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Chapter 21

The Hero Draws Out The Super M (Magic sword)





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“This is the last one!”


In front of the staircase for descending to the hundredth floor.

A gigantic ice javelin ran into the body of the eight headed dragon, who was blocking our way as the last gatekeeper.




Every head of the dragon simultaneously raised their screams and their heads slowly went to the ground.

Its signs of life perfectly vanished and the road to the hundredth floor is now opened.


“They had some resistance I suppose. I’m slightly burned you know”

“Though it looks like you’re almost unhurt…”


Due to the fire that the dragon breathed, the edges of Isvel’s clothes was a little burnt.

But, that’s all.

Neither me nor Isvel bore any conspicuous injuries.


“Well, with this it means we can go to the lowest floor however”

“We have come this far! This is making me want to blow away each dungeon that doesn’t have anything good!”

“Anything but that please”


I’d like for the hundredth floor to have treasure too, for the sake of not rousing Isvel’s temper.

Nevertheless, the strength of the monsters didn’t visibly increase even when we came this far.

Certainly their ranks are increasing, but it’s at most around one rank from the fiftieth floor.

It doesn’t mean that I know dungeons well, but it’s a little unnatural.

From what I heard, even A rank adventurers seem to have a risk of death against monsters close to the lowest floor of the dungeon.

Although Isvel’s abilities blow them away, is it even possible for us to arrive all the way here unhurt――


“What’s wrong?”

“ … No, never mind”


Is it by chance or not?

For now I should look at the state of the hundredth floor and report if there’s a definite sense of discomfort.

Silvar would likely respond if he’s nearby.


The atmosphere of the hundredth floor clearly differs from the other floors.

There is only one room in the first place.

At the center there’s a pedestal, and stuck there is a sword that’s rusted black.


“Hm, is this all there is here?”

“It looks like it”


I approach the location of the sword and try observing it well.

There’s rust on it, but for some reason I feel a sign of odd magic power drifting about.

A magic sword… and quite the superior one at that.


“There’s rust on it, but it seems to be a good sword. How about we bring it back?”

“ … I guess we can. If it’s this sword then I can likely swing it with all my strength even when it’s rusty”


I hold onto the sword and try pulling it out.

That instant, I felt chilling magic power gushing out.


‘Ku ku ku… that there is someone who has at last arrived at mine location’



I can hear the voice of a woman from somewhere.

――Is it from this sword?


‘Consider it an honor! To be able to become an object to represent this magic sword――’

“How noisy, this sword”


Before we followed its sentence to the end, Isvel kicked away the sword on the pedestal.

Being too quickly blown off from the pedestal, the sword pierced into a nearby wall like that.

Thanks to that, my hand that was grasping the sword became a little numb.


“ … Aren’t you being too violent?”

“But it called you an object to represent her and such you know? It’s in need for some punishment”

“Well, it’s fine since you helped me out though”


I understood that that sword held malice and tried to occupy my body.

It probably must be aiming for making a nursery out of a person and endlessly siphoning off one’s magic power, which is the source of its strength.

It’s certain that it was my fault for thoughtlessly coming in contact with it, but nevertheless, we get this after coming this far?

That the reward the adventurer would finally get their hands on after all the hardships to get to the lowest floor to be a trap… That must be why the monsters haven’t been strong so far.

People who are strong in magic power or physically strong are more efficient for turning into a nursery.

That said, if they raised the difficulty level to one where nobody would come this far, then that would just make anyone be unable to come this far.


“What shall we do, Adel? Are we going back already?”

“Your face is saying you want to go back you know”


The expression is showing on Isvel’s face.

It seems I made her expect too much from the information I gave her beforehand.

Going back like this will make even me feel like I lost.

What to do――


‘Hey! Human! Do not think you are finished just by doing something like this to me! Do you hear me!? Draw me out of here at once!’




What a noisy sword that is.

Never mind if it’s a magic sword or not, I wonder if I should just bring it back.


‘It is an honor to be selected by this one you know! I am the magic sword of a legend that has been handed down for several centuries, Echsdarc you know!’ (エクスダーク;ekusudaaku)

“Isvel, you ever heard of that?”

