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Chapter 51.5 Skill integration


[And so, I’m thinking about integrating various skills now.]


<<*clap clap clap*>>


Mio and Dora were playing along with my farce. I was doing this farce after confirming my follower monster’s skills.

All the main members (Sakura, Dora, Mio, Maria and Sera) were present.


[So, master. Could you tell us your policy on skill integration?]

[Aah, alright. First of all, you need enough skill points for the skill integration. That’s why I’m thinking about giving preference in giving integrated skills to the main members here among the first ones. In short, I’m favoring members who associated with me the longest.]

[Oh~ I’m glad I became your subordinate while it was early, Master.]

[That’s right (desuwa). I’m a little happy to receive preferential treatment (desuwa). Although do feel a little bad for the other girls…]


Other members will get them too when we have excess points.


[Secondly, since it will be hard to make all skills level 10, I will be making them level 5 at most. As for the skills in exception to that, we will be using the pre-integrated skills as is.]

[So it means integrated skills will be at level five, and what skills will be higher will differ for each person. …I’m glad. If everyone has <Bow Mastery> level 10, the value of my existence will disappear.]


I picked up the lonesome remark Mio said in a tiny voice at the end. If you say that, then It may end up with ‘Maria alone is OK’ you know?


[Thirdly, since integrated skills can’t grow, each person will also own the pre-integrated skills of those they use often. Oh, Maria will have all the basic skills.]

[Yes, please entrust them to me.]


When they have the skill they use both before and after integration, the higher leveled skill will be given priority and the experience point will be added to the pre-integrated skill points. It’s quite helpful, so possessing both would be fortunate.


[It is something like that I think. Then, let’s start integrating skills.]

[Err, are we going to do the martial art skills first?]


Sakura asked. If I go in order, martial art skills should be first.


[You are right. Let’s start with martial art skills]


Integrated skill : <Martial Arts> =

<Sword Mastery> + <Spear Mastery> + <Blunt Mastery> + <Shield Mastery> + <Bow Mastery> + <Concealed Weapon Mastery> + <Throwing Mastery> + <Unarmed Mastery> + <Axe Mastery> + <Mounted Combat> + <Hammer Mastery> + <Whip Mastery>


[Alright, it is done.]

[Eh? <Assassination> isn’t included in it you know?]

[I’ve decided at my judgment not to add things that are bad for your reputation or education.]


First of all it’s because I didn’t want Dora to learn the assassination skill. The same went for thief-like skills too.


[Well, it’s not something to feel good about learning it either.]

[Lastly, we can’t integrate <Magic Sword> and <Sacred Sword>.]

[The way you said it, Jin-kun, means those are unique skill, aren’t they?]

[Yeah, there seems to be a quite a lot of skills that can’t be integrated. Then, next are the magic skills.]


Integrated skill : <Magic> =

<Fire Magic> + <Water Magic> + <Wind Magic> + <Earth Magic> + <Thunder Magic> + <Ice Magic> + <Light Magic> + <Dark Magic> + <Recovery Magic> + <Life Magic> + <Space Magic> + <No Chant> + <Chanting omission> + <Spirit Magic> + <Spirit Arts> + <Illusion Magic>


[This will allow us to use several hard-to-train magic skills. And also <Non-elemental Magic> and <Sorcery> are unique skills. The race-specific<Draconic Magic> can’t be integrated either.]

[Eh? Why is the number of skill in martial arts fewer than this?]

[You are right. There are a lot of technique-type and body-type after all. So in short, Maria, please gain martial arts type skills.]

[Please leave it to me.]

[I don’t think you can gain them that easily though…]


Look, this is Maria I’m talking about…


[Next are technical skills.]


Integrated skill : <Technique> =

<Compounding> + <Cooking> + <Leadership> + <Inspire> + <Housework> + <Lumbering> + <Hunting> + <Sewing> + <Mining> + <Appraisal> + <Smithing> + <Gardening> + <Horse Riding> + <Etiquette> + <Mercy> + <Language Deciphering> + <Arithmetic> + <Light Foot> + <Magic Tool Creation> + <Cultivation> + <Singing> + <Dancing> + <Calculation> + <Construction> + <Negotiation> + <Conversation> + <Fishing> + <Sculpture> + <Painting> + <Fine Arts>


[That is amazingly numerous.]

