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Chapter 13

The Hero Backs Out




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“Lord Silvar! Pull yourself together!”


Held by the flustered knights, the fainted Silvar was carried away.

What a foolish look the gallantly moving order of the silver wings had.


“It’s two people, please let us on board.”

“Su- sure…”


Receiving permission from the astonished coachman, Isvel got on the carriage. I greet the coachman and get on the carriage as well.


“That he would put his hands on you, quite the brave man isn’t he?”

“I can’t hear it as anything but ironic, you know. He was just reckless.”


With us having boarded it, the carriage slowly began to move.

The slight vibrations worry me, but it isn’t so much that would make one sick.

He seems to be adjusting the speed so that it would not make one feel unwell while still hurrying as much as he could.


“Adel… Am I attractive?”



I was calmly looking outside from the window when I was taken aback by her sudden question.

When I move my head towards Isvel, I see her staring at me with a serious look.

Not good, this mood isn’t one where I can use deception.


“The man just then must have courted me because he felt attraction to me. Now that I think about it, the man who was involved with us in the guild may not have been making fun of me either… However, this never happened at the time I was in the demon lord castle.”


So Isvel considered that part with Toragule as being made fun of?

First of all, I’m surprised about that.

It was certain that she couldn’t think of that attitude as nothing but making fun of her though――

She has never been courted, so that can’t be helped I guess.

The Isvel from the demon lord castle times had covered her whole body with armor and wore a helmet that covered her face and I could not grasp her body and her bare face because of it.

I was aware she was a girl when I chanted black magics and I knew her appearance for the first time at our reunion at the village.

In other words, she has not won any advantages by her appearance.

There shouldn’t be anybody who could approach her at a distance where they could grasp what was inside in the first place, seeing that she has the position of a demon lord.


“That’s why I was very bewildered… In order for something like this to never occur from now on, I would like to know how I appear to those around me!”

“Is that, is that so…”


Isvel leaned towards me and asked.

There’s still time until the carriage arrives at the dungeon.

Meaning that in this little while, I have to experience the embarrassment of pointing out a person’s good points in front of their eyes.


“Isvel’s good points…”


I try to properly observe the appearance of Isvel who was pointing me a look with expectations.

Looking at her over again, it was an appearance that none would object even if you call her an unparalleled beauty.

I can say with conviction that her figure is extraordinary and that ten out of ten people would turn their head for her.


“Your appearance is certainly perfect and many people would call out to you just with that”

“A-, appearance is it…”


Isvel began repeatedly touching her own face and body.


“Adel, do you… also feel attracted to me?”

“Heh? Tha- that’s, well somewhat”



I’ll be embarrassed if you feel down on that point though.


I think about it in front of Isvel who hung her head down.

As it is, I’ll become a man who could only praise a girls’ appearance.

… No, there is one thing that comes into mind beside appearance.

However, that is hard to say to her directly.


“ … Let’s drop the subject now”

“Wha!? If there is something then please say it!”

“You think I can say something embarrassing!? Saying it right to your face is embarrassing!”


I sit back silently into my seat and shift my attention to the outside scenery through the windows.


“Won’t you just tell me!? Okay!?”

“I just told you I won’t tell you didn’t I!?”


Isvel drew near me so that she would cling onto me.

In order to avoid getting pursued any more than this, I moved to a place that’s separated from Isvel inside the carriage.

I should have moved and yet, Isvel followed me persistently


“Don’t follow me, okay!?”

“I want to hear it! Please tell me!”


She continued to chase after me in the meantime until we eventually arrived at the dungeon.

The result of that is that we looked sweaty by the time we arrived.

It’s the most suitable as warming up, but I’d like to be excused from that from now on.


“So this, this is… the entrance to the dungeon…”

“That’s right… We’ll finally be able to go to the first floor by going down from here…”


While out of breath, we stood at the entrance to a large cave.

Inside the cave were stairs descending underground and the dungeon would start from there.


“Nevertheless, there were that many people standing by and yet, we are the only ones near the entrance”

“This type of cave has several entrances and the place you are taken to is different by the carriage you boarded on――or so it seems. That’s why there shouldn’t be any people arriving here for a while”


It seems the entrance is structured to have several of them so that the adventurers don’t bundle up too much.

I heard that thanks to that, disputes on hunting grounds decreased and troubles with fellow adventurers were greatly reduced.


“Right then, shall we go?”



We stepped into the dungeon.

We went down the stairs and descended to the first floor.




A path surrounded by walls of rock extended and light was maintained by the magic stones that are shedding light in several places.

It doesn’t seem like we will be troubled with our field of vision if it’s like this.


“We’re going Adel! Quick! Quick!”

“You don’t have to hurry so much I tell you!”


Isvel pulled my hand and went further inside the dungeon.

If we run noisily in this way――



“Mh, what’s this?”


From a different passage, an ‘Ogre’ made his appearance while raising a war cry.

They resemble the orcs in their build itself, but the redness of their skin and the horn grown on their head brought forth a clear difference.

And also the ogres are not carrying fat, but bulky muscles instead.

They’re even acknowledged as dangerous monsters among the lower grade monsters from their hitting power and superhuman strength.


“Hey! That one’s an Ogre――”

“Out of the way!”


Isvel, while still holding me, accelerated and drew her sword.

And then, just like that, cut down the ogre in front of us with a single swing.

There were no signs of her stopping.


“Here we go! Our aim is the lowest floor!”

“I get it already, so release me! I can walk on my own!”


We cleared out the monsters who came rushing out in front of our eyes and aimed straight for the second floor.

If we continue with this speed, then reaching the lowest floor won’t be a dream――probably.


In front of the entrance to the dungeon where Adel and Isvel were standing some time ago, a man and woman was standing.

The man had red hair and the woman had long blue hair.

Put on their body was a robe of the color identical to each of their hair and their distinct physique was made unknown.


“Red, are you ready I wonder”

“Who do you think you are asking, Blue? We’re starting already”


The two stepped inside the dungeon.


“Come, it’s time to experiment”


The red haired man called Red showed a smile full of malice.

The woman called Blue shrugged her shoulders looking amazed, but her smile was similarly evil.


The malicious two tried to approach the adventurers inside the dungeon――――


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