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Chapter 6

The Hero harbors worldly desires


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As promised, I made dinner.

I feel like I’ve made something a little more decent than the usual.


“It looks, it looks good…”

“I finished tasting it as well, so it should not taste bad”

“I can understand it from the smell… this is a splendid dish”


What I placed on the table was a beef lean steak dish with plenty of sauce based on garlic and tomatoes I’ve received.

I put steamed potatoes and carrots as garnish.

It has been a while since I have made a genuine dish, but the result is not bad.

It stimulates your appetite even if I do say so myself.


“Thank you for the meal”

“Hm? What are you doing, putting your hands together?”

“It’s a kind of rite. Eating it means you will receive its life, so you put your hands together and put in your gratitude… that’s why, thank you for the meal.”

“It’s a way of thinking demons don’t have I see. Those eaten are the defeated, so those eating are the victors. The victor would eat the meat of the defeated. That is something natural so…”

“If the species are different then so do their way of thinking, it should be something like that. There’s no need for you force yourself to put your hands together, okay?”



Isvel put her hands together and muttered a single “thank you for the meal.”


“I don’t hate that way of thinking. I shall offer my gratitude”

“ …I see”


We then began eating together.

The steak with garlic-tomato sauce became a first-rate dish.

I know it doesn’t have the impression of high-class and that it has a rather wild flavor, but this taste suits the hungry me.

Isvel too is devouring the meat like a child.

If it’s eaten with this much enthusiasm, then it is worth making it.

Before I forget, I bring the soft white bread I had prepared.

I eat the meat and munch on bread.

An irresistible impact assailed my hunger again with this.

Isvel too began eating like me when I handed her some bread.


“! It’s good!”


It seems she likes it.

We continued our meal like this and before I noticed I had completely eaten up what was on my plate.

Isvel’s plate was in the same state as mine.

At the end I collect the remaining sauce on the plate with pieces of bread and carry it to my mouth.

Isvel learned by watching me and put it in her mouth as well.


“――――It was good”


Isvel, having finished enjoying her meal to the very end, muttered looking satisfied and then looking a little lonely.


“Thank you for giving me this meal. I will heat up the bath, so get in before me, okay?”

“Bath? You have a bath!?”

“Well, a simplified one though. For one person’s use too”

“That is plenty enough for me!”


Isvel was in high spirits like a kid, just like during the meal.

If she looks like this, then the demon lord castle must have a bath as well.

I go outside the house for a moment and head to the bathroom that was furnished outside.

The bathroom has walls surrounding each direction and no ceiling and what is placed inside is a bucket made of wood and a wooden rectangular bathtub.


“Water Create”


I hold my hand out to the bathtub and speak of the keyword in order to invoke black magic.

Black magic that raises supernatural phenomenon manifest its effect by the magic power contained within the user and specific keywords.

The black magic I use now is Water Create, which creates clean water in that place.

It’s a useful spell where you won’t be troubled with water even during travels as long as you have this.


“Fill until about half of it and… Flame Seed”


Next, I make use of a black magic that produces a small ember.

I drop this into the half-full bathtub water.

Upon doing so the water, together with sounds of evaporating, began to boil gently.


“And then one more Water Create and then”


I adjust the temperature at the end by using Water Create one more time.

Considering the time it will take until Isvel washes her body, it should be right to keep the temperature somewhat higher than suitable.

I should call Isvel soon――


“Oh wow! It has a firmer structure than I thought it would, doesn’t it!?”

“Ah, just when I was about to go and call…”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”


Isvel entered the room.

I plan to go and call her now, so that is not the problem.

What is the problem is her appearance.

She is naked.

She isn’t wearing anything.

Her voluptuous breasts that pushes her clothes open and her well-shaped bottom, I can see them all.

Their destructive force is too high.

Honestly it is strongly stimulating to me who has no resistance to girls.

Heroes tend to appear surrounded by girls, but they won’t have time to experience it and such if they hardly reveal their true colors and moreover spend their every day doing nothing but fighting.


“Aren’t you, aren’t you embarrassed!?”

“I’ll be entering the bath, so I can’t possibly wear clothes now can I?”



Her argument was sound.

But it’s wrong, that’s not what I meant.


“E- even as a joke, I’m still a man you know… don’t you think it’s embarrassing to be seen?”

“Hum. But it is nothing I will fret about even if I am seen. It may be different when it’s an unknown man, but I even have a relationship with you where we struggled to death. There is nothing to worry about that much you know?”


While saying so, Isvel unsparingly flaunted her body.

It’ll be bad at this rate.

I won’t say what is bad, but it’s bad.


“Ugh… I’ll be in the house, so if there is anything you are troubled about, call out to me please”


No need to overstay.

Let’s quickly leave this place and calm down my mind.


“Ple- please wait!”

Isvel came seizing my arm when I tried leaving the bathroom in a hurry.


“Wha- what is it?”

“I… I’d like you to help me wash my body”


“I’m really going for it alright…?”

“Yes, I’m relying on you”


I’m now topless and have gone on my knees behind Isvel.

My hand is grasping a cloth smeared in foam by soap.


“You’ve really never washed your own body?”

“Ye- yes… my subordinates and maids have always washed it for me after all…”


Unlike the Hero, the demon lord is someone who operates an army.

Because of such standing, subordinates would end up looking after their daily necessities I guess.

To think her fortune would turn around here…

People who don’t know how to wash their bodies exist in this age don’t they?


“I will wash it today, but wash it yourself from now on okay?”

“I know! Having my body touched by a ma- man is… embarrassing even for me”


Isvel turned red and covered herself in her knees.

I give up. I don’t know what I should do either if she gives me a ordinary girl-like response.

Let’s finish this quickly for now.


“I’m going to wash now”

“ …gh”


I gently stroke Isvel’s back with the cloth with foam.



“Did it hurt?”

“No… it’s ticklish. I little stronger please”



It seems I took out too much strength in order to not be too considerate to the skin and not damaging the skin.

It’ll bother me if she raises her seductive voice anymore than this, so this time I rub her back a little strongly.


“Hn… phew. This is just right”

“Is that, is that so?”


Looks like I discovered the right strength.

Thanks to Isvel’s good reaction, I slowly came to enjoy this work.

But if I do this for a long time, I will become worried about my reasoning.

I have to break it up when it’s convenient.


“This is enough right? You may have expected this, but do the front yourself please”

“Eh, ah… That’s right. The front is bad right?”


It looks like she noticed the significance of washing the front after all this time.

She felt awkward and returned to her original tone.


“Scrub the places that has no foam on it with the strength I’ve been using”

“A- alright. I’ll try it then”


Handing Isvel the cloth, this time I leave the bathroom.

I fast-walked back to the house and struck my forehead on one of the supports inside the house.

Together with the sound of creaking wood, the whole house shook a little.

I heard Isvel’s confused voice outside, but I can’t worry about that.

Please let me concentrate in wiping away these worldly desire now.


“If it comes to this then…  all I can do is to have us earn a large amount of income and have her quickly leave I guess”


I have to get separated from Isvel before my worldly desire erupts.

I’m not eager in taking her to the guild, but I think it’s good fortune on this occasion.

Tomorrow we’re going to make a killing.


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