[Yeah, it turned surprisingly into quite a number. There’s nothing but skills that are difficult to use if you don’t have a certain amount of knowledge beside the skills. Honestly, I don’t feel any benfit from integrating those skills.]

[Well, I don’t think anyone can master them even if they’re all raised. …Except Maria-chan.]

[You are right. I guess level 3 is enough for all members when it comes to these.]


You can’t really say that it’s insufficient if they all have level 3 when it comes to technique skills. Because there’s nothing but skills that are good if the real specialists reach high levels in them.


[Oh, come to think of it, I couldn’t integrate <Monster Taming> and such. Perhaps it is because monsters can’t use it. But <Slave Arts> can be integrated. But I won’t integrate it since it is bad for education.]

[I think it is possible maybe because monsters can use it on monsters of their own kind. The Goblin King originally had it.]

[Oh, I see. So the Goblin King can use <Slave Art> on other goblins.]


Mio nodded at Maria’s explanation.


[Well then, next ones are body skills.]


Integrated skill : <Body> =

<Body Reinforcement> + <HP Regeneration> + <MP Regeneration> + <Jump> + <Presence Detection> + <Night Vision> + <Ambition> + <Fighting Spirit> + <Grace> + <Search Enemy> + <Mind’s eye> + <Awaken> + <Toughness> + <Steadfastness> + <Escape> + <Confusion Resistance> + <Paralysis Resistance> + <Poison Resistance> + <Abnormal Condition Resistance> + <Physical Resistance> + <Fire Resistance> + <Water Resistance> + <Wind Resistance> + <Earth Resistance> + <Thunder Resistance> + <Ice Resistance> + <Light Resistance> + <Dark Resistance> + <Iron Will> + <Magic Resistance>


<<A lot~>>

[This is a lot too. Oh, which reminds me, <Flash Step> couldn’t be integrated since it is a unique skill.]

[Eh? That’s a unique skill? But Maria-chan and Cloud from the adventurers party learned it by themselves…]

[That’s amazing. It is very different from me who still hasn’t gotten more than 0 new skills by myself …]


Err, Sakura-san feels a little down.


[It is fine. Since I’m the same.]


I was also feeling down a bit.


[Huh? But Jin-kun, you just can’t acquire skill from the disadvantages of your special power, right?]

[Well, you are right. In your case, Sakura, you have chances to learn skills, so you can push for something you’re aiming for and learn it. Different from the absolutely impossible me.]

[That’s right. If it’s possible, then it’s good to try and challenge it. Alright. I’ll think of something and put it into practice.]


Looks like Sakura has become able to look forward. I’m more than happy that her gloomy face doesn’t show up so often at this time.


[Well then, let’s put the integrated skills with the skills I mentioned until now as the standard. I’ll collect the skills that aren’t used as much as the integrated skills. Except for Maria.]

[Yes.] x4


[Then, let’s start with my skills]


Shindou Jin


Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Sword Mastery LV10> <Unarmed Mastery LV10>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Enchantment LV4> <Spirit Arts LV4> <Slave Arts LV7> <Non-element Magic LV1> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3> <Monster Taming LV7> <Beast Taming LV1> <Lock Picking LV3> <Steal LV5> <Intimidation LV4> <Leadership LV10> <Inspire LV10> <Torture LV3>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10> <Flash Step LV5> <Presence Detection LV6> <Search LV6>

Other Type

<Luck LV1>

Special Power : <Give & Take LV6> <System Window LV-> <Inventory LV-> <Engage Link LV-> <Avatar LV2> <???> <???>

Equipment : Spirit katana – Incomplete



[What’s wrong, Mio?]

[Because you kept away the skills that are bad for education from the integrated skills, your skill column has become excessively thief-like though…]

[Oh, right. They’re now standing out instead because they’re not integrated. It can’t be helped that it’s full of that.]


The thief skills <Lock Picking> <Steal> and <Intimidation> are standing out too much. Never mind <Lock Picking> and <Steal>, I wonder if I should remove <Intimidation>?


