Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Idle talk 6

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Vol 8 Idle talk 6

[8-9] Alice, spending her daily life in the pioneer land


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[8-9] means of course that this happens during vol 8 chapter 9



The next day after the pioneer land’s first harvest festival and Alice’s birthday party was performed.


Alice was loitering around the residents who each began their respective work.

On her clothes that was created in this world, on her chest was a cloth corsage she got as a birthday present. It was a mild autumn weather, but a fox scarf was wrapped around her neck.


Alice took along Kotarou as her attendant and stood grinningly near the dogkins Marcel and Mark who were doing farmwork. She wanted to boast about her presents, but it was not something she herself would say. They were a girl’s complicated feelings.


Marcel and Mark noticed her appearance and exchanged their morning greetings. “Oh, Alice-chan, you’re wearing the muffler aren’t you! It suits you,” Marcel praised. Alice suddenly broke into a smile.

Mark became bashful seeing that face. Before Mark could say anything in the end, Alice briskly went away. Mark dropped his shoulders, crestfallen. Alice-chan, you’re cute, he murmured softly. Of course that did not reach Alice’s ears. Kotarou looked over her shoulder as if to tell him “do your best”. Mark’s prime of his life was still far away it seems.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Alice’s next target was the woodworker Thomas and his assistant team who were being zealous in the construction of the assembly hall/residential complex.

The walls and roof being complete, the craftsmen had begun with the interior design. A wooden residential building with a large room made in the center. Currently they seem to be working on the boarding of the floor. Alice and Kotarou showed their faces from the entrance.


“Oh, Alice-chan, hello. Do you have some business here -su?”


Thomas, who was in the middle of his work, noticed Alice and called out to her without delay. Incidentally, Alice peeked in by showing only her face, so neither the muffler nor the corsage was visible from Thomas’s perspective. It seems her purpose became too unclear.


“Hello Mr Thomas! Uhm you see, I was wondering if there’s anything I can help you with, so yeah!”


I came to show off my presents, is what Alice did not say. She didn’t want to say it herself, but wants them to smoothly notice and praise her. It’s a girl’s troubleso… I mean, complex feelings.


“Let’s see -su… Ah, that’s right, I’ve tried building the fireplace Mr Yuuji taught me and I’ve spread out the ashes, but I’d like to try burning the firewood for a bit -su. Alice-chan, will you set fire to it for me -su?”


At the center of the large room, there exist a square cavity that was created by cutting the floorboards. The fireplace was also of earthenware. On a closer look, the top of the roof right above the fireplace seemed to be covered not by wooden boards, but by wilted plant-like things. They seemed to have taken in the fireplace and thatched roof-like roof on Yuuji’s advice.

One might say, they seem to be preparing to close it up with boards if it didn’t go well.


“Okaay” Alice said as she raised her hand and briskly headed to the center of the room. Kotarou too chased after her, seemingly interested in it.

Thomas placed firewood at the center of the fireplace and then “Now, if you will -su” called out to Alice. Who took those words and moved was Kotarou. She put her foreleg on the foot of Alice, who was squatting in front of the fireplace. As if to urge caution by saying “Alice, don’t overdo it okay?” She was an attentive woman. She was a dog though.




Together with Alice’s yell, a small fire was born. It was an ignition spell that’s categorized in life spells. Even Alice seems to be bearing the place in mind. She was an attentive woman. She was a primary school girl though.


The tiny fire that hit the firewood remained at that place. Eventually the fire changed by the firewood and began to burn.

Without a moment’s delay, Thomas ascertained the sidewalls of the fireplace, the destination of the smoke. He nodded greatly and showed a smiling face to Alice. It appears to be a success.


“Good, it looks to be good! Wait, Alice-chan, the flower and muffler suit you well doesn’t it -su. Ah, could it be that you came here to show that to us -su?”


It seems Thomas finally noticed Alice’s corsage and muffler. His success in punctually praising her was splendid, but the one unnecessary line spoiled it. Come to think of it, this man was also a bachelor.

Alice smiled delightfully, but Kotarou at her feet simply shook her head, going “Good grief.”


Moving on. Where Alice headed to now, was the work tent of the two seamstresses. The former adventurers party headed to lumber trees, so they were absent.

Hardening her decision “I have to properly thank them,” she turned over the entrance to the tent with a thud.


“Comiing, oh, if it isn’t Alice-chan. Oooh, you’ve put the corsage and muffler on for us too, didn’t you. Yup, it suits you well”


After noticing Alice entering, the male seamstress, Valleri, was sharp-sighted, discovered Alice and spoke to her. It seems Valleri, who was also the maker, noticed the corsage and muffler immediately. As expected of a newly-wed. He did not find out the meaning of the words of proposal after discussing with Yuuji however.


“Yup, Alice-chan, it’s good! But if it’s like this, then it’s that right? That the corsage is unbleached cloth is regrettable, isn’t it… So, with colored cloth, no wait…”


On the other hand, Yurshel saw Alice’s appearance and pondered out loud. She must be what is called ‘inspired.’


“Ah, that’s right Alice-chan! Can I have some of your time?”


Without waiting for Alice’s answer, Yurshel pulled Alice’s hand and went further in the tent. Unconcerned with Alice tilting her head, Yurshel touched Alice’s upper body with pats. They are fellow women. It is safe.

Kotarou barked. Geez, what do you think you are doing? She seemed to be saying.


“Yup, it’s no problem even if there’s nothing. But if that’s how it is, then I can’t have you help I guess… Ah, that’s right Valleri, get out for a bit. Since I have something to talk to a fellow girl like Alice-chan”


“Eh, what’s wrong?” Valleri could not understand. But Kotarou continuously pushed his leg with her head. Come on, come on, it’s time for some girls talk, is what she seemed to be saying.

While not understanding it well, Valleri said “the- then, I’ll be outside, alright?” and left.


And then, who were inside the tent were Yurshel, Alice and Kotarou. Only women. No, Kotarou is a female though.

“Listen, Alice-chan, girls you know,” Yurshel began talking.

It appears that she drove out the man and was conducting the otherworld version of the educational that, which was held gender specifically in modern japan’s primary school, to Alice who welcomed her age of nine.


On that subject, there were three adult women in this pioneer land, which is the catkin Nina, one of the former adventurer party and the seamstress Yurshel. Kotarou was a dog after all. Yurshel watched the state of Yuuji and the other two women and seemed to have understood that the one who could teach Alice-chan could be none other than herself. It was keen insight.


The next day after receiving her ninth birthday. In this way, Alice ascended another step on the stairway to adulthood.


It was a peaceful daily life in the pioneer land.

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