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Chapter 86

Shooting Star




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<Decoy>. That was the spell Tia used this time.

By harvesting the genes of the target, one can copy the spitting image of said figure and reproduce up to a certain degree of their physical ability. It is impossible to see through it if one does not have great observing eyes.

At the very least it is natural to not be able to see through it for Ripper, who did not know anything about Glain.


“Now then, how about you tell me what you are. You don’t want to die at that age do you?”



Glain’s sword was pressed to Ripper’s head and a string of blood was flowing.

Tia too constantly raised her magic power and was in a posture where she could release a powerful spell at any time.

There were no longer any place for her to escape.



“ …it”


“I hate it… I hate not being able to kill youーーーーーーーー!”


Glain’s action was precise.

He cut off the carotid artery of Ripper, who began to try acting violent, with the sword that was pressed on her.

No, to be accurate, he tried to bisect her head.


(What is this!? It felt like I was slicing off iron!?)


If he had the mind to do it, he could easily do something like cutting metal.

However, as exactly stated “if he had the mind to do it.” A sword that tried to cut off soft flesh was unable bisect Ripper who is able to transform her body into a sacred sword.


“Ah… ah… lots of red”


Even so, the carotid artery was cut.

Large amounts of blood spilled on the red carpeted floor. Ripper was stumbling.

It was already supposed to be a fatal wound, but Glain felt a helplessly “bad premonition” to that appearance.


(It’ll be bad if I don’t kill her here…!)

“Aah! Die already! KILL!”


<Drawn sword>――――――――――――

Having murmured that, Ripper’s body shone.

What was there when the dazzling light was settled, was Ripper’s figure who had grown various shapes of swords from her whole body.

Each of the lovely sword blades were claimed to be famous swords comparable to legends.


“There are no wounds… did she reconstruct her whole body?”


Tia invoked her magic eye and analysed the instant her appearance changed.

Glain and the others did not know, but calling the sacred swords <magic swords> that possess some divine powers would be accurate.

They are only called a sword with magic power and they possess large amounts of magic power.

And the <Drawn Sword>’s principle itself is similar to the <Limit Break> called by humans.

As a result, Tia’s eyes could see large amounts of magic power moving.

That Ripper’s magic power were temporarily disordered and that it reconstructed her.



“Gh! Tia!”


That speed, even Glain barely followed her with his eyes.

If Tia had not made sure to deploy a magic barrier, countless swords would have gone through her body.

However, the impact was immeasurable when her body was blown with that speed.

Naturally, a light human being like Tia could not hold out and could only be blown away.


“Th- there is a barrier you know…!?”


Glain was surprised by the fact the barrier, which was there in order to kill off the impact, was not being able to accomplish any of its intention.

The blown off Tia collided with the wall several meters behind her and turned the surrounding walls into rubble.

Being pinned under that rubble, there were no signs of her moving.

Glain rushed over to her as soon as he could, but the merciless sacred sword did not allow that.


“One moore!”



Running around the floor, Ripper attacked him from all directions.

Glain could no longer follow the excessive speed with his eyes and he somehow handled her movements through prediction that came from experience and intuition.


(The situation is getting worse and worse…! I have to do something)

“Aah! I hate it I hate it! I hate not being able to CUUT!”



<Sword Grove>――――――――――――

Ripper put her hands on the floor.

After a moment of vibration upon doing so, objects identical to the swords grown on her body leaped from the floor where Glain was standing.


“Below me…!”


Glain jumped in order to separate himself from Ripper.




The swords grew as if to chase after Glain and drew near in order to skewer him.

Having judged that continuing to flee would not be a good plan, he daringly broke into a run.


“If they’re chasing after me, then I can just go around!”


With feet strengthened by magic power, he ran in order to draw a circle around Ripper.

The swords continued to chase after him as usual, but the instant he went around to her back, Glain used his blade on Ripper.

While she had her hands on the floor, she did not try to intercept.


“I got――――――――――――”

“I~diot! <Sword mountain>”



From Ripper’s surroundings, swords protruded.

He promptly protected his vitals taking in the swords, but being unable to defend all of the gathered swords, several swords went through Glain’s body.

The sword blades did not stop its stretching and raised Glain in the air.

Being stuck, he could only cough up blood in mid-air.


“Gahah… I’m beaten now, I guess”

“Cuut, CUUT”



Ripper struck the swords that were going through Glain.

The vibrations were transmitted and tormented him who had wounds all over his body.

His beloved sword was repelled at the time he protected his vitals, so now he no longer had any weapons either.


“Come down and be cut!”


The stretched swords went to return to its original sizes.

Meaning that simultaneously Glain’s body would approach the floor.

Ripper grew a sword at the place of his heart.


“Gi~mme your heart”



She showed a simple-minded and mad smile.

Giving him the shivers, cold sweat ran through Glain’s face.

And then, the extending sword reached his armor――――――――――


“I’m asking you anytime now…Tia!”

“Aye aye sir~”



A fireball directly hit Ripper’s body, blowing her away to the side.

In that gap, Glain grasped and with all his strength, he broke the swords restricting him.

Having gone down on the floor so as to not hit the extending swords, he immediately went on his knees and roughly began regaining his breath.


“If you could do that, then you could’ve just done so from the beginning”

“I didn’t have that kind of opportunity you know… It took my all to even just damage her”


Tia stepped up to him and peeked at his hand.

