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Chapter 20

The Hero Obtains a Substitute




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“Hm, the structure didn’t change much did it”

“Yeah. But be careful”

“Hm? Against what?”

“The place may seem similar, but I heard that there’s a place in front of the staircase where a large monster is stationed at, that’s why”


When we stepped into the large plaza in front of the staircase, I felt magic power gathering from out of nowhere.

The magic power, that began to gather at the center of the plaza, produced a creature with a single mass.


“Oh Adel, it seems the rumors are true”

“… It would’ve been nice if it was a rumor though”



What was born after the magic power had gathered was a minotaur-like monster with pitch-black skin.

The minotaur is a monster with an ox head, muscular body and ox hooves as feet.

Its overall-length exceeds 4 meters and some also have an axe or a greatsword.

However, the skin of minotaurs are covered in fur and originally should appear brown.

The outward appearance of the monster before our eyes is pitch black while having the appearance of a minotaur.

And the suspiciously shining red eyes is what distinguishes it.

I wonder if we could even call it a minotaur subspecies――


“It’s coming Adel”



The minotaur let an enormous axe manifest in one of his hands and swung it downwards like that.

Although we avoided it easily, a large part of the ground where the axe had hit broke.

At this point in time, I understood the difference in strength between Isvel and the minotaur.


“It’s not so strong either isn’t it. Adel, separate yourself from me a little”

“Sorry for leaving it to you alright?”

“I don’t mind. Besides, you are unarmed”


――Now that she mentioned it, my sword was broken.

While that may be true, it is not like I can’t fight, but it’s quicker to be quiet here and leave it to Isvel.


“Ice golem”


When Isvel put up her hands, a statue of ice of a size much larger than even the minotaur materialized behind her.

The ice statue only had an upper body and fists grew from both sides of what looks like shoulders.


“Do it”


Responding to Isvel who pointed towards the minotaur, the golem swung his fist.

The minotaur, who rushed while raising a war cry, recklessly plunged into it as is.

I don’t think it has any reasoning.

He doesn’t seem to be interested in anything but merely killing us.


“Foolish cow”


The conclusion was nothing short of a disappointment.

The fist that the golem pushed out caught the minotaur’s whole body.

It broke the axe it held aloft and blew it away by crushing its flesh and breaking its bones.

The minotaur-turned-meat was thrown into the wall, which changed its unsightly figure even more.


“Reasonless beings cannot hope to win against me”

“ …what a dreadful woman”

“I’ll take it as words of praise”


The golem Isvel produced dispersed.

Like always she uses outrageous ice black magics.

Ice black magic is not included in the five elemental attributes of fire, water, earth, wind and lightning, and they’re black magics which is made difficult to learn due to its eternally scarce users.

Rather than that, those who could use ice black magics have presently been only successive demon lords.

And among those successive demon lords, Isvel exceeds them all if we were to speak only of the force of their black magics.

I had also been tormented by this ice statue.


“Hmph, if we go with this rate, then we will likely cross over the lower floor easily as well”

“Don’t let down your――”

“I know. It’d be good if I’m firmly careful right?”


Isvel said and puffed out her chest.

Only her saying it seems unrefined.

I feel presence of magic power covering over Isvel’s surroundings.

The current Isvel should be proof against surprise attacks.

Even if they try approaching from however many blind spots, she will sense their presence and it’ll be over for them.


“It doesn’t look like you need my concern, I guess. Well then”

“Let us go then!”


So we descended to the lower floor.

Towards the seventy first floor where nobody has explored as of yet.




Isvel muttered seemingly bored while freezing an attacking spider monster with one hand.

Around two more hours has passed since then, we are currently on the eighty fifth floor.

The monsters has become considerably stronger, but they haven’t reached the stage of being a threat to us yet.

Instead, due to the reactionless monsters, Isvel’s face ended up turning towards displeasure.


“Like, is there no one who could make me groan!?”

“I’ll be worried if there is. It will make it difficult to progress too”

“I’ve been thinking like this for a while now, but you are unmotivated! Won’t you consider living your life more passionately?”

“I considered retiring because I hated that though…”


I have used up the fuel to live passionately long time ago.

Now it’s already burnt to cinders.


“ … Well, that is fine. But not getting any big treasure, what is the meaning of that!?”

“How should I even know!?”

“Aren’t we getting nothing but arms!? I’m not wishing for things like these, not even a single bit!”


We have descended fifteen floors, so we have discovered treasure chests accordingly.

However, due to each and every contents being full of weapons and armor unnecessary for us, we hardly collected any and left the treasure chest as is.

We’re collecting magic stones and the like that was inside of it from time to time, but if we leave the contents of the treasure chest behind, then it will erase the traces of people having come there after all.

Subjugating the monsters guarding the floors can’t be helped, but there are many mysteries in the dungeon in the first place.

If the guard is gone from the seventieth floor, then they would think of that as a specification of the dungeon itself――probably.


“This treasure chest doesn’t have any great things in it either way, right?”


Isvel kicked open the newly discovered treasure chest.

What was inside was a large magic stone and a sword put in a scabbard.

I’ve been thinking about this the whole time, but being put in a scabbard is too thorough.

It’s just that there are times where it doesn’t have any, I don’t quite understand where their norm is for that.


“Are you collecting only the magic stone again?”

“ … No, this time it’ll be this one”


I take the sword out of the treasure chest and close the cover.

When I try to look at the sword, I can confirm there is a gem embedded on the grip.

This is proof that this sword is a magic sword with magic put into it.

I expect an improvement in sharpness and rise in durability level by magic power, but some of the swords possess additional effects like fire coming out after swinging it.

It looks like I can expect this sword to simply have sharpness enhancement and rise in durability level.


“This one I can bring with me for a while I guess”

“How should I put this…  It look shabby when I think that this is the current appearance of the Hero who cornered me”

“Leave me alone”


I fasten the sword together with the scabbard on my waist and fix it.

This one seems useful until I leave the dungeon.


“Shall we go then? If we carry on like this, then we may be able to get to the hundredth floor”

“There should be something good in the lowest floor I guess”


Without any changes, we walked towards the next floor


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