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Final Chapter

It’s my third time


I opened my eyes in my room.

My body was startlingly light.

I got up and looked over my body as if my bad condition until now was like a lie.


“What has happened…?”


Beside me, Levia woke up as well.

It appears everything is over.

Our vigor that was sucked away by Creasyl had all returned.

That is proof of everything.


“It seems to have ended”

“… So it seems”


The two looked at each other’s faces and smiled.


Soon the heroes will return.

We have to get ready to welcome them back.


Having gone back to the demon lord castle town, I headed towards the demon lord castle while gazing at the state of the city.

Due to my fight with Creasyl, houses seems to have collapsed and fires have occurred.

Fortunately, there were no signs of casualties.

Maybe because I’ve become a god of death, I’ve become susceptible to those sort of signs.

For now, it gave me some peace of mind.

It’ll be unbearable in all sorts of ways if it had become a great disaster where hundreds of people died from this.


“Hya~, look, Setsu. That tower over there is broken about halfway!”

“ …Keep it quiet, why don’t you”


I cautioned Stroh who had been following me and making noise for some reason.

When I look at her like this, she really does appear as nothing but an ordinary brat.


“Mh! You thought of me as a brat now, did you not!”

“How did you kno――”

“It’s showing on your face, you fool!


We somehow had this kind of back and forth before too.


“Be captivated… after making fun of me!”


Stroh turned around on the spot.

I unluckily ended up blinking at that timing.


“How is it, this is the original me”

“ …huh?”


After I was done blinking, I was surprised by the scene in front of me.

At the spot where Stroh was until now stood a tall woman waving about her long black hair.

The woman looked at me with a triumphant look.


“Fufufu… It seems you do not have the words to an excessively beautiful woman I see!”

“That weak-headed-sounding talk, you’re Stroh alright”

“What do you mean, weak-headed! Despite being a new god!”


I poked fun at her in a hurry.

It’s embarrassing that I ended up being captivated by Stroh even for an instant.

Let’s take this fact to the grave.

I don’t know whether or not gods have graves though.


“Just when I took the trouble to show my original figure――――hm!”



Stroh, as she was protesting, suddenly shrunk.

It’s her usual tiny size.


“ … I am out of time. With my current divine powers, I can only be in my perfect body for several seconds”

“So you still can’t turn back, huh?”

“I will proceed patiently. The time granted to a god is an eternity after all”


… I see, eternity huh.


“? What is the matter?”

“――――Nah, it’s nothing. Let’s go, they’re waiting”


I hastened my steps.


If a god’s time is eternal, then I would have to attend at their deaths.


No, that’s wrong.


That time I will bless their deaths.

At the very least, like a god of death. I could also make up and tell them the splendor of death.

And so, I’ll show them excessive favoritism.


I arrived at the demon lord castle, and the first place I headed to was the room where Desas and Levia is in.

We’ve defeated Creasyl, so I think they should likely have gotten better, but…






When I opened the door, I suddenly felt an impact on my stomach.

It seems I’ve been jumped at.

There was Yuuhi and Touma grasping at me.


“Welcome back, Master Setsu”

“Welcome back Mr Setsu”

“ ‘come back, Setsu”

“You all…”


Inside the room were Glain, Elka and Tia.


“Don’t go makin’ us worry! Setsu!”

“I’m glad you’re safe”

“You, you’re… really alive, aren’t you Mr Setsu…!”


Roa, Shironeko and Mineko too.

And then――――


“Thank you for coming back, Setsu”

“Thanks to you, we’re as you can see”

“Desas… Levia…”


Desas and Levia stood up from their bed.

They seem to be emaciated, but their expressions aren’t bad.

They seem to be in good health.


“Welcome back, Yuki-kun”

“Welcome back, Setsu”


Said Yuuhi and Touma, who were clinging onto me.

Heat spread and something welled up in my chest, but I endured that in one go.

It doesn’t have to be now to tell them that I have to leave this world immediately.

There’s one thing that I have to say before that.

It’s the most important thing.


“――――I’m back”



I, Desastre, am thinking about putting on record the conversations thereafter.


Elka, Glain and Tia who had returned to the demon lord castle once, said they will return to the human continent and had departed.

I was told that all of the royalties in current human country has been killed, and they could not fulfill its function as a country.

Now, my subordinate Jion and Ramina who had caused that returned, riddled in wounds, and are now under recuperation.


“We were born and raised in Destinea, so first we will contribute to its reconstruction”


Saying so, Elka has currently become the country’s minister.

She seemed to have strong endorsement from the soldiers and citizens of the country.

There was the fact that they assumed our side in the battle, and I myself was worried that they would go through a bitter experience, understanding people would understand them.

