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Chapter 22

The Hero Apologizes




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By the time we escaped from the dungeon, the area has turned completely dark.

As a result of having discovered a transfer spell connected to the outside after we tried to closely examine the hundredth floor, we finished it without having to go up hundred floors.

When we went back to the entrance to the dungeon after being transferred to a nearby forest, we perceived a situation where adventurers were gathered for some reason.


“Did something happen?”

“Hm? Aah, I heard that a hole has been opened in the dungeon’s floor and it looks like the lower floor monsters have tried to climb to the upper floors. It seems that right now clans of B rank or higher are working hard in filling the hole”

“ … So that was it”

“That’s why it’s blocked now. I thought about earning some precious pocket money, but I came here for nothing”

“I see, thanks…”


After hearing the story from a nearby adventurer, I returned to Isvel while taking care not to change my expression.


“So what did he say?”

“He said that the dungeon’s interior is in chaos because of a hole that a certain somebody broke open”

“Mh! … so that’s what happened”

“The next time we dive into a dungeon, no more cunning deeds alright?”

“I know”


No matter how often I see it, I just can’t get used to the picture of a demon lord reflecting on things.

It’s helpful that I know how she’s really thinking though, thanks to her being honest.


‘So the shock I felt when I was sleeping below was you, wasn’t it! You have behaved irresponsibly! As one would expect from the present term demon lord!’

“I told you I’m no longer a demon lord!”


Shouting that word here is bad.

We may be separated from the crowd of people, but we don’t know if we’re listened to by anyone anywhere after all.


“Don’t talk too loudly! Let’s go!”

‘What, worry not, my main lord. Mine voice is not heard by anyone but those I want it heard!’

“Randomly convenient, aren’t you”



I spoke in a way that made it doubtful whether I praised her or not, but it seems Echsdarc likes it.


‘Main lord, you may consider using only I! After all, you are the first person who could not be ruled by me beside the first generation demon lord!’

“Oh, was it… Well, I’ll use you to the utmost then”


I lightly poke Echsdark’s grip.

She has purpose even outside battle, so I feel like she will be keeping me company for a long time from now on.


“Shall we not go back for now? I am already very worn out”

“Sure we can. Let’s sell the gems and such tomorrow.


Isvel probably still has some room physically, but I can see she’s tired psychologically.

To be specific, she seems extremely let down, probably due to expecting too much from it.

I wish her spirits would return tomorrow.


This day we returned to the inn of which we made our base, cleansed our bodies and immediately went to bed.

Isvel, like usual, had me wash her back. But still, I became a little used to it.

Of course I harbored worldly desires, but it get less if I beat my anger into Echsdarc, who was mocking me about it.

Echsdarc was delighted about it for some reason, but I think I can go meet a relatively good morning thanks to her.


“――For this reason, I’d like to sell these”

“I don’t know for what reason, but why are you telling me this?”

“I thought that if it’s you then you would purchase them without saying anything, so…”

“I do recognize your strength, but I do not remember becoming a general merchant”


Currently, I’ve come to the clan house of the Order of the Silver Wings that’s led by Silvar.

A clan house is a special house given to clans whose achievements have been recognized.

It seems to be more of a plot of land rather than a house to be exact.

The Order of the Silver Wings that’s led by Silvar is well equipped on this land with a clan member dormitory, a workshop for an armful of arms craftsmen and an exclusive merchant store who procure items and such


“Well, please think about it after looking properly at it first”

“ …”


I point at the armor that are lined up in front of Silvar’s eyes.

After looking at me with eyes full of doubt, he dropped his eyes to the armor.

Silvar doubtfully looked at the armor for a while, but the expression of his eyes gradually changed.


“They’re all things I can’t sell in public. But I can have you buy them or sell them off through you”

“ … No need to ask. I can guess somehow”


After Silvar gazed at the spear, shield, helmet and armor once more, he deeply sighed.


“How about one thousand gold coins?”

“Are they that good?”

“ …”


Although she was ripped off, Isvel’s arms were three hundred gold coins.

Three times the price of those equipments, I can’t help being surprised about this.

Even though that was supposed to be the case, Silvar was more surprised than I was.


“*sigh*… If you’re this unaffected by common sense, then there’s no meaning to test you”

“Test me?”

“This level of goods could never be merely one thousand gold. It should be at the very least two thousand coins, no, there should be people who would find more value to them than that.”

“… Really”


I can believe Silvar’s judgment.

This place is Silvar’s own room, but the decorated spare equipments are all first-class.

If he says it’s more than two thousand, then it must really have that much value.


“I did consider you a strange person, but not this much”

“I’m sorry about that, okay?”


I felt like I was called an idiot right in my face, so I’m a little hurt.

Well… he tricked me like this, so I guess he’s not necessarily mistaken though.

