Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Chapter 2

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Vol 8 Chapter 2

Yuuji, learning about clothing of another world

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“So this is the marketplace! It’s quite crowded isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. There are many people who are bringing in goods like vegetables that are harvested in the summer from neighboring agricultural communities after all. Mr Yuuji, Alice-chan, please take care not to get lost, alright!?”


“Okaay” Alice cheerfully replied and grasped Yuuji’s hand. It was a mystery whether Alice was making sure not get lost or whether she was making sure not let Yuuji get lost. As if guiding them, Kotarou walked in front of the two.

The second time Yuuji visited the city of Premie. With the tour through the smithing workshop and the introduction of the master smith finished, they seem to be touring the city at their own pace this day. By Yuuji’s request, they had come to see the marketplace together with Kevin where stalls are standing in line.

“Potatoes, wheat, vegetables… the crops aren’t really any different are they. And… of course no rice…”

Inside the marketplace, Yuuji and his group first examined the corner where food were lined up. Apparently they were not much different from the crops of Earth as far as he could see. Of course, Yuuji and the bulletin board residents hypothesized that this place was close to Europe in the Middle Ages. If they assumed so, then it was a mystery that there were potatoes and tomatoes however… Yuuji did not seem to have noticed such matters.


“The next area is… ooh, clothes! I’m fine, but let’s go and buy some if there’s anything you like Alice!”

“Okay! Yaay!”


Alice was full of smiles. The guiding Kotarou turned around, went to the two and barked *Woof* once. “I guess, girls should be stylish” is what she seems to be saying.


Marketplace, Clothing goods area.

Therein even the fashion amateur Yuuji was knocked down into despair.


“What is this… they’re worn out, plain and primitive… Eh? There’s nothing else?”


The clothes lined up in the stalls are, to put it nicely, unbleached cloth. There were nothing but clothing making use of the color of its raw material. In addition to that there were many second-hand ones and he heard from Kevin that even though things may appear this way, they were on the clean side.



“You mean… these are underwear? No, these are… for men right?”

Timidly Yuuji called out to a well built salesgirl-like middle aged woman.

“Whaat are ya saying, you! Unless yer a great noble or a large merchant, these should be normal for men and women don’t ya think? Aah you don’t mean the bottom part but the upper one eh? I think it’s still to early for this kid though. Well whatever, here.”


What was in Yuuji’s hands were panties that made drawers look even flimsy. Apparently the common men and women wore these.

And then underwear used for women’s breasts was handed over by the sales lady.

That, was cloth.

It was a sarashi.


“ … Seriously? Everyone seriously use this?”


Yuuji’s excitement hung down at rock bottom.

And then the excitement of Alice, who came to like wearing the clothes of Yuuji’s sister Sakura at the time she lived in his house, could be clearly seen to have dropped. It seems that Alice too had been corrupted by the fashion of modern day Japan.

Kotarou feebly barked *kuun*. Seemingly wanting to say “This is reality, give it up”.


“What is it you all? Were you looking for clothes and underwear that the great nobles wear? They don’t put those stuff in the marketplace you know!?”


The well-built lady courteously informed the depressed two people and one dog. It was quite the kindness towards those who would not buy her own goods.

Having received the saleslady’s words, Kevin called out to Yuuji without a moment’s delay.


“Mr Yuuji, since we’re already here do you also want to try examining a shop where you can order brand new clothes?”


Receiving Kevin’s words, Yuuji took a glance at Alice. Alice was still feeling down. Seeing her figure, Yuuji responded to Kevin with “Yes, by all means”.

But, Yuuji was not aware.

That Kevin’s eyes was shining in schemes.

That he changed from guiding mode to business mode after discovering a secret.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

“Here is the tailor I often make use of. The seamstress has good skill too you know. Aah, what I lent to you during the meeting with the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate were also clothes of this store, Mr Yuuji.”

“Well if it isn’t Master Kevin. Welcome. What business would you have with us today?”


A corner of the city of Premie. Upon entering the store guided by Kevin, the clerk called out without a moment’s delay. A tall stature and clothes resembling a tightly fitted suit. It seems he remembered the face of Kevin who was a regular customer.


“This here is Mr Yuuji, leader of a newly established pioneer group. There will be opportunities for him to meet nobles as well, so please put in an order of a suit of clothes for each of the two. It is the first time their clothes are made, so please let them see various samples and materials and such.”


Kevin informed the clothes store clerk with a smile. Yuuji and Alice’s clothes were scheduled to be made before they became aware of it.

They were not on time for that when Yuuji and Alice was meeting the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate for the application of pioneers. But it is true that Kevin also thought that they should have opportunities to use them if they were made. It is the truth, but his expectations, where he would show them various things if he were to say so, made its work.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

“Then, we shall report to Kevin Company once it is finished. We will be awaiting for your coming again.”


Being seen off by the clerk, the group left the store. They seemed to have ordered clothes for them to wear on the occasion they meet the nobility.

However, Yuuji, Alice as well as Kotarou who watched by the side were in low spirits until now.

There were dyed cloth. Naturally there were. Although the chemical dyes were around the 19th century even on Earth, there were natural dyes from the pre-era. The ordered clothes with beautifully dyed cloth seemed to be worn by royalties and titled nobility.


They were expensive.

And that was natural, but the designs were old-fashioned. It came out as if it was cosplay in Yuuji’s eyes. Of course, when you consider the era the bulletin board residents were hypothesizing, then the clothes being old-fashioned was natural however.

And then.

The underwear were not fashionable.

Kevin, whose mind did its work, gave detailed instructions to the clerk for the sake of little Alice’s future and had let him bring several samples.

Drawers, sarashi or corset for noble’s use. It was extreme.

Yuuji felt down. Alice too felt down.

Alice looked down and grumbled “Even though there’s so many cute ones in big sister Sakura’s room”. Yuuji made no comments. His reason was a big disaster if he were to carelessly talk against his better judgment and Sakura would learn of this.

Seeing the two sad, Kotarou barked softly to cheer them up. “Cheer up, you can just wear Sakura’s ones” she seemed to be saying to cheer them up. But that would be impossible as one would expect. It was not a topic of having the number of cups match. Kotarou was a gentle and attentive woman, but she was still a dog.


“Aah, that is right, Mr Yuuji. If you were to prepare cloth and employ seamstresses, then they could make more different clothes and underwear for you and Alice-chan, right?”

As if he really recalled just now, Kevin asked a question to Yuuji.

Yuuji and Alice vigorously turned to Kevin’s direction in a flash and nodded silently moment by moment. Those movements were neatly synchronised.


“Is that so, then we should look for pioneers who could do farmwork during the day and sewing during the evening shouldn’t we? For the present that is.”


Delightfully and delightfully smiling at that, Kevin informed them.

“That would be nice right!?” Yuuji and Alice showed a full smile.

Kotarou sent a wary look towards Kevin. “Geez, you’re planning on making business aren’t you” she seemed to be wanting to say.


The specialty of the royal capital’s Gaegus company where Kevin studied under were many unusual goods, obtained from connections from company president Gaegus who traveled all over the world from his youth. They were popular with nobles above all, but they were goods that were popular from scarcity due to their small quantity. Among them was silk.

Of course due to the noble’s tastes and each having their favorite seamstresses, Gaegus company were currently only wholesaling silk cloth however.

Afterwards there was a clothing boom that involved the royalty and nobles, merchants and even the commoners.

That was said to be the parental love of Yuuji who wanted to put cute clothes on Alice.

They were born by the wild enthusiasm and appetite of the bulletin board residents who heard this conversation.


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