A king supported by an earnest human like Elka should become a good king who would not miss his path.


“I wonder if I… should return to the order of knights as well. The army shouldn’t be functioning currently either”


Glain thereunder, assumed the post of knight commander.

He currently seems to be supervising newcomer soldiers as well as the order of knights who are maintaining public order.

He is a man of gentle nature, but an emotionally strong man.

His image of being yearned for by his subordinates comes to mind.


“I will research magic. Ones that will let civilization develop further”


That was what Tia said, but…

Mh, this is unexpected.

Tia has somehow become sovereign of the country of Destinea.

The royalty is gone and the people that could be entrusted with the role of the sovereign were gone as well.

Therein, they seemed to have accepted Tia, who had minister Elka’s endorsement and had high contributions towards the country.

The accumulation of her magic research seems to have shown their effects.


… Actually I did not think she could become queen with just that.

Likely Elka must have done something behind the scenes.

That woman is capable.

She should easily be able to do that much.


At any rate, our relationship with the human country has turned favorable.


“I’m gonna train more. Gonna have to succeed daddy’s position eventually you know!”


Roa too is living in good health in her country.

She seems to be studying now in order to become queen.

…However, it does not seem like classroom lectures are in her nature, so she would slip out and seclude herself in the mountains.

She seems to be having such everyday lives.

I too think classroom lectures do not suit her.


Her reason for secluding herself in the mountains was because she was unable to compete at all in her fight with Creasyl, she said.

That mortification is easy to imagine even for me.

Her vassals have been worrying so they told her to do it in moderation.


“I will be taking my time resting-desu”

“We didn’t have a conspicuous way of life in the first place, so we’ll live peacefully from now on”


Shironeko and Mineko returned to the beastkin continent.

It would seem that they are living quietly.

When they occasionally show their faces here, they would both basically lie idle.

I do not think this is what quietly means, but at times like these I would leave them refreshments and return.

We occasionally come to show them our faces as well, but generally for the large public bath.

We do not have an unknown relationship and we do rent it out, but I would like them to stop shaking off the moisture off their bodies in the dressing room.

The dressing room becomes flooded all the time after all.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like going back to prison anymore. I did make a promise with this kid”


As for Touma… It cannot be helped, but I have decided not to put him back to prison.

I have some faint hopes that he will no longer make any sinister designs, but ――――well, it should be alright.

He had said that he would keep company with people Kouma has been looking for.

For some reason, he is searching for his “classmates” that disappeared.

I do not quite understand, but I heard that they were the other Heroes that had been summoned together with him.

It seems he had once cooperated with us in our fight with the god, so I too have decided to search for them.

It would be nice if we do not get involved into something troublesome, but I have an awfully bad feeling about this.


“I’m returning to the ocean. I am more or less a dragon species”


Levia too has returned to the place she originally ought to be.

Currently she is protecting the voyaging ships and the like and cooperating with the fishermen.

Once in a while she would show her face in the demon lord castle, but she often comes with a smiling face.

She must surely be enjoying her current way of life.

She would let me ride on her head whenever she feels like it, but it feels unexpectedly good.


“I beg you! Please allow me to reside here! I have no place to live in!”


Finally, the face of the “self-proclaimed” god of destruction saying that and crying to me floated in my mind for some reason.

She seems to be Setsu’s benefactor according to her story and as a result of Touma’s testimony to that, I have decided to rent her a room in the castle.

And so, she would periodically come to listen to the development of the world.

It appears that she often wants to know the situation of the world as the god managing this world, she said.

She said that she would be able to have an unobstructed view of the world once her divine powers returns so she would then leave, but I personally find her an interesting girl so I would not mind if she stays here forever.

She somehow has the pleasantness that resembles Setsu.


Having written this much on paper, I put down my pen.

I loosened my stiffened shoulders and stretched my body.

I have to go soon.

Today is the day everyone will gather in the demon lord castle after a long time.


“I will be able to meet him too”


I spontaneously grinned.

It has been a few months since we have met.

I am gradually yearning for him inside my heart.

He has gone from this world, but he would come once he has time.

Previously, I assumed I had been bereaved of him and had become desperate.

However, now it is different.

He is far away now, but he is certainly there.

At a place where he can meet us.



“*sigh*… this is annoying”


I sat on a gigantic chair and cursed.


It’s already been several months since I’ve been forced to succeed in my mother’s position of god of death.

I heard that she was full of intentions to bring me back to the modern era and make me succeed at the point when I awakened the god of death within me.

It means it was her decision from the beginning that I would be working here.

I don’t think it can be helped that my mother can’t exempt me from that.


Time passed after getting a job and I’ve gotten used to it in my own way, but the sky is constantly gloomy here and I can’t grasp the feeling of morning and noon.

