see

Besides look, the fun of choosing cute underwears for girls etc

It doesn’t mean that I had any guilty feelings you know


36 : I love huge breasts

That’s right Sakura-chan!

We were thinking for the sake of the girls!


37 : Former talented salesman


Don’t you post that after changing your name


38 : YES lolita NO touch

For me brassieres and such are trivial

Panties are a… serious matter though…


39 : Kemona Lv.MAX

What happened to the double breasts and

the place where their tail grows Yuuji?


40 : Anonymous NEET


Adding fuel to the fire at this timing!

Not bad, this guy!


41 : Anonymous NEET

It’s become a chaos!


42 : This is Sakura

I will make it light in respect to the otherworld people who only have

not-so-cute underwear


Big bro

Doing it by yourself is fine, but

please give proper ventilation

The smell remains more than you think

Mom said it too


43 : Anonymous NEET



44 : Anonymous ETNE



45 : Anonymous NEET

Eh? Seriously?


46 : Clothes group member A

I want to dye…


47 : Clothes group member B


Stay calm A!


48 : Overwhelmingly dog person

I’m constantly surrounded by bow-wow’s scent

So no problems for me then!


49 : Anonymous NEET

Living the solitary life, I watch as a mere spectator


50 : Anonymous NEET

Who- who was it, the guy who said only Yuuji will get damage so

hiding it is quicker and better!

Isn’t everyone getting damage!?


51 : Anonymous NEET

I’ll quit being a shut-in NEET and

go buy deodorant

Would Risesh* be good?



52 : Anonymous NEET


Calm down!

No, is that… a good thing…?


53 : Yuuji

Mine has been a life of much shame*


54 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t do it

Don’t do it


55 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji’s nerves are amazing to be able to make us laugh here


56 : Anonymous NEET

No, isn’t this just him being disordered?


57 : Cool NEET

Realistically speaking, you don’t have enough seamstresses do you?

We’ve gathered design images and pattern papers and we also have the articles

On top of that, a silken female clothes?

Is it feasible in terms of workload?


58 : Anonymous NEET

A cut through this current!

You saved us there!


59 : Anonymous ETNE

You’re right about that!

There’s not enough seamstresses right!?


60 : Anonymous MEAT

Let’s set aside the reproduction of underwear then!

What is he going to use the silken female clothes for I wonder!


61 : Anonymous NEET

I wonder if Kevin-san really will be wearing it!


62 : Anonymous NEET

The change of course it too conspicuous!

Also 61 calm down!


63 Yuuji

Kevin-san said he will take the newly silken made clothes and

propose to the woman he likes in the royal capital!


64 : Anonymous NEET



65 : Anonymous NEET

Stop it already!

The thread people’s lives are zero you know!


66 : Anonymous NEET


Let’s make totally perverted clothes


67 : Anonymous NEET

Go explode!


68 : Anonymous NEET

I’ll be hitting the walls for a bit, k


69 : Well-informed NEET

Silk huh

It’s a proposal, so a wedding dress after all?


70 : Anonymous NEET

Isn’t the difficulty level not too high I wonder…


71 : Sakura’s friend

You don’t know that girl’s size well right?

If we do it like that, then I guess an A-line or a Princess-line


72 : Anonymous NEET

O- oh, A-line huh?

Pretty nice eh, that


73 : Anonymous NEET

I know right

It’s absolutely going to be A-line right?

It’s the first letter of the alphabet isn’t it?


74 : Anonymous NEET

Princess is also nice right!

I mean, it’s ohimesama isn’t it!


75 : Infra worker

>> 72-74

Don’t overdo it

At least check up on the box in front of you

She’s talking about the line of wedding dresses you know


76 : Anonymous NEET


Is this the composure of a winner!?


77 : Cool NEET

A wedding dress huh

I think it’s a good idea, but difficulty level is high.

Can someone create the design and pattern?


78 : This is Sakura

With Mr Lewis’s connections this time,

I have been introduced to someone who can create clothes

I’ll ask for dresses too then!


79 : Camera ossan


Connections of CG creator Mr Lewis who lives in Los Angeles you say

I have an awfully bad feeling about this though…

No, you could say good feelings too, but…


80 : In charge of verification thread’s video


What a coincidence

Me too


81 : Artist

Alright, the next challenge is a dress then!


82 : My hobby is cosplay

We don’t know her face nor her sizes though…

It’s sort of a wedding dress, so we can’t do much but to give her

a passable impression I guess


83 : Anonymous NEET


The artist doesn’t have to participate in this, okay!?


245 : Yuuji

I’m sorry for getting everyone excited, but

I’d like to consult about the pioneer land’s defense

We’ve reinforced the wooden fence and dry moat, but

what would be effective next?

The goblin and orc village subjugation is close, so

simple stuff for starters


246 : Overwhelmingly dog person


A pack of dogs led by Kotarou

They’ll play big roles in the lookout in early stages,

messengers and repelling enemies you know!


247 : YES lolita NO touch

In that case, let’s make a magical little girl corps

led by Alice-chan!

I, I have to think of their uniforms etc!


248 : Anonymous NEET


You two, look at reality!

… It’s another world and yet, look at reality?



249 : Anonymous ETNE


Let it go!

Don’t think deeply about it!


250 : Well-informed NEET

Base defense, huh

If we consider the fact your enemies are monsters

and their level of intelligence we can read from the videos,

simple things should be fine

Traps and abatises will weaken their charging strength,

scaffolds for shooting arrows from the fence, felling and

delimbing trees to get a line of fire,


Something like that isn’t it?


251 : Cool NEET


That should be good I guess

Next would be horse and harness and then spears I guess


252 : Anonymous NEET


You’re fully intending to pursue them from the beginning aren’t you!

No wait, a raid with ambush?


253 : Anonymous NEET


A mounted battle in the forest and such should be impossible jk


254 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t forget to create a camera installation site!


255 : Anonymous NEET

It doesn’t look like they’re really smart, so

Wouldn’t ropes to make them fall down or pitfalls be effective?


256 : Anonymous ETNE


You’re right!

Also that, don’t forget the tricks to gather their attention to Yuuji either!


257 : Anonymous MEAT


The blinding magic for that I guess!


258 : Anonymous NEET

Make some killing space so they can

effectively use Alice-chan’s magic

Lead them with the fence and cutting down trees.


259 : Anonymous NEET


For some reason it feels like easy victory?


260 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, secure projectile weapons like bows and arrows and so forth

what I’m about to say would be the most important after that

Prioritize the pioneer citizens and letting them inside the plot’s mysterious

barrier or prioritize your own safety and letting them die without letting

them inside.

In order to prepare yourself for the worst


261 : Anonymous NEET



262 : Anonymous NEET

It’s reasonable

It’s reasonable, but you know…


263 : Anonymous NEET

Why does this guy become an honorable man

as soon as battle comes up?


264 : Anonymous NEET

Could he be that?

Could he be a samurai?


265 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t go making fun of him too much!

He could be someone from Satsuma!


266 : Anonymous NEET

So, you can do the “‘Leave your head here’ ghost”

on the internet too, huh?


267 : Yuuji

Everyone thank you!

I shall discuss it with the others and make them little by little!


TL: *Reference to Osamu Dazai’s Ningen Shikkaku(No Longer Human in ENG)

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