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Chapter 18

One Hit Hero




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“I’ll burn the small fry and his complains… to cinders!”


Enormous flame bullets appeared in both of Red’s hands.

Please, continue attacking me with this level of attacks.

I don’t want to show the extent of my power as much as possible while Silvar is looking.

My powers as a Hero is absurd.

While setting my sword low, I run towards Red.


“Take this!”


Flame bullets were fired.

I pull through the two attacks that is flying straight towards me by dodging one and warding the other off with my sword.

My feet did not stop in that timeframe.

I will get closer to him like that and bring him down with one hit.


“Should you really plunge straight into it like that?”



The moment I approached him all the way until in front of Red, I felt something unpleasant at my feet.


“Flame Mine”


A current of flames spouted upwards.

A pillar of fire rose from under my feet all of a sudden.

However, it’s not something I cannot possibly respond to.

I twist my body and dodge it, and then I strongly step on the ground with the one foot that did not take the step at the time I dodged.




I brandish the sword at the same time I stepped on the ground.

The horizontally swung sword captured Red’s body.

No… It seems like I missed him.


“Too bad for you there”


Red, who was right in front of me, turned into flames and came coiling around my body.

From the crevices of the flames I can see the genuine Red on the other side.

A two layered trap――Appear easy to lose your cool and then do something unexpectedly delicate.


“It’s Flame Chain! Don’t think you can escape so easily from it alright!”


The flames that rushed on towards me formed countless numbers of chains and it extended even towards my back in order to capture my body.

Before I’m completely caught in it, I insert the sword between them to avoid getting clamped.

The moment the flame chains hit my back or arms, my skin burned and it began to give off a bad smell.

I have a bad feeling about the temperature that could burn my body, which has been tempered in order to bring down the demon lord.

On a closer look, a change came to the sword I’ve been using for defense.

The parts that was touching the chains began to melt.

Temperature that could melt even iron… My body won’t be able to hold on at this rate.




I forcibly spread out the chains and then jump up to escape the chains.

I take a certain amount of distance and so I have escaped the hardship for the present.


“Tch, couldn’t catch him, huh. What a troublesome fellow too are you”

“Troublesome should be my line…”


I take a sidelong glance to my sword.

What began to melt was one edge, so it still wasn’t like I can’t swing it.

However, since it has turned extremely brittle, it don’t think it will be able to cope in a drawn out fight.


“It can’t be helped then”

“What is it? Are you going to beg for your life yet?”

“No way in hell I will be doing that”


I hold aloft my sword and put power into my arm.

One attack with power based on the sword.

Taking down Red with one attack means I will have to liberate some strength as it stands.


“I suggest dodging this instead of stopping it, you know”

“Hah, this should be at best useless resistance either way though!”


Fire was gathering in one of Red’s hand.

It looks like he has no intention to avoid it.


“ … Don’t regret it alright?”

“Shut up, small fry! Whatever you do, you’re going to die here!”


The largest fire ball up until now was unleashed by Red.

I adjust my breathing and merely swung down the sword in a straight line.


Sound… disappeared.


“Gh! This sign…”


Chills ran through Isvel’s back.

Isvel, who was walking back to Adel, remembered the sign she had felt now.


“What a truly dreadful man. To think that he has this much effect just by lightly swinging a sword”


She was someone who had received Adel’s sword with her body so she knew, the sign of serious swordsmanship.

She ended up feeling sympathy towards the one who received a “mere slash” which not even Isvel would come out unharmed.


“Let’s go back then…”


In the end, this place was a dead end and she had no choice but to go back once to move forward.

Isvel, while shedding cold sweat, went back to Adel’s location where the end of his battle was in sight.


“Gah… ‘t is this…”


Red, who has been cut open from shoulder to leg, breathed out a question while shedding large amounts of blood.

I intended to bisect him, but I was pushed by the fireball that Red released and so it stopped with only damaging his bones and visceral organs.

However, it’s plenty fatal a wound nevertheless.

The fight is over.


“I’m sorry, but recovery black magic is my weak point. You’re going to die here”

“You… Who are you?”

“Now I’m just a villager in the middle of a retired life. I’m already… just an ordinary person”

“Stop… joking around…”


Leaving those words, Red put himself on the ground.

Blood spread out and then his life force came to an end.

I toss away the cheap sword that’s been broken due to me having swung it with the intent to kill him.


“It would seems it is over”

“Yes, I killed him”


Silvar approached me.

As he overlooking Red who could no longer move, Silvar tilted his head.


“At the end of the day… who is this person?”

“No well, I don’t know either, even if you ask me. He just said something about experiment, didn’t he?”


He attacked people inside the dungeon.

It’s a subject where we ought to have them pushed out to the town garrison in that occasion, but I’m certainly worried about the principle of these people’s behavior.

It even feels like it’s some kind of organization-like power, so let’s investigate――


“――No, what am I even thinking about?”

“What is it? Ignoring me and thinking deeply? Disrespectful scoundrel”

“I’m not ignoring you I tell you. My habits of old seems to be coming out a bit and it felt unpleasant, that’s all”


I’m no longer… a Hero.

I don’t have to fight for someone’s sake and I don’t have to go out of my way to eliminate a factor that could become a danger to the world.


“Mh, so it really is over”

“Ooh, Isvel”


When I was a immersed in my sentiment for a while, Isvel, who had chased that one woman, had already returned.

That instant, the easy-to-understand Silvar shook and drew back.


“Y-y-y-y-y-yo-you’re the woman of that time!”


“Hm? Aah, if it isn’t the king pretend who I hit that time. What Al, you were with this man?”

“I had him cooperate with me for a bit, you see”


Silvar hid behind my back and produced a menacing sound like a dog.

He was just being self-important saying disrespectful, disrespectful up until now, what is this sudden change of state?


“Do not approach me, you violent woman!” *Silvar is actually saying 女め instead of just woman, with め being a derogatory suffix. I don’t know what fitting word to replace it though*

“Wh- what a rude man are you! The one who started the fight was you, isn’t that right!?”

“I only held you by the shoulder, did I not!?”

“All contacts are an attack!”


She’s too violent.


“Aah, let’s stop it already you two. We can’t possibly be here forever, right? Silvar, your companions are waiting above too, so what will you do?”

“Yes, I will return to the upper floors. It is also because my vassals are waiting, but I have to close the hole that a certain foolish person opened to the seventieth floor. After all, I don’t know if the monsters here would appear in the upper floors”



Isvel bit her back teeth from being called a foolish person.

Though it made it easy for us, let’s make sure not to let her do this anymore from now on.

It might destroy the ecosystem.


“So, we’ll break up from here then”

“*nod* Hum. Al, you are promising. This time you may visit our clan castle. Let us welcome you”

“Is that so. I’ll go when I have the chance”

“Hum, Fare you well then, Al and the violent woman”

“Stop calling me that!”


While his back basked in Isvel’s angry shouts, Silvar ascended the floors by making use of the open hole in the ceiling.


“So, what will we do?”

“Mh, of course we move forward! We haven’t discovered any treasure yet after all!”

“I thought you would say that”


Isvel, whose eyes are shining, doesn’t seem to show any signs of going back until we discover treasure as far as I can see.

Reluctantly, we try to depart towards the even lower floors of the dungeon, but that moment――


――Flames rose.




When the two of us looked that way, the body of Red, who was surely killed, slowly tried to rise up.


“Now you’ve done it, you”



TL. Before you rage, the guy actually died. For more information, wait for next chapter. Heh.

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