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Second Summon Chapter 71

Reunion of Heroes

“What is… this magic power…?” 


While running through the battlefield, Yuuhi shed cold sweat.

Even she, whose magic perception was not quite her forte, immediately understood its dread.


“I can’t feel Yuki-kun’s magic power…! What on earth is happening!?”

Yuuhi raised her running speed.

To head towards the location of the excessively strong and dreadful magic power――――――――――



“What is… this…”


Desastre and Levia who finally appeared in the frontlines could not believe the spectacle before their eyes.





What came into sight first were the tattered Brad and Tia.

The sisters Shironeko and Mineko rolled towards the center, raised a groan and could not move even a twitch.

Glain and Roa bore burns on their whole body and Elka was trampled on her head by somebody.


“gh… That man was like that isn’t he…!”


“Huh~? You’ve come, you two. I wonder, didn’t you know you were targeted? Well, it saves me the trouble so it’s fine though.”


While kicking away Elka he was trampling on, Touma turned his body towards Desastre and Levia.


(… These people should be exhausted as well… And yet he is uninjured…)


His body had no injuries, not even dust.

On the contrary, those who challenged Touma had serious wounds upon serious wounds.

With this much, one could see how out of standard he was.


“So, you two will be playing with me next right?”



Along with an innocent smile, Touma rushed on――――――――



“Well, my memories with you is kind of like this I guess.”

“That so… I’m quite the ordinary guy huh?”

“Nono, you ain’t ordinary. First your way of thinking is different from the masses.”


Mother scratched her head while saying so.

Sure, when my mother who can do something like this is around, I shouldn’t be an ordinary person.

But that’s not what I mean.


“That’s not it… even I had a mother and a father… a family I mean.”



I’m thankful for my life in my second family, but it honestly didn’t feel like a “family”.

The important parts didn’t change but it felt like a connection like this is slim.

And it made me realize a monster like me also had a time when I was a “person”.


“I thought I shouldn’t have… forgotten it.”

“… Like really. You fucker with no filial piety.”


While saying so, mother dropped her fist on my head.

It hurts.

It’s been a long time since I felt pain.

Even then… It’s not a bad feeling.

That’s right… I’ve been scold in this way before didn’t I?


“Now then… It’s about time right?”

“… Is that so.”


My mother stood up.

I resolve myself and look at her.


“I ask you to at least do it in a way I don’t suffer.”

“… Hmph.”


My mother extended her hand to me while averting her face.

And then she――――――――――――


“My bad, that just then was a lie.”

gently stroked my head.



“No I mean… I did say it quite seriously but you know… me having to get rid of you was a lie.”


…I think a little about it.

After that, simmering anger heartily gushed forth.


“Heeey what the!? My! What about my resolve!?”

“Ah, well, sorry about that, sorry.”


I grab my mother’s clothes and shake it.

But all she did was laugh foolishly and there were no signs of her reflecting on it at all.

What the hell, I ended up showing an incredibly serious mood there you know.


“Well just think about it, my son.”


“That part is just the spitting image of me――――――――――No, try counting it properly I tell you. Did you kill two people?”

“Huh? I’m going through this because I killed them right… Wait, what?”

“That Touma guy, did he actually die?”


That’s right… I planned on killing that guy.

Isn’t he still alive?

Haven’t I properly seen him when he appeared in front of my eyes?

Wasn’t it sure that he was neither an undead nor an illusion――――――――


“After that guy was dealt the finishing blow by you, he got medical treatment by the humans at the very last moment. And afterwards, to make sure he didn’t get aimed at by the demons or beastmen, he was sheltered deeply in the castle. He camouflaged it by going as far as carefully making his tombstone.”

“ … then.”

“Have you guessed it? In other words, what you killed was only that man called Kagerou. You didn’t kill two people.”


I reflexively crumble down from the knee.

I ended up feeling relieved from the core of my body.

And then afterwards, a hearty laughter filled my heart.


“Hahah…hahahah! What is this…I ended up… feeling relieved.”

“Well, this is, what, divine retribution for forgetting about us on your own.”


