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Chapter 78

It’s not impossible





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“I shall be hiding my figure for a brief period. The time I once again appear in front of you insects will be when it is the end of you ‘people’.”


How long have I been absent minded since Creasyl said that and disappeared?

When I noticed, the girl called Yuuhi was crouching at the place where Setsu vanished, crying.

I hate all the women who approach him, but for some reason only right now I can’t feel anything and feelings of sympathy welled up curiously.

I could not longer feel Setsu’s magic power anywhere.


He vanished. He completely vanished.


Tears didn’t come out. For some reason I was completely cooled off from the depths of my body and my mind was awfully calm.


In order to thoroughly accept that his death was “the way it is”――――――



About an hour elapsed since the fight between Touma, Setsu and Creasyl.

The beastmen arrived as reinforcements, the human soldiers were restrained altogether and the decisive battle on the demon continent ended in victory for the allied forces.

However, the fact they were left with reasonable sacrifices and above all the disappearance of one man was why none could propose to attack the human country.

The clout of the man called Setsu was large enough to move countries.

In good and bad meaning.


And so, if one were to ask what that central personage of the world is doing now――――――――――


“Hey, hand over your clothes”



He was single-handedly strangling robbers.



“If you’ve learned anything from this, then don’t be doing anything evil again, got it?”

“I got it! Boss!

“Good, now go”

“Yesser! We’re going, lads!”


I got clothes for my upper body from the robbers who attacked the carriage of a small merchant.

I’ve been walking in the forest for a while, but I’ve been topless you know.

I’m glad these guys happened to be here, but if I enter even a single city like this I’ll instantly be a criminal. That was dangerously close.


“You’re not hurt are you, pops?”

“Ye- yeah… You saved me. I have to offer you some reward for――――――――”

“Aah, it’s fine I tell you. More importantly, can you tell me the closest city from here?”



The attacked merchant pops racked his brains for a while over my question and came up with several candidates for me.


“There is a city if you go south of here. It seems they are greatly thriving by some labyrinth. However it should take a day from here. There are places you can go in several hours, but…”

“What is it then? Don’t be biased please”

“ … There’s a village in the north. It’s a largish village. There’s an inn there as well so you won’t be worried about living there.”

“Oh, ain’t that place nice”


For the time being I’d like a place to calm myself down.

It’s a huge deal, not being able to use my magic bag because I ended up losing my magic power.

I managed to fasten the broken Kuromaru on my back with a string.

I’d like a backpack and it’s better to have a change of clothes too I guess.

If that’s the case then there are no options other than going to that village which will probably take me ten minutes if I go on foot.

Ah, I can’t use magic, but I’ll make it work out today somehow with just my physical ability.


“It’s just… I myself came from there, but an illness is spreading widely over there you see…”


“Yes. We don’t know the cause, but it seems to be an illness that will rapidly break down your body. Mainly the children and the elderly develop the illness. … My daughter developed the illness too you see. Now I’m about to go call a skilled doctor from the city.”


Illness… a disease huh.

I know some of the diseases in this world in general when it comes to knowledge, but there’s no name that comes to mind.

That it affects children and gramps and grannies means it’s the natural enemy of weak-bodied guys I guess.

… well, it got nothing to do with me.



“If you cherish your body then it’s better not to go. Several… dead have already turned up”

“ … That’s quite unpleasant”


If dead people turns up then that changes the story.

With my current situation without magic power, I’m a little anxious.

If I look at this pops looking all alive, then a short term stay is fine?


‘ …Setsu, we shall go to that village’

“ …?”


Stroh who was beside me suddenly opened her mouth.

By the way, this girl who’s a god doesn’t seem to enter ordinary people’s field of vision as long as she doesn’t try to intentionally show her appearance.

Her voice can’t be heard either it seems. Ain’t she pretty much a phantom, this girl?


‘I have a clue as to the true color of the illness.  If they match… then it should at the very least be an incident that is involved with us gods’


It’s settled then.

Or rather, there’s a guy in trouble in front of my eyes and yet ending the conversation with “Keep at it then okay~” is painful.

If it has to do with gods, then I can’t possibly not stick my nose into it.


“I’ll go to that village for a bit pops”

“He, hey! I just told you it’s dangerous――――――――”

“I’ll do something about it, aight?”

“ …!”


I leave behind those words and run towards the north without looking back.

Around the time I could no longer see the pops’ figures, Stroh who was calmly keeping pace with me looked into my face for some reason.


“ … You are a mysterious man”

“Ah? What do you mean?”

“For some reason your words give sense of security. As if it will become reality when you say so…”


She keeps saying things I ain’t sure of.

It’s the usual thing from my perspective.


“If I say I’ll do something about, then I’ll do something about it. Even Creasyl, I’ve decided to whoop her down. That’s why, I will absolutely whoop her down.”


There’s no such thing as impossible if I put my mind to it.

Because the world is made that way.


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