[Well, there aren’t any skills I particularly need, so I guess I’m okay with this.]

[As for me, Jin-sama, I would like you to have all integrated skill at LV10 for your safety…]


Maria said something unreasonable.


[There’s not enough skill points.]

[Understood. I will go earn them, so please take some rest until then, Jin-sama.]

[The way you said it makes it sound like I’m like a kept man so please stop…]


Maria would happily accept it normally if I tell her I want to be a kept man…Since it looks like she essentially doesn’t want even one bit of danger… It is quite different from my principles so I just won’t say that, so…


[Next, it is Sakura’s turn.]

[Yes. I’m looking forward to it.]


Kinoshita Sakura


Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Blunt Mastery LV10>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Fire Magic LV9> <Water Magic LV9> <Wind Magic LV9> <Earth Magic LV9> <Thunder Magic LV9> <Ice Magic LV9> <Dark Magic LV9> <Recovery Magic LV9> <Sorcery LV1> <Delayed Casting LV1> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10>

Other Type

<Luck LV1>

Special Power : <Magic Creation LV->

Equipment : Star staff – Stardust


[A magic specialist. Only <Blunt Mastery> for close combat.]

[You are right. Well, there aren’t many chances to use high-level magic though.]

[If we use the highest level 10 and such with our magic power, it’ll become quite a chore.]

[It will be nice if we don’t have the chance to use it from hereon.]

[That’s right.]


Such overkill magic, we never had the opportunity to use it after all.


[So, is there any skills you want?]


[Err, I did say it before, but I aim to acquire a new skill by myself, so I don’t need any now. I understand it when I look at it this way, but I don’t have anything in the technical type beside those that were integrated, isn’t it. I’m sad that it’s like I’m being told I lack any interests or hobbies, so I’m thinking about aiming for a skill in that area]

[Understood. Good luck in acquiring new skills… I can’t do that after all.]

[Eh…  yes.]


Sakura-san gave me an absentminded response. It’s not like I mind it that much with my self-deprecating joke-like line. I mean, my special powers leveled up…


[Next is Dora.]





Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Blunt Mastery LV10> <Shield Mastery LV7>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Dragon Magic LV5> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3> <Compounding LV6>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10> <Charge LV10> <Roar LV10> <Flight LV10> <Bite LV10>

Other Type

<Luck LV1>

Equipment : Mithril Staff, Mithril Buckler


[I gave Dora the skills that monster can use.]

<<But I never used <Bite> and all you know~?>>

[Well yeah, biting something dirty is not good after all.]

<<Then, why did you give Dora <Bite>~?>>

<<Because it is cute. The sound of Dora’s <Bite> that is.>>

<<Just for that!?>>


I’d like her to play-bite if possible, but there doesn’t seem to be any of that in the dragonewt culture. Too bad.


[Is there any skills you want?]

<<I want <Medicine Compounding>~ Because I will work harder in making medicine~>>

[Dora’s medicine is high quality after all. Maybe there will be a day where you can create legendary class medicine that reaches Midori’s <Secret Medicine>.]

<<Dora will do her best~>>


Well, we can’t sell those either way.


[Next, Mio.]

[Aren’t you being somewhat rough!?]




Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Sword Mastery LV6> <Bow Mastery LV10>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3> <Monster Taming LV3> <Cooking LV7> <Housework LV4>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10>

Other Type

<Luck LV1>

Equipment : Mithril Bow


[<Bow Mastery> is the basis for combat and some<Sword Mastery> is for when they approach you. <Monster Taming> is what you yourself wished for, <Cooking> and <Housework> are originally hers.]

[Thanks for <Monster Taming> desu.]

[Come to think of it, you haven’t asked me to convert any skills lately, Is that fine?]

[If it’s against monsters around here, then level 3 is enough after all. Master will be the one who will tame them when we are together after all… Besides, I felt somewhat satisfied after I tamed one, so it isn’t that important anymore.]


Potechi, who had become an indoor dog at our mansion right now was the monster she tamed. At the time the assassins came, Potechi kept sleeping. Looks like it can’t be a watchdog either.