I won’t be able to say anything if you tell me that.

Mothers are unfair.


“But don’t forget. You can’t kill a “person” anymore. There won’t be a next time you know. I repeat, don’t kill the Hero whose face looks like a girl, get it?”

“ …Isn’t that guy… a monster just like me?”

“You’re both ordinary brats from my perspective. You’re not something outrageous like monsters.”


 ――――――――――True, we’re just brats from this kind of mother’s perspective.

I’m a little bit happy about it.

That there’s someone who could call me, who could call Touma a “person”


“ …that girly one too is an idiot who’s losing his head over his love for you. Setsu, if you have even a little ounce of emotions――――――――go rescue him. You can do that, right?”


My mother asked me while showing an evil face.

That kind of face… is really just like me.


“That much is obvious. After all I’m the strongest.”


Nobody can do the things I can’t do.

I show the same evil face and provoked my mother.


“Hmph, what I expected of my son. Then, gonna go back soon?”

“What, so in the end your business is just to warn me?”

“There’s also the reminiscent talk though.――――――――Ah, and also…”


The white airspace was crumbling down.

My consciousness was slowly falling into the deep hole.

Before I lose my consciousness, my mother talked to me in the end.


“You. Since you came to this space, you had a moment where you just stopped caring about anything right? Keep reminding yourself of that feeling, you hear me?”

“What are you――――――――――”

“See you, you stupid son of mine!”


With the appearance of my mother thrusting up her thumb at the end, my consciousness was completely wrapped up in darkness.



“Water wall!”

“It’s useless you know!”


Levia expanded a large wall of water.

However, Touma knocked a ball of fire on it and made it instantly evaporate.

It did not settle with just that, the flames directly assailed Levia.





Desastre leapt from one side, held Levia in her arms and jumped.

The flames grazed Desastre’s foot, inflicting burns on that part.




That burn was quite terrible and Desastre, who should have been immediately cured even if she was burned by magma, was groaning in agony.

It was excessively severe and it did not even regenerate.



“My foot got crushed…!”

“Did you just become unable to move with just that? I knew you’re not a big deal even when you’re called demon king.”


As usual Touma was unhurt.

His facial expression contained boredom and that was mentally cornering Levia and Desastre.


(There is this much difference…!? We’re already powerl――――――――――――)


“Ms. Elka!”


At that time, a young brown haired girl ran past the two and rushed over to the collapsed Elka.


“Ms. Elka… Mr. Glain and Ms. Tia even…!”

“Hmm? You’re one of the summoned Heroes aren’t you?”

“H-! You did this!?”


That girl, Yuuhi flared up at Touma.

Just after she finally arrived trembled a little from fear, but she fixed her eyes straight on him


“A strong girl aren’t you. The type Setsu seems to like.”

“Yuu…hi…please… run.”

“Ms Elka!?”


Elka only raised her face and called for Yuuhi.

She was tattered enough that there were no place without injuries and breathing was seemingly difficult as well.


“That’s why… I’ll kill you now. Together with that sow!”



Touma’s hand was pointed at Yuuhi and the others.

Having seen that, Levia and Desastre was flustered.


They shouted, but the girls could no longer be in time to do anything.



A magic that would blow them away with a single blow was fired―――――――――― it was that instant.





Somewhere, the sound of something breaking could be heard. That sound continued and the origin of that was discovered immediately.


“… Setsu?”


The light sphere Setsu was wrapped up in began to break in pieces.

Similar to how a small bird emerges, those crackings expanded.

And then――――――――――――


“Argh! It’s suffocating, dammit!”


An arm sprung out.

From there, crunchingly, the sphere began to be torn.


“I’m thankful that you protected me, but… it’s a little too hard, mother.”


Setsu appeared from inside.

Having completely extracted himself from the shell, Setsu, after seeing Touma standing in front of his eyes, grinned broadly.


“ ‘sup… Long time no see, Touma.”

“Aah… At last, at last you’ve come out for me, Setsu”


It was the moment the two Heroes, who once fought in the same way, faced each other in the battlefield.


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