Whether it’s day or night now.

Or more like, I’ve been relatively busy enough to not mind such things either.


“Yush, you go to hell. And you to heaven then”


One by one I give directions to the floating transparent humans before me.

The humans who received my directions entered the gates of hell or gates of heaven behind me and go down the world of the afterlife.


(Ain’t this like Lord Yama’s job…)


I’m made to do the screening I’m not sure of with just my intuition.

The condition was mainly that the somewhat evil humans go to hell and innocent humans go to heaven.

It’s annoying.

To be honest, it’s annoying.


“Hey, work hard, you stupid son!”

“If you’re just watching me, then go help me!”


I shouted at my mother who was nibbling on potato crisps while lying relaxed behind me.

While she pushed this kind of work to me, she herself is living comfortably.

An inexcusable mother.


“You’ve come to feel a lot of your emotions now haven’t you? Despite just sorting them indifferently until now, you know”

“Well I am originally a human being. It came here right away nicely once I recall that”


Until a little while ago, I wouldn’t have gotten angry like this either.

Apparently it would’ve been better for my mother if I hadn’t recalled, but it was a relieving feeling in my perspective.

Being able to be angry and laughing like this is really nice.


“I’ll be yelled at so it’s a real nuisance though”

“You’re the real nuisance! At least go do this somewhere else!”


They’re shocking days for my mother.

When I think I have the same blood running in my veins, it becomes scary, doesn’t it?

Let’s make sure that my future self won’t become like this.


“Yuki-kuun… no wait, God of Death~!”


When we were having such argument, suddenly a voice resounded that was calling for me. From the other side of the row of the dead came running a brunette girl wearing a black costume over her body.


“I really don’t mind it I tell you, calling me with Yuki”

“Well, you know~, I was like I want to call you that way at work. The feeling of being able to divide public and private is attractive right?”


Yuuhi smiled bashfully, saying something off the mark for some reason.

Currently I had Yuuhi take up a secretary-like position for me due to Aphrodite’s favor.

Yuuhi seems to be the daughter of Aphrodite’s relative and seems to have received various blessings from Aphrodite herself.


For example the blessings of love.


It seems to be a blessing where people who have harbored good feelings towards Yuuhi even once would have those feelings of theirs become fixed.

So even if they’re betrayed, they would not come to hate her.


It wasn’t effective to me in the first place, having the blood of a god running in my veins.

Well… Me coming to hate Yuuhi is not going to happen even in the worst case though.


As a result, Yuuhi’s existence have somewhat gotten to know divinity due to those blessings or so I heard.

We’ll be too late after something strange occurs when she is in the world where humans live.

For that sake, in order to keep an eye on her state, she wanted to put her by my side.

Since I have no reason to refuse her, I accepted her.

‘n So, we arrive at the present time.


“Attractive or not, did something happen?”

“It’s not ‘did something happen,’ Yuki-kun! It’s almost the appointed time, you know!”

“Eh, you serious!?”


I snatch away the clock that’s been used as my mother’s pillow and checked it.

I hear mother’s lecturing voice, but I don’t care.


“Not good, it’s almost time! Let’s go Yuuhi!”


“Hey! What about work, you two!?”

““We leave it to you””

“Stop bullshitting me, you fucking――――”


My mother was approached by the dead and was no longer visible.

It’s retribution for forcing your work on me until now.

Serves her right.


“It’s been a long time, so I’m looking forward to it!”

“…Pretty much yeah!”


It’s our first time in several months, huh, meeting them.

Actually we wouldn’t have been able to meet, but there’s the matter with Creasyl, so we’ve been allowed to go to that world as a special case.

My mother seems to feel sorry for me in her own way for the fact that Creasyl’s punishment was light.

She directly negotiated in heaven and firmly promised us Creasyl’s prison term extension and our freedom.


――――I’m grateful on that point, but only the fact that she pushed this work onto me is one I won’t forgive.


My mother should suffer again in a long time.


“ …It’s different from that time”


I recalled the time when I wanted to return to the world they were in and frantically searched for a way to do so.

At that time I had no hope, felt anxious everyday and had always been encouraged by Yuuhi.

Now I’m also encouraged by Yuuhi, but everything else is completely different.

As long as I force my work on someone, I’ll be able to cross over worlds with my strength anytime.

I’m busy and it’s bothersome, but I’m not anxious.


I take Yuuhi’s hand and opened the otherworld gate.


“Let’s go――――my third time to another world!”

“Uh huh!”


I stepped inside, inside the gate overflowing with light.

Towards the other world, where they’re all waiting――――.



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“My escort target, the lady Saintess is too strong, so am I even needed?”


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