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Vol 10 Pioneer Leader/Defense Captain Yuuji Is Doing the Job of a Pioneer Group Leader



The forest had begun to be lightly coated in snow.

As if to break the silence, a girl’s lively voice resounded.


“Yay~! So this is a sleigh! Hey, Mr Thomas, can Alice ride on it?”

“Alice-chan, you’re too hasty -su. I made it sturdy so you can ride it, but the snow is still…”


Alice touched the wooden sleigh that was just completed and asked the woodworker Thomas with a smile shown on her whole face.

The elven girl Riese who was beside her stared at Thomas with clearly expectant eyes while silent.

Kotarou was already standing by in front of the sleigh. She was brimming with intentions to pull it. Since she was a dog.

On the other hand, Thomas showed a troubled face. Winter had just started, so only a slight amount of snow had piled up. Tree roots and large rocks were still uncovered. Soil could be seen here and there. If they were to use the sleigh now, it would be guaranteed to be broken immediately.


“He said not yet… Alice, Riese, let’s be patient for a little longer, okay…”


A man dropped his shoulder dejectedly towards the words of woodworker Thomas. It was Yuuji.

He was thirty three years old, but he seems to be looking forward to playing with the sleigh. He was an old man who did not forgot his child’s mind. No, he must have wanted to see the delighted figures of the children. Surely.


Fourth year since Yuuji had come to the other world, the fourth winter.

The first winter spent with all of the first pioneer citizens and the elven girl Riese will become the first lively winter for Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou and the beastkin family.


“Hello~. Ah, today you’re making clothes for sale aren’t you”

“Yes, that’s right, I noticed! If we use up the fabric Mr Kevin left behind to create the jeens and ofrawl earlier, then he wouldn’t get angry even if we create the dress and clothes we like next!”


Yurshelle responded enthusiastically to Yuuji, who visited the work tent of the two seamsters. Valleri showed a strained smile beside her.

What the two seamsters were creating were the jeans and overalls made of strong fabric for sales purpose. Due to coming and going to the city and here becoming nearly impossible during the winter, they certainly would not have any replenishments in fabric. If they were to use up the fabric they currently have, then there would be no need to be scolded by Kevin when they work on their hobby. But then again, completing the dress for Kevin to give his loved one before spring was a must.


“Is that, is that so” Yuuji said, feeling drawn back.

Alice and Riese who had come along with Yuuji did not seem to have any interests in the jeans and overalls. Despite the fact that their eyes were sparkling before entering the tent, they were self-interested. But that could not be helped. The two girls were stylishly wearing the clothes of Yuuji’s sister Sakura. It would be different if they were dresses or new designs, but the uncute jeans and overalls whose quality is more inferior than Sakura’s personal belongings did not seem to tickle the women’s heart. They were precocious children.


The party of Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou once again loitered around the pioneer land.

It was not like they were playing. Yuuji intended to make rounds, as leader of the pioneer land, as Houjou village head and as defense captain. This too was a job of a praiseworthy leader. Probably.


Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel and his son Mark, and the three men from the former adventurers party had begun to cut down the trees. The tree roots kept as is for now, they were in the middle of single mindedly felling trees and clearing branches.

The migration of the second pioneer group was planned once it turned spring. Even if their residences were completed with tents, a place to set up the tent, agricultural land and location of workshops, any amount of space is necessary for the pioneer land. Although they would not be useful immediately, there is also the necessity for cutting timber and letting them dry.


“Everyone, thanks for your hard work!”

“Aah, Master Yuuji, you were just in time. Everyone, how about we take a rest?”


A large water bottle was in Yuuji’s hand as he called out to the lumber team. He brought them tea made by boiling hot water at Yuuji’s house and leaves gathered from the forest. Although it is the beginning of winter, it is already a period where the outside is cold. A drink that could warm up one’s body would be the best feast.


“As expected, the lumbering pace is fast unlike the time I was doing it on my own”

“It is, isn’t it? We do have the strength of all the former adventurers. With this pace, I think it would be better to decide what to create where in the village”


While drinking the tea that was brought, Yuuji and Marcel had a conversation with each other.

Marcel was Yuuji’s slave, but he was the only one with knowledge on agriculture in the pioneer land. Even while Marcel is a slave, he gave directions in cutting down the trees and farmwork, playing a central role in them.


At a place separated from the two who were deep in talks about the near future, Alice was talking with the former adventurers. “Hey, hey. Should Alice go ‘Eih’ on the soil at the stump again?” “No, it’s going to snow from now on, so it’ll be dangerous if we won’t be able to see the holes. Once it turns spring, alright?” And such she talked about with the former adventurers team leader.


Next to such Alice and former adventurers was Riese, standing still, bored. Due to not knowing their language, she was unable to have their way with chatting when Yuuji was not there to interpret.

In the back at a place that didn’t enter Riese’s sight was Mark, holding his tea and acting suspicious and restless. He seemed to want to talk to Riese however… We can’t understand each other, but, thinking of such, he was acting hesitant. It was a concern. No, even in Japan, he would not be reported since they were close age-wise, however.


“Huh? Where is Mrs Nina and Mrs Celine?


When Yuuji casually looked around, he seemed to have seen that Marcel’s wife, the catkin Nina, and the former adventurers party leader’s wife and archer Celine, was not in the lumbering team.


“Ah, with the sleigh that could carry goods being done and the two being in high spirits in being able to hunt around for snow rabbits for this year’s winter, they went to take a look in advance with the two of them”


Who answered Yuuji’s question was the former adventurers party leader Blaise. He was the archer’s husband.

It appeared that the two married women were planning to focus on hunting. 

They were literal carnivores.

Perhaps having heard the conversation, Kotarou’s eyes shined and her tail was shaking. I’ll, I’ll hunt them over and over too! She looked like she was going to rush out at any moment now. It seems that there is a carnivorous woman here as well. Literally, or rather she is just carnivorous and it had nothing to do with that. Since she was a dog.


In any case.

Fourth year since Yuuji had come to the other world, the fourth winter.


From here on, their daily lives continues with the snow-covered pioneer land isolated for around three months.

Who were in that pioneer land were seven households, fifteen people, a dog and eight feathered chickens.

The number of people had dramatically increased compared to last year’s winter.


This year’s winter, which invited the elven girl Riese, would appear to become a lively one.

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