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Chapter 52

The Hero Reveals



“Gidara, are you alright?”

“I have not become so weak to be concerned with by you”


Gidara, who was out of breath, regained his composure in several seconds.

I’ve heard of a breathing technique that can suck in the magic powers drifting in the air and make a ratio of it your own magic power, but that must likely be it.


“Fuuh, it looks like I will be able to teleport later, if it is just once. So, coming here is good, but what will you do?”

“First, let’s go to the center of the town. There may be some disturbance”


Either way, what is important is whether or not the gigantic creatures have arrived already.

In order to confirm that, I ran off with my hood worn deeply.

I won’t commit that kind of mistake again.


“――Please wait a little”


Eleira stopped me as I started to run.

Eleira closed her eyes and seemed to be groping for presence around us.


“I thought the whole town has been too quiet and when I looked around, the direction along the coast looks to be noisy”

“Along the coast… got it, let’s go”


Eleira’s well trained five senses are trustworthy.

We then afterwards, without losing our way, ran off towards along the coast.

Even when we ran through the town, there were certainly no signs of people.

However, as I approach the coastline, the noisy voices of men and women can be heard.


“So this way…!”


Along the coastline where we arrived at were many townspeople just like the voices that Eleira had grasped.

Each and every one of them looked to be in chaos while they looked towards the ocean.


“What is it…that there”

“I’ve… somewhat made light of it”


The instant we were along the coast, the two looked up and became taken aback.

Although I have seen something similar once, I still didn’t get used to it.

Because, at any rate, that was a bird gigantic enough to cover the town with its shadows.


“So this time it’s the sky…”


That bird that appeared above the port city is supposed to be at quite an altitude and yet, it was causing a gust of wind with a single flap.

The seas were rocked and high waves broke forth; the trees would collapse while it’s at this distance.

No matter how much power I jump with from right below it, I was powerless in front of this bird.

Unable to do anything, the final result is us being slammed to the ground.


“It would appear to be like a falcon is it not… but I suppose this is not the time nor place to talk about its species and whatnot”

“As you may have expected, I can’t kill it at this distance…”


Even my flying sword is likely not going to reach.

Even if it reaches it, it would be quelled by its excessive might.

When I thought about things like that, the voices of the townspeople went loud again.

It seems they are looking at the direction of the ocean again.


“――Even I will be unable to stop my cold sweat from this”


On the ocean floated a gigantic island.

No, it’s not an island.

It’s because it’s moving straight this way.

And there’s another one.

Flying at a lower altitude than the gigantic bird was a similarly gigantic dragon.


“The tortoise that could be mistaken for an island. The bird a size to be able to hide a city. And a dragon that should be blow away the mountain with a swing of a talon… all en masse”

“I have come to see various monsters, but monsters these gigantic are my first…”

“Do you have any sort of black magic that’s capable of attacking at long range?”

“I do have a black magic that could just reach it, more or less. I cannot expect significant damage however. If there is still a possibility, then… I could at least send you on top of those monsters”

“It’s a good plan, but do you have enough magic power?”

“I have magic power to at least let you make a round trip if it is this sort of distance”


We would certainly be able to start our attacks on the monsters directly if we do that.

First we defeat the bird at the top and next we take down the dragon and tortoise before landing.

We should be able to settle it somehow with that.


“Alright, let’s go with that. First, get us――”


When I tried to say that, I heard the sound of an explosion suddenly out of nowhere.

When I looked at that direction, something somehow exploded on the tortoise and dragon as if it made an impact.


“What is it this time!”

“Mr Adel, there’s a ship over there”

“A ship?”


A ship could be seen moving parallel beside the tortoise.

It looks like a cannon was shot from there.

Still, I remember seeing that ship.


“You rascals! Keep firing into it!”

“Aim for its head! Hitting the shell is meaningless!”


Who filled their voices on the deck was Leona and Silvar.

Just like I thought, that was the ship that Silvar owns, who brought me until midway.


“It is a human ship. Why at a place like this?”

“They’re my companions――or something like that. They had said that they were going to deal with the gigantic creatures, so I think they chased them.”

“Hm? Were your companions not those three?”

“I got to know them after retiring as a Hero. That’s why they’re not aware that I was a Hero.”

“I see. Nevertheless, to think that it is the Beast Queen Leona and Knight King Silvar… As I thought, it seems you are properly keeping your charismatic nature”

“Wait, you know them?”

“Of course I do. I have memorized all great military strengths on the human side”


So their names are known from across the continuent.

I may have underrated those two, just a tiny little bit.


“So they are powerful people on the human side. Sir Gidara, how about making an offer of cooperation?”

“ … It is pathetic for the proud demons to rely on humans many times over. It is pathetic, but――inevitable”


Gidara once again thrust his staff on the ground and spread out a magic circle.


“After this I will teleport those two here. I will leave the explanation of the circumstances to you, Adel”



The light of the magic circle became stronger than ever, and when I noticed, the figures of the two that should have been on the ship disappeared.

And immediately after, the presence of people beside me increased by two.


“Uwah! What is this!?”

“This is… the port town?”


The thoughts of the two didn’t seem to have caught up to the fact that they were suddenly teleported, so they looked like they are confused.


“Thanks for coming, the two of you”

“Al… That you are here means that this is the demon continent?”

“Yes. Look”


I pointed towards the ocean and let them confirm the dragon and tortoise.

And let them look up the sky and confirm the existence of the falcon.


“I’m asking you. Please cooperate in order to subjugate them”


“――Oh I see. So you say we teleport with the powers of the demon there and jump on top of the body of the monsters”

“Yes. Our attacks will be able to reach them if we do so”

“Hum. It is not a bad plan, but…”

“Is there some problem?”


The slightly frowning Silvar once again spoke while looking towards Gidara and Eleira.


“I cannot trust the demons”

“I’m of the same opinion. It’s not that I myself am a human, but I’m on the side of humans. Collaborating with the demons who had thoroughly opposed us, it’s nothing but a little frightening”


That was going to happen I guess.

If the demons’ thinking are bigoted, then so would the humans.

Going “Yes, I understand” when told to try a joint struggle won’t happen, no matter how much they struggle.


“Except, I am willing to cooperate if you let me hear it”

“… Hear what?”

“Who exactly are you?”


I was at a loss of words.

Silvar and Leona looked straight at me.


“The time I was with you was not long, but during that time, astonishing things have happened many times over. I have never seen a human who is able to take down a sacred beast. And yet, no matter how much I investigated, I was unable to understand your background”

“I’d like to know too. Who in the world is the first man who caught me?”


I don’t have the slightest intention, but it’s extremely unlikely to deceive them any longer.




Gidara and Eleira too were looking at me.

They must be curious, how I would answer them.

Why is it that expressing it in a refined fashion would be terrifying like this?

Is it that I am frightened of being criticized as someone who fled midway?

――No, even if that were the case, now would not be the time to be afraid.

It’s the end of the road if I’m unable to do anything to the threat in front of me.

If so, then that would be the same as if I spoke of my identity now.

Regretting without saying it is something I especially can’t forgive myself.


“I’m――――a former, Hero”

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