[And skills that you want?]

[<Cooking> please! I’m actually in the mood to raise it by myself, everyone wants to eat delicious food after all… So I want to raise it if I have a chance.]

[If you’re fine with that, Mio, then increasing the skill itself is no problem for me. I’m interested how delicious your food will become if we increase the skill too.]

[So then, if you please.]


The meal we had afterwards became so delicious enough to understand the difference. Sakuya who came from Kastal to play was so moved by how delicious Mio’s meal was, she shed tears. And I decided to give her a light head chop as she tried to scout Mio again.


[Next, it is Maria’s turn then. I’m saving your skill points so it’s a little difficult.]

[I’m sorry for troubling you.]




Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Sword Mastery LV10> <Assassination LV5> <Magic Sword LV3> <Sacred Sword LV3>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Light Magic LV6> <Barrier LV1> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3> <Butler LV6> <Loyalty LV5>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10> <Flash Step LV5> <HP Regeneration LV6>

Other Type

<Hero LV6> <Luck LV1>

Possesses all original skill points from before integration.

Equipment : Treasure Sword – Everlasting Darkness (Tokoyami)


[Looks like both <Sacred Sword> and <Magic Sword> leveled up.]

[Yes, there are relatively easy to level if I make sure to put my mind in using it.]

[That probably only applies for you Maria. Come to think of it, I haven’t really thought about it, but why is <Butler> among your skills? I thought it was a male-only skill…]

[I’m a woman. Would you care to confirm it once more?]

[No, that’s fine…]

[Perhaps you can learn it if you work hard, don’t you think?]

[Are you fine with that, skill system?]


According to Alta, gender only influences the advantage/disadvantage to learning the skill, so it isn’t impossible to learn them. It couldn’t be integrated since monsters couldn’t learn it.


[And the skills you want to learn…]

[I have none. If it is necessary, I will learn them by myself.]


Maria is the only one who can do that after all.


[Huh? Didn’t the <Hero> skill level up too?]

[Ah, you are right. I wouldn’t have noticed it at all if you didn’t tell me.]


Maria didn’t notice this either.


[You really don’t have any interest in yourself do you…]

[Well, you are right.]


Maria affirmed towards Mio’s amazed voice.


[So, the skill you learned this time is…]


You can learn new skills each time the <Hero> skill levels up.

It seems it’ll be inherently unique skills once she gets to lvl 6, so I couldn’t integrate it. Maria got it with trouble, so I decided to leave it attached to her.



Can erect a barrier with support effects. Can erect a barrier at any place on a three dimensional airspace.


[So, the last one is Sera.]

[Yes please.]




Skills :

Martial Arts Type

<Martial Arts LV5> <Sword Mastery LV10> <Spear Mastery LV9> <Shield Mastery LV6>

Magic Type

<Magic LV5> <Original Spells> [Revival] [Room] [Warp] [Portal] [Energy Ball] [Ankh] [Summon]

Technical Type

<Technique LV3> <Etiquette LV5>

Body Type

<Body LV5> <Body Reinforcement LV10> <HP Regeneration LV6> <Jump LV10>

Other Type

<Luck LV1> <Heroic Proof LV5> <Hostile Magic Immunity LV->

Equipment : Guardian’s Greatsword, Guardian’s Great Shield


[You’ve got somewhat many close combat skills.]

[I haven’t been able to use spears recently though., since I have a set equipment for the sword.]

[Well that’s true.]

[I will continue practicing it just in case.]

[Even so, you are specialized in close combat aren’t you? The so-called musclebrain style.] (Spec: Not sure about ノーキン)

[Musclebrain? What does that mean?]

[That you’re certainly close to “Muscle for brains”]

[That is a terribly rude word to describe me…]


But even Sera thinks her skill composition is basically musclebrain.


[So, is there any skill you want?]

[Something that will ensure I will not be called a musclebrain.]

[…Then I will add more <Etiquette>.]

[Thank you very much.]


Let’s not say that the problem isn’t just Sera’s skill composition but also her nature.


[Well then, we’re done reorganizing our skills, so how about we head to the graveyard area.]



Oh, that last part was Mio’s shriek.

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