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Vol 11 Idle talk 5

[11-18] Non-profit organisation, beginning to move towards opening the NEET supported relaxed camp


“Everyone, do you have some time?”

“Gunji-sensei, what’s the matter?”


Multi-tenant building near the prefectural office, Utsunomiya city.

Gunji appeared at the non-profit organisation that had taken residence in the same building as Gunji law firm but on another floor.

Everyone was called, the one who responded was mainly Cool NEET.


“Is there some problem?”

“There was a call from Sakura-san just now… a little discussion”


With serious expression, Gunji turned to Cool NEET.

Gunji was a man whose expression didn’t change much, but as expected Cool NEET seemed to have been able to understand it after socializing with him for a long time.


“… With that said, a request came from Sakura-san where she wants to buy the plots around the Houjou family. What do you think, will it really become that much of an uproar?”

“Yes, undoubtedly”


The topic that Gunji brought up was that Yuuji’s story would be broadcasted as a documentary and that a verification program would be broadcasted following that.

Behind Cool NEET, everyone who was in the office gathered.


“Gunji-sensei, please take action right away. As for the funds… would Yuuji’s assets and the part that came in after completing the contract be enough? A bank loan would be undesirable, so I think there’s no other choice but to consult with Sakura-san if it’s not enough though…”

“Will it be that big of an uproar?”

“Yes, it should without a doubt become uproar. What’s the price of the land around there… Is the road connecting to Yuuji’s house a private road? … In the first place, is the land around the house agricultural land?”


Cool NEET pondered while muttering those words. Everyone who heard the conversation behind him, searched on the internet at once.


“If it’s around that place, then it should set at hundred thousand yen per tsubo. I’ll investigate” (TL: $948.66 per 3.31 cubic meter as per 18 aug 2020)

“Gunji-sensei, please buy up as far and wide as possible, as quick as possible. If it’s farmland, then have rely on some farming family and establish new farmers”

“ …Alright. I’ll start moving right away”

“Gunji-sensei, do you have enough help? Shall I get you someone from here?”

“No, this is Utsunomiya after all. I have both help and connections in my own way”


Said Gunji and immediately left his seat.

It appears that Gunji law firm and Cerisier Co. will be moving busily.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Now then. Now that it has come to this, we’ll have to hurry our actions too”

“… I agree. People will gather once it’s broadcasted, but also that I guess”

“Eh? Why? If people gather, then that would be the best, right!?”

“MEAT, that’s one way to see it, but the beginning is a test. I want to do it at a small scale if possible”


Who remained in the NPO office was Cool NEET, Well-informed NEET, Formerly talented Salesman and Anonymous MEAT.

Permanently stationed at the company that manages the copyrights of the images and videos recorded by Yuuji were Gunji, the lawyer that formed a pair with him, Clothes group member B and the office workers that Gunji prepared.

The free designs & pattern paper submission and download site, which Clothes group member B was involved in the production of the site, went under the management of Cerisier Co.

So far it was simple, but once Yuuji’s documentary’s broadcast approaches, it was settled that this company would become busy.


Incidentally, in both the company and the NPO, there existed employees who did not visit the office. There were people who were working from home depending on the work, ability and environment. Needless to say they were the bulletin board residents. That said, there are currently still only work at the level of creation of proposals and all sorts of preliminary investigations though.


“I won’t be able to face him if we try to go big in the beginning and fail. The participants wouldn’t take notice of it but…”


Cool NEET fleetingly shifted his attention to the large white board on the wall. Written there was the objective of the NPO organized offline camp and the necessary items for that.


“To continue holding the offline camp. We’ll test it on a small scale and next spring we will hold one in another place other than Utsunomiya. The broadcasting will be around winter, so it wouldn’t be strange that some information will be leaked around november. We will be moving around that time in regards with photography after all. Let’s aim to hold the first camp around the end of september”


The schedule that Cool NEET, Well-informed NEET, Anonymous MEAT worked together in creating it. Currently they were a month ahead of schedule.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Incorporated non profit organization, KokoKara, is it? It’s the first time I’ve heard of this name. Does it have a meaning?”

“It’s an organization that’s still shortly established. The name KokoKara was made with the meaning of ‘Let’s start from here on’ and the fresh start of mind and body. That said, I think the other side of our business card would be easier to understand”

“A laid-back support group for freeing oneself of being a NEET by former NEETs and socially withdrawn people. I see, so there comes the KokoKara, is it?”

“Yes. That way is much easier to understand, but as expected we would be looked at with prejudiced eyes after all. The corporate name slightly made it look good”


Tokyo Roppongi.

A complex facility where commercial facilities, cultural facilities, hotels and offices had been put together.

In a room of that office tower, there was Cool NEET. Accompanying him was for some reason Anonymous MEAT. It was a mysterious personnel selection.


“I see… So, what business do you have with us today? No, I had my subordinate let me hear the outline though”


Who responded was a woman and a man who looked like her superior.

