Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Vol 1 Color illustrations

Volume 1 cover

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From left to right: Setsu’s childhood friend:Yuuhi, Ice earth magic swordswoman: Elka Versoe, Hero Setsu: Setsu

Elka: I am master Setsu’s Property after all.
Yuuhi: Pro, property!?

Desastre hugging Setsu

Demon king: Desastre Seleinau
Desastre: Setsu! I am still pure! If you wish for it, then a wedding at the very least…….

Training between Elka and Yuuhi

Elka: Miss Yuuhi! Please pay more attention to your output!
Yuuhi: Ye- yes! Teacher Elka!

Yuuhi looking in the sky

Yuuhi: …Yuki-kun. I’ll do my best so……