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Chapter 85

Demon King Castle Assault




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“A bright red flower when I slice off the head~ Coming out gush gush, cutcut”


Demon king castle entrance.

One can only enter the castle, which was surrounded by a canal, by passing the bridge in the front.

A lone girl approached the soldiers who were standing to protect that bridge.


“Hm? Little lady, you’re human? It’s dangerous to be in a place like this you know?”

“Fresh meatーcutcut!”



The soldier, who talked gently to her, died with his head bidding farewell to his body.


“Wha!? You!”

“Lots to cutcut!”



The two soldiers who rushed up after seeing that, were sliced vertically in half and died.


“E- Enemy attack――――――――――――”



The soldier who broke into a run to inform of the emergency, was turned into pieces and died without realizing.

The clothes on her chest and her shorts were stained and her black pigtail hair was dyed a darkish color with that spurt of blood.


“Ahaa… A loot of flowers… more, moore”


The girl, while swinging, crossed over the bridge, where pieces of flesh were scattered about, and entered the castle.



There was a reception room in the demon king castle.

Glain, Elka, Tia and also Brad were gathered in this room.


“Now then, what shall we do from now on?”


There were no people in this room who could respond immediately to the question Glain asked.

Demon king Desastre and Sea god Levia were currently unconscious due to having their blood and powers taken by Creasyl.

Yuuhi was disordered and was not in a condition to get out of her room.

All beastmen present went on the reinforcement boat and temporarily returned to their country in order to think about a counterplan with their country.

Ides and Lily of the five great demon generals had been completely recovered from their injuries, but they were out in order to clean up the battlefield.

The ones who could currently discuss fairly were only the four in this room.

No, it was three to be accurate.


“Elka… Elka!”

“ …Yes?”


Even when Glain called her, Elka’s response was very weak.

Her expression shows she’s fatigued and would seem to collapse anytime soon.


“Elka, you don’t have to force yourself. If it is difficult, then rest in your room.”

“ …Are you all… fine with this? That master Setsu… disappeared in front of our eyes…”


Elka recalled the scene of that time and covered her face.

From her perspective, she had come to lose him twice.

The mental shock of that must have been immeasurable.


“It’s difficult you know. During the night I would be sad and my tears would come out. But, I’m trying to forget it. Because at this rate not only Setsu, but also everyone else may disappear”

“ …”


Elka understood Tia’s word inside her mind.

It’s better to think earnestly about what’s before their eyes before grieving. This was a hopelessly sound argument and so Elka’s feelings became frantic in not accepting those words.

Switching over and thinking about fighting despite having her loved one disappear was not something she should be able to do.


“Elka, don’t overdo it. After all, now it’s an exchange of ideas since we can’t come up with a countermeasure. You can just tell us if you have any opinion on this”

“ … I understand”


Elka hung her head and the initiative was completely placed on Brad.


“Good, putting order the current situation first. Creasyl disappeared in front of us, but we don’t know when she will start her attack. And lastly if she attacks, we won’t stand a chance with our current fighting power”

“It doesn’t seem like magic would pass through her. It’s only my impression though”

“I guess it’s not significant enough to test it, that much at least”


Brad pointed his face to the ceiling and closed his eyes.

It was a habit of his whenever he would think about things.

He was working his head as is, but he did not come up with a good idea for this one time as he expected.

Silent thinking wrapped up the four.

That time, hurried sounds approached from the corridor outside.


“Lord Brad! Is Lord Brad here!?”

“Calm down, what happened?”


Who violently opened the door to the room and rushed inside was a soldier patrolling inside the castle.

His hurry was not the usual; sweat was dripping and his whole body was trembling.


“I- it’s an intruder! We could not put even a dent and now she’s moving inside the castle!”

“What did you say… What about her traits?”

“It’s a girl… she’s short and we can’t see her as anything but a child, but she’s cutting up the whole body with puzzling and mysterious attacks…”



From soldier’s manner of trembling, Brad somehow judged the invader’s threat.

And what he thought next is the expectations that facing her alone may be dangerous.