I can’t laugh at Isvel with this I guess.


“Well, it’s fine. Taking into account my apologies for deceiving you, allow me make two thousand coins as the bottom line and add as much as you desire. I do not wish for you to take this elsewhere”

“Is that so… then one thousand coins is good”

“Are you saying this truthfully? Not in the meaning of adding thousand coins to the two thousand?”

“Yes, one thousand coins is plenty. I understand from your explanation that I’m suffering a loss, but the remaining part will be for hush money and―― for the ”I’m looking forward to working with you” part”



Silvar exited the room once and came back holding a leather bag.

From the fact that it’s making metallic sound, its contents must be gold coins


“There’s a thousand gold coin in it. I will not hear of it even if you withdraw from now on. Because it would be outrageous to let a king exert double the effort.”

“I won’t be withdrawing, I would instead thank you”


I accept the profoundly heavy leather bag and throw it inside the magic bag without even counting.

I’m already believing in him this much, so there’s no meaning if I even doubt the number of coins.


With this, it resulted in us obtaining a total of thirteen hundred gold coins, together with the three hundred Isvel had in the beginning.

A plot of land and house is fifteen hundred, so there’s two hundred coins remaining.

Well, we would have achieved our quota if I had accepted two thousand coins, but Isvel told me not to.

It seems she didn’t want to think we gathered the gold coins thanks to Silvar.

We still have the normally sellable magic stones and there’s also the quest we got from Leona, so money-wise there won’t be a problem――though, I’m surprised he is refusing that much.

There probably are things a king cannot yield as a king I guess.


“Then, I’ll leave the equipments there, alright? Please use them freely or distribute them to your subordinates”



I stand up and head to the door to leave the room behind.

But when I put my hand on the door, Silvar called out to me.


“Can I tell you one thing before you return?”

“Hm? What is it?”

“There is something I understood regarding that red and blue robed duo”


I turn my head.

With a face more serious than before, Silvar approached me.

Grasped in his hands was a scrap of paper.


“Look. Information on a certain organisation is put in there”

“ …”


I look over the scrap of paper.

Written there was about the [Rainbow Association].

Officially they’re an organisation of peaceful activities by seven messengers who gathered at the end of the rainbow, aiming for peace.

They express that demons, humans, demihumans, every life are equal and have equal value.

But their true state seems to be that they perform lab experiments on demons, humans and, to a degree, demihumans, aiming to bring forth new weapons.


“With these weapons as a deterrent, they shall make peace to the whole world――is what they’re not likely doing I guess”

“Yes. Their purpose must perhaps be world domination, disregarding both the demon lord and Hero. I have discovered the fact that the reason that information came forth immediately when I investigated in the adventurers guild was because they’re proceeding their studies even on the country’s side”

“We encountered quite the celebrities, didn’t we”

“We were told we may be the first to have seen their figures firsthand. In short, it means they haven’t grasped their true natures at all. Seeing that you also have a connection to this, be plenty cautious”

“To think that you would be concerned over me…”

“Worrying over his retainers should be natural as a king”

“Huh? Since when have I become your retainer?”

“All the people I recognize are equally my retainers. Consider it an honor”


What a despotic man.

I felt happy that I was recognized and in some aspects mortifying too.

I guess in the end, I was wrong that Silvar isn’t a bad man.

There were many moments where I was recognized as a [Hero], but it’s only recently that [Adel] was recognized after all.

Isvel, Silvar… and tentatively Leona too I guess.

That I was recognized, not the Hero, is not bad either.


“There is one last thing I will impart to you. It is about the recent abnormal propagation of the orcs”

“ … You say the rainbow association is even related to that?”

“Let us say it is likely. It is simply a prediction. I say perhaps, you see, seeing the man who called himself Red was accompanied by large amount of orcs”

“It’s not an impossible argument I guess…”

“I have heard from the lion woman called Leona that you also be participating on an orc subjugation quest. If you once again confront Red――”

“Today’s the first time I heard the contents of the quest you know…? Well, I’m absolutely going to kill him, so please wait with a peace of mind, my king”

“ …Hmph”


I exited from Silvar’s room.

If I were to encounter him the next time, Red will unmistakably come attack us.

Only he and I will have to settle the dispute I guess.

About the tenacious looking Red.

It feels like he would chase after me, even if I sneakily return to the village.

This prediction of mine is surely correct.

I will settle the dispute with Red and get a steady retired life.


Incidentally, I ended up being very deep in talk.

It would be nice if Isvel’s mood didn’t turn sour though――


“――You’re late”


“How many minutes do you think you have made me wait! In an away room like this!”

“I- I’m sorry…”


It seems that first I will have to settle a dispute with Isvel, who has been feeling out of place in the lands of the Order of the Silver Wings, before all that.

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