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Chapter 26

The Demon Lord in Danger




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“Thunder gun”


Isvel made sure to roll on the ground to dodge the thunder Yellow released.

Although it’s called thunder black magic, it did not mean one could attack at the speed of thunder.

Qualitatively it was certainly capable of flying at a speed higher than fire bullets and such, but thunder’s characteristics was not that.

The strong point of the thunder attribute was its penetrative power through high voltage energy.

In reality, the thunder bullet released by Yellow opened a large hole through the many trees behind Isvel.

Not only just one tree, but it put holes in even the trees and shrubs in the far distance.


“This is why thunder attribute enemies are annoying!”

“Don’t praise me too much”


Each time Yellow thrusted his hand, thunder bullets were released

Isvel managed to dodge them, but her clothes were burned in several places.


“Is it really fine to dodge them just barely like that?”



One shot lightly touched her arm.

That moment, light electric current ran through Isvel’s body and made her body stiff.


“Look, you can’t move”


The thunder bullet drew near Isvel.

As a result of her movements being delayed, it was no longer at a distance where she could dodge.




The thunder bullet made a direct hit to Isvel’s stomach.

A flash ran, and although it did not run through Isvel’s body, she was blown far away to the back.

The clothes on Isvel’s abdomen after being struck onto a tree behind her, disappeared and the skin bore even a light burn.


“I’m surprised. To think that it ended with only that amount of damage, let alone receiving the attack and not having it go through you”

“Of course. Did you think I would bear a fatal wound by the level of your black magic?”

“Hoh. But despite the fact that you’re acting as if you’re composed, you don’t seem to be able to move your body as planned though?”


Isvel clicked her tongue.

Even with just being grazed by the thunder bullet, she was numbed and could not move for an instant.

If she were to receive it in the center of her body by accident, then it would be natural for her to not be able to move for a while.


“If I can’t kill you with thunder gun, then how about this?”


Electrical discharge began in Yellow’s palm.

That electrical discharge gradually shrunk and condensed energy soared in the air.




The energy that soared to the air was released, and it fell down towards Isvel.

Its power was incomparable to thunder gun and it was powerful enough for even Isvel to open her eyes wide.

She tried to move her body in order to avoid it somehow, but the numbness still remained and she could not move.

Unable to dodge it, the thunderbolt made impact.

Perhaps due to having impacted the trees, many trees where smoke broke out began to burn.

Isvel’s figure was slipped into the smoke and could not be seen.


“Hmph, that was disappointing. Was she really the one who chased after Blue?”


Yellow move his eyesight away from the center of the blazing trees.

Yellow knew Blue and Red’s abilities.

For that reason, he intended to take decent caution on the occasion he would confront the existences who defeated the two.

That confrontation was decided that quickly.

How disappointed and dejected he felt.


“As things are now, the other man or something must be a big――――”




Something passed through the side of Yellow’s face.

A little of his ear was cut, Yellow held that part while in a dumbfounded state.


“Don’t say whatever you please. I still haven’t been defeated”

“ … what is this”


The many trees that should have been burning brightly, was frozen.

It was not only the trees that were frozen.

Aach flames and each burning trees, all of it were frozen.


“To think that it would break my ice armor. It seems only your power is not to be trifled with”


Isvel showed up from inside the smoke.

That figure of hers was covered by an armor of ice.

Only the part from the face to around her chest was broken and from there Isvel’s natural face and body could be seen.


“Ice you say…!?”

“I didn’t want to use this in a situation where I don’t know if I’m looked at by someone somewhere, but I have no choice in this situation. It’s your fault for being semi-strong!”


Chill began to drift about at Isvel’s feet.

That chill froze the ground and began its encroachment as if it was spreading its territory.




Yellow took distance from Isvel in order to escape from the ice.


“This time I will be coming to you!”


Isvel pushed out her arm.

Upon doing so, the frozen leaves of the trees rose up and like sharp leaves, they hunted down Yellow.


“Thunder Net!”


The net made of thunder expanded in front of Yellow’s eyes.

When the ice leaves made an impact with the net, the ice leaves were flicked away together with the sound of electric shocks.


“So they’re repelled like this. In that case…”


Isvel moved one of her fingers, and the frozen trees began to move.

When they appeared to be coming out from the ground, the ice on the tip broke and became sharp.

And thus, a gigantic spear of ice was completed.


“Ice Spear!”


Isvel threw the gigantic spear straight towards Yellow.

The spear which held definite power collided with the thunder net like the ice leaves.

A violent flash broke out, and the thunder discharged alone the spear.

However, this net could not repel a spear of this size and power.

Little by little, the tip went through the net.




Due to Yellow draining his magic power, the net increased in strength.

However, it still was unable to stop the spear.

In the end, the spear penetrated the net and approached Yellow.

There was not much space between Yellow and the net, so it was difficult to dodge in this distance as a result.

As evidence to that, a response of hitting Isvel’s target was transmitted to her hand.


“I should have hit my target, but…”


The flash lessened, and gradually Yellow’s figure could be seen.

Seeing that figure of his, Isvel raised a voice of admiration.


“I’m surprised. I never thought I would miss your vitals at that range”

“Guh… Now you’ve done it”


The ice spear hollowed out Yellow’s flank.

He had a wound that was by no means shallow, but, perhaps because Yellow promptly twisted his body, it did not pierce into him.


(I missed his heart… at that timing? … shall I test him out a little longer)


Isvel expanded the ice territory even more

The trees inside the territory too were frozen like the ice spear from before and its tip were made sharp.


“Can you dodge this amount?”

“You monster”

“I’ve been told that often”


The spears this time counted ten.

Together with Isvel’s command, the spears simultaneously assailed Yellow.


“Kuh… It can’t be helped then”


The spears stuck into Yellow’s surroundings.

The spears certainly should have hit their target, but no feedback was transmitted to Isvel.

Isvel was convinced by this.


“Thunder attribute specialist… I see, you can do it like I thought”

“――It’s the most basic of basics don’t you think?”


Before she knew, Yellow was standing behind Isvel.

His whole body discharging electricity and his hair standing on end.

As if he had been containing the thunder black magic he had been using until now inside him.


“It was lightning speed if I recall?”

“If you are aware of it, then we can cut it short”

“I’ve seen it with these eyes of mine several times!”


The spears Isvel newly produced attacked Yellow, who was behind her, from a blind spot.

However, once again there was no feedback.

Since they were dodged.

In reality, Yellow was standing beside Isvel.


“The likes of you will never touch me from here on”


A spear hand of lightning speed attacked Isvel.

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