When he looked over his shoulders there, Glain and Tia had already stood up and gone towards him.


“The two of you, come along with――――――――”

“No Brad, we ask you to lead the evacuation of Elka and the other soldiers”

“It’s better if a demon like you would give instructions so we won’t have the damage increase anymore than this”

“But! If you cannot defeat her with the two of you…”


Speaking up to that point, Brad closed his mouth.

The two had already gotten ready for battle.

One should have considerable resolution and persistence to stop this.


“It’s alright. If it is hopeless for us, then we will buy time so get reinforcements please”

“We probably do not need it though”

“ …Alright”


Brad, seeing Elka who was beyond the gazes of the two, answered such.

She was being flustered, without understanding this situation even now.

Leaving her in such condition would be extremely dangerous.


“That that cool woman would turn this way…”

“That’s why we’re entrusting her to you alright?”

“Right, leave it to me”


The two leaped through the room and ran towards the direction the soldier pointed towards.


“Come, we’re going as well”

“Uhm… What is happening right-”

“We will talk later. Come with me for now”


Pulling Elka’s hand, Brad too left the room behind.

That time, they were not aware of the mysterious thunderous roar resounding on a floor higher than where they were in.



“Smell of blood… we’re almost there!”

“She’s here…!”


Beyond the direction of their movement, smell of blood was drifting about.

Something was tumbling, colliding with the corridor.

It was the head of a helmet wearing soldier. There was no body on it, only bright red blood was gushing out of it.




Glain, having a bad feeling about this, readied his sword at once.

When he thought he saw sparks flying around along with a metallic sound resounding, his body was blown off and knocked down into the corridor.


“What is…!”



Tia ran up to him.

Being held up by her, Glain rose his body and established the cause of it.


“His head didn’t fly, chop offーsplatsplat. Ahaa”

“You’re the invader?”

“That’s not my name, I am <Severing Sword Ripper>. Cut, cutcutkillKILL!”


The figure of the young girl who named herself “Ripper,” vanished.

Glain promptly held Tia in his arms and readied his sword horizontally.

Metallic sound once again resounded.

However, this time Glain’s body caught up and instead of being blown off, he switched to locking swords with her.


“That hand…! A full body weapon?”

“Ahih! You stopped me! I can’t cut I can’t cut!”


Unfolding what was locking swords with Glain was the young girl’s hand beyond her elbow.

Even her fingertips were turned into blades and let loose a metal luster.





Tia released a fireball from point-blank range and the sword lock was over with Ripper being blown away.

Taking distance, the two somehow recovered their posture.

Ripper laughed while slowly swinging and staggering.


“It wasn’t effective…”


It was certain she shot a weak spell so they themselves won’t get dragged into it, but receiving a fireball from her, who was human’s strongest class of spellcasters, and not having damage was somewhat of a shock to her.


“Red ball, flickering in front of my eyes… is waarm!”

“Tia get down!”



Tia nodded and got down. At the same time, Glain rushed out and attacked her with his sword clad in magic power.

Ripper drew one sword from the center of her chest and struck him.

The swords of the two met each other.

However this time, it did not make a metallic sound.


“What… is…”

“Ahih, bright red flower. So pretty~”


His sword was bisected and Glain, who had the flash of a sword struck from his head to his crotch, split left and right while scattering large quantities of blood.

Seeing Glain who turned in two, Ripper’s facial expression turned full of smiles and only her laughter resounded in the corridor.

If one were to speak of Tia, who looked at her dead companion without being taken aback…


“That may be a more troubling ability than I thought”


She was… endlessly calm.

That would be on par for the course.

Because Glain… was standing behind Ripper.


“Did you grasp her sportsmanship?”

“Yes, thanks to you of course”



Glain’s sword gleamed.

This time, blood gushed out of Ripper’s back.

Her body fell on the floor.

What was there before was not the bisected Glain, but a mere wooden doll.


“Don’t say anything like it was dirty, alright? We humans will sadly not survive if we don’t use tricks like these, you see?”


Their positions now reversed, Glain’s blade was thrust before Ripper’s head.

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