Originally the appointment was made with the subordinate woman, but her superior happened to be there by chance, so he seemed to have gone on a business trip for her. The woman was grateful, but it was the best Cool NEET could ask for.


“Now then, I’ll explain. Simply speaking… would you start a booth where one can choose and buy clothes at the camp where socially withdrawn NEETs gather?”


The appointment that Cool-NEET got them to agree, using his former connections.

It was an appointment to the headquarters of an extremely major clothing chain where several people had gone and bought in every offline camp.


“…I see. I understand the outline. However, why us? To be frank, privately run stores and small chain stores would be quicker to work, and with those details, wouldn’t they nod immediately?”


Hearing Cool NEET’s presentation, the man asked with an indifferent gaze. It was reasonable.


After a few seconds of silence, Cool NEET opened his mouth.


“The merits of your company are as I have told you earlier. The estimated proceeds from the number of participants, the people interested in buying and unit price per person should not be far off. And I do understand that it’s not a significant proceeds from your company’s perspective”


Slowly, Cool NEET weaved a web of words while looking at his conversation partner in the eye.

This man had his heart broken by his depression that came from exhausting work once, but originally he had worked with managers. Although he left his consultation work, he was familiar in this sort of situation.

Beside him, Anonymous MEAT had turned into an ornament though.


“I’m sorry if you take offense to us. Now, I think I would like to talk about our true intentions. First, the socially withdrawn and the NEETs participating in the camp… no. We do not understand fashion. There is just one thing we wish for. It’s that we don’t want to avoid it”

“I see. Well we do take relatively basic designs as our foundation”

“And… after taking the first step forward. After the camp participants return from all corners of the country. I think it’s important that an identical store is nearby. They have bought clothes at a booth set up at the offline camp. But there will be no such store nearby once they go back home. They would be unable to buy again, right? I want to let them continue the experience which is a small success for them. For that the most suitable would be a chain store that has stores all over the country and the whole store service exceeds a certain level. And the deciding factor above all would be…”

“What would that be?”

“Lifewear. It’s the word your company holds up high. With our behavioral pattern, we would be caught continuing to buy at the same store as much as we like if we like it. When I thought about that, your company, who prepares basic and cheap commodities aimed for all ages, would be compatible with us… no, perhaps. Supposing a single company, it could only be your company”


The woman who listened to Cool NEET’s words was silent.


“Of course, there will be people who don’t match the behavioral pattern of continuing to buy at the same store. Even so. Please. If you were to accept to have a branch store, then the ones who would come to buy clothes would be the socially withdrawn and NEETs. People who have no self confidence, are unnecessarily afraid of surrounding eyes and are pushed out of society. Fashion where they won’t be looked at with strange eyes even when they go out is important to them. Please help their- our first step. A rich and comfortable life aimed at lifewear. The first step towards that”


The Cool NEET from before was not a man who would give presentations that appeal to emotions.


He pointed out his objective, presented the benefits, narrated the figures and reported the milestone and the actions needed for that. The thoughts he spoke were nothing but his point of view on how to control their motivations.

I certainly talked of that in the presentation before the proposals and questions began. The first small scale camp is free for testing. If successful, the number of participants and sales would be expected to be this much in a large scale camp. At that time we will expect the booth fee to be this much according to the room size. That said, depending on the result of the two camps, we will examine the booth fee, the venue and the number of camps, he said.


Was it because the headquarter staff had no good grip regarding the project?

Or did something change in Cool NEET by coming in contact with Yuuji and the bulletin board residents?

His words were filled with zeal and sentiments, unbecoming of the “cool” he self-proclaimed.


The woman who heard the story stared at the man who was her superior. Filled with expectations to his reply.

The man, having thought for a while, finally opened his mouth.


“I cannot give an immediate reply in this place. There are concerns on budget after all”


“Please wait for a moment. Also, I do have one request…”

“Yes, what would that be?”

“Would you not take this story to other stores? Our formal reply will be in the future, but… show them you earned my approval”


It appears that Cool NEET’s words have resulted in moving one company.


Yuuji’s wished repayment towards the bulletin board residents.

The non profit organization for that, finally just began to move.


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    1. Their hearts were moved by the concerns of a NEET representative, and they shall move many more, as well as store locations in the future. A nonprofit organization, acquires influence.

      [Yes, it should without a doubt become uproar.]
      * become uproar —> become an uproar

      [“If it’s around that place, then it should set at hundred thousand yen per tsubo. I’ll investigate”]
      * set —> sell

      [“Gunji-sensei, please buy up as far and wide as possible, as quick as possible. If it’s farmland, then have rely on some farming family and establish new farmers”]
      * have rely —> rely

      [That said, there are currently still only work at the level of creation of proposals and all sorts of preliminary investigations though.]
      * there —> they
      * work —> working
      * of creation —> of the creation

      [The broadcasting will be around winter, so it wouldn’t be strange that some information will be leaked around november. We will be moving around that time in regards with photography after all. Let’s aim to hold the first camp around the end of september]
      * november —> November
      * september —> September

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