“Exdark? Never heard of it”



The sword is really noisy.

I slowly approach the pierced sword and once again grab it.


‘Y- you utter fool! You grasped me did you not? Allow me to usurp you then!’


I felt dark nerves like things penetrating me from my arm which grabbed the sword.

So it makes its way through my whole body like this and manipulate me is it?

But if it’s just this much――




I scorch the penetrating nerves by manipulating the magic power inside my body.

It’s a skill I learned in the olden days in order to fight demons who cast curses.

I purify the evil things entering my body with sacred magic power that’s characteristic to Heroes.

You can say it like that, but in short it’s a technique that explosively consumes magic power inside the body and crush curses and invaders with the energy brought forth from that.

You can do it even if you aren’t a Hero, but if you magic power quantity isn’t in a different league, then you would end up causing magic power exhaustion.


‘What? What?’

“It looks like your performance as a sword is certain, so yes. You’re going to let me take you home”


If I end it with this, then my nerves will be reached out again, so it won’t have any meaning.

I pour the magic power, which I still have enough of, into the magic sword.


‘Awawawawa! What is this, what is this!?’


If it is a superior sword, then it should be able to endure my magic power.

I cause the same thing I caused inside my body on the sword

It’s a method to paint out evil things with your own magic power.

The magic sword is filled and its appearance changed by my magic power.

First, the rust on the sword blade was split off and the jet black blade got exposed.

And the magic stone that was attached on the grip part had been dark and muddy, but it became transparent white.


“Purification complete”

‘Kuh, the humiliation…! That this one would be ruled by a human…!’

“No, it’s not like I’m ruling――”

‘You too will be playing with me after all, just like the first generation demon lord, are you not!? Like children imitating fencing with fallen branches!’

“I’m telling you, what are you tal――”

‘However, I will never yield to humans! Only my heart I shall never let you controoolll!’


The instant the magic sword shouted, it was blown off my hand along with a high-pitched sound.

It looks like Isvel kicked it away again.


“It’s seriously noisy isn’t it”

‘Being tormented excites me, but your kicks hurt normally though!?’


It was the worst self-introduction.

I’ve seen several swords where a spirit was dwelling in, but this is the first time I met a sword that chatters this noisily.

Don’t you think its character is too warped?




I once pull out the magic sword that’s stuck again.

And then, I noticed that the magic sword have said something I can’t overlook.


“Come to think of it, didn’t you say first generation demon lord?”

‘The first generation demon lord was mine first master. I joined that woman when she lived and scattered terror’


This dungeon has some screws loose.

By no means did I think that the punchline was something like the first generation demon lord having created it.


“First generation demon lord…Hmm”

“Isvel, do you remember anything?”

“As you have expected, there’s too much difference in our generations… But I think it was in a book somewhere――could you possibly be the god slayer?”


The moment she asked the question, the magic sword raised a voice of delight.


‘Ooh! You lass know of me! Before I thought of the name Echsdarc, I was called the Godslayer!’

“ … You’re joking aren’t you?”


In contrast to the delightful magic sword, Isvel showed a dumfounded expression on her face.

Was it something that would give her that much of a shock?


“The Godslayer, you see, is a legendary sword that’s said to have killed the god who was using the first generation demon lord. Its authenticity is unknown, but it isn’t something you don’t know of if you’re a demon, you know”

‘ ‘tis a fact I have killed a god, you know? Although I say so, it was a low grade god that was believed by a small religious organization’

“You serious?”


Your au naturel is coming out, you know Isvel.


“Adel, we just discovered one ridiculous thing”

“ … It turned more and more into something we can’t possibly leave as is”


I draw out the sword I picked up some time ago from its scabbard and put the magic sword in its place.

As for the empty pedestal, I thrust the sword I obtained from the treasure chest in it.

Having nothing on the pedestal is unnatural after all.

I can’t deceive them though.


‘ ‘tis a scabbard of poor quality. But, I shall allow it! I will be completely ruled and treated crudely by my new master! ‘Tis the sad and pitiful lot of a magic sword! Haa… haa…’

“I wonder if I should seriously leave this sword behind”


I already regret putting her in the scabbard.

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