Both Glain’s hands were stained with blood.

With this he could not expect enough strength to grasp a sword.


“And so… are you done preparing?”

“ ‘Course, I’m good anytime”


Tia, while stained with dust, made a thumbs up with a reliable expression.


“Don’t get in my way---! CUT!”

“I’m afraid it’s already the end. You won’t be able to kill us”


Compared to Ripper who came glaring with an expression of anger, Tia replied with the usual lack of expression.

And then, when she put her hands together in a smooth movement, she muttered one phrase.


“<Limit Break>”


Tia’s magic power swelled up.

The feet of Ripper, being pushed back by her pressure, reflexively came to a halt.

And then, the fact she came to stop her feet this time――――――――――――


―――――――――――Was the greatest cause of her defeat.


“The ultimate state of magi, <Infinity Heart>”


Magic power that went visible spat out from the central part of Tia, whirling around her.

It would be appropriate to call that amount of magic power “in a different league.”

The current her exceeds even the magic power of that Setsu and Touma.


“Ugh, irritatingーー! Cut! CUTCUT!”




A flame lance that suddenly appeared made a direct hit to the abdomen of Ripper who tried to rush out.


“Boom, boom”

“Gyah! Ou-!”


A chasing Ice lance and thunder lance hit the blown away girl.


“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom”

“Gih! Gya! Gu! Ugh! Gueh!”


It was like a scene where she was continuously hit by cannon shots.

Each time Tia waved her finger, the lance series spells, which are specialized in power, took form and attacked Ripper.

The baffling part of that would the part where it would impact simultaneously whenever she waved her finger.

By nature, spells are built up by aria or arialess and it is cast by speaking its name.

In other words, if one does not undergo several processes, the spell would not be cast.

In her case, she ignored the whole process and was unleashing spells in short intervals.

No doubt, that figure of hers was no doubt the “ultimate state of magi.”

It was the place magicians have their eyes on, the ideal form.


“What do you mean, ultimate state of magi… You’re just forcibly hardening enormous magic power, randomizing the attribute and ignoring the process aren’t you? It sure is unexpected, but you can do it since your magic power is gushing forth like spring water”


If one were to represent the current Tia’s status with an example, she would be closest to the status of a boxer who just doesn’t think of anything but throwing their fists, without thinking at all whether they would use their right or left fist, twist their fist and in what angle to drive in.

Moving their right and left arm as they please and according to the time, the twist and angle would change.

In other words, the current Tia is just recklessly pushing out her fist.

The process and considerations had no connection to that, she was only attacking, without thinking about anything.


“Ugh… it’s become painful…”

“This place is getting small. Let’s go outside”

“No! I will kill you here!”

“Listen to what others say”



Dozens of lance series spells appeared and continuously assaulted Ripper.

Her body was pushed to the back in each direct hit and it commenced its chase even when her back was on the wall.

The time it exceeded hundred, or two hundred and the demon castle was was finally unable to bear it, with Ripper’s body being blown outside.

Even when she was thrown out in mid air, the spells did not stop.

This time, the flame lances directly hit her from below and launched her up, like she was being rescued.

Several dozens of lances continued afterwards and Ripper was stuck floating in the air, far away in the skies.


“Noー! I don’t like this placeー!”


There was nothing in the vicinity. This situation would be Ripper’s greatest weak point.

A place with obstacles and ground would be the best terrain for her style.

However, here was the sky, terrains be damned.


“This is what I held in reserve. I will show you something good in the end”


Tia raised both her hands.

Her appearance there was not one like before, where she was crudely attacking.

A delicate and beautiful magic circle was assembled at the tip of her field of vision.

Above the clouds, at the blue stretching sky.


“This is the end. Star magic――――――――<Shooting Star>”


It suddenly appeared.

Brushing away the clouds and dropping directly down, that was no doubt a meteorite.

Its size was enough to flatten the entirety of the demon king castle…



“Bye bye”


With no means to try anything, Ripper collided with the meteorite.

The temperature that stone possessed burned the girl’s body.

Ripper was screaming, especially at the beginning, but her voice gradually turned softer and became inaudible before long.

What remained was just the meteorite that was dropping down straight to the castle.


“Is this… going to be alright?”

“It is alright, I can erase it”


When Tia once again held up her hands, the meteorite turned into a lump of magic power, dispersed and vanished.

And that moment, Tia crumbled down.

When Glain reflexively caught her and looked into her face, he saw her eyes were closed and her chest was going up and down painfully.


“ … I knew this isn’t something you can really use, since you become like this every time”

“I seriously can’t… do this anymore…”

“*sigh*… you can say that again”


Glain spurred on his pained body and headed to the upper floor while carrying Tia on his back.



At the time Glain and co were battling Ripper… On the upper floors of the demon king castle was――――――――


“Huumm… It appears Ripper has lost hasn’t she… This looks bothersome to do”


In the thin corridor where explosive flames and black smoke were drifting about stood Brad and Elka, and also a man clad in a red robe.


“Oops, pardon me. My name is <Explosive Flame sword Xplode>. As the foothold to mankind’s downfall, allow me to blow you up from this warrior’s stronghold”


The second unforeseen sacred sword assaulted them――――――――――――

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