Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Idle talk 6

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Vol 11 Idle talk 6

Bulletin board 

The offline camp, of which a test will be held, and this and that

A.N. It doesn’t influence the story, but chronologically this happened after Yuuji and company went on the trip.




[Yuuji setting off] I’m kind of in another world with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 48[There’s nothing to do]


1: Anonymous NEET


This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Questions like “Is this really another world? How did he make them?” 

go to the verification thread. 


Together with the elf Riese-chan and Alice-chan

Yuuji departed for the royal capital.

In other words no new videos or images for at least a month!

Nothing to doooooo!


Ah, reproduction is forbidden!


[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.




The NEET posting >>900 opens the next thread!


250 : Anonymous NEET

It moves slowly

when Yuuji isn’t here, huh


251 : Anonymous NEET

Of course it does!

In the end he is offering information


252 : Anonymous NEET

A trip in a fantasy world, huh…

Would he get on a dragon or something after all?

Like a dragon knight?


253 : Anonymous NEET


He said a carriage, didn’t he?

Even if mysterious translation is at work

it should be a horse-like something


254 : Citizen 2 of the tested land

Around a week by carriage, there would be an inn town…

nearby, right?


255 : Anonymous ETNE


There comes the view from a citizen with an unhelpful sense of direction!


256 : Anonymous NEET

Due to Well-informed NEET having started to work

we’re at a loss in times like this


257 : Anonymous NEET

We have lost a valuable one, haven’t we…


258 : Infra worker

He didn’t die, okay!?




You go work, Infra worker!

Eh? What?

Is the local infrastructure company that relaxed?


260 : Clothes group member B


But he’s watching the internet once in a while, you know!

It looks like he’s a little busy lately, so it’s just that though


261 : Anonymous NEET

I googled it

It’s kind of 10 km/h ish, but

The state of the road and whether they substitute the horses 

changes that from the looks of it

Next you kinda need rest frequently


262 : Anonymous NEET

It’s pretty slow then I guess~


263 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Don’t misunderstand, you all!

It’s a world where the dog Kotarou moves at an astonishing level, you know?

If Kotarou was here, then she would be rushed for an interview, you know?

The breeder’s reaction and all would be crazy, you know?



Like while they call them horses, they’re actually sleipnirs?

Also what was it again, uhm…


265 : NEET Unicorn

You called?


266 : Anonymous NEET


Did not!

Don’t want to see

middle-aged men riding unicorns


267 : Anonymous NEET

Now, assuming the horses are tougher than those here

the roads should be terrible, so

going with 20 km/h… since six hours a day would be about 120km

and he said one week, looking at an extra day

it would be 720 km in 6 days then


268 : Kemona Lv. MAX (TL : Should I leave it at kemona like before or go with furry?)

Don’t you think the estimation is too unreliable?

So, how much is 720 km? 


269 : Anonymous NEET


What could the box that’s in front of your eyes be?


270 : Anonymous NEET



Something like that

Onomichi is near Hiroshima, right?


271 : Anonymous NEET

It’s quite far away I guess

Even 500km would be Tokyo-Osaka


272 : Citizen 2 of the tested land

700km would be like Hakodate-Shiretoko then

About 8 hours by car


273 : Anonymous ETNE


You have a too strange sense of distance!

Also it should be much quicker than that, don’t you think?

I won’t report you, so try saying it, okay?


[Main thread]Holding the fourth Yuuji related thread community offline meeting [verification thread community]


1 : Anonymous MEAT

It’s finally decided!

The offline camp that Yuuji took out money and is sponsored by the NPO where Cool NEET and I are working at!

We can’t expect to go to the other world, but we’ll be doing a slow and relaxed camp!


Idle talk and Yuuji’s latest info goes to the main thread, and whether it’s a lie or real to the verification thread!

Reproduction is forbidden.


Main thread

[Yuuji setting off] I’m kind of in another world with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 48[We have nothing to do]

Verification thread

[Leaving behind the mystery]“Did he go to another world along with his house?” Verification thread part 20[Yuuji moved]


Yuuji’s uploaded Image and video collection



I will open the next thread when it’s time to go to there!


2 : Anonymous MEAT

Date:  Sept 29-30

Meeting time and location:  14:00  Shinkoshigaya station Tokyo entrance / Minamikoshigaya station South entrance (There are shuttle buses!)

Venue: Shimizu park (People who knows can gather on the site)


-There is no camp at the former site of Yuuji’s house!

That being the case, it’s not possible to go to the other world with this time’s offline camp!


3 : Anonymous NEET

Damn it, so it’s not in western Japan!?

… So, where?


4 : Anonymous NEET

It’s not any different from Utsunomiya, isn’t it!?


5 : Anonymous NEET

3 months ahead…

Isn’t the announcement early?


6 : Cool NEET This time it has the meaning of a test, you see

Sorry, but we’ve got various reasons for this

If this goes well, then next spring

we plan to hold one in Utsunomiya, Kansai and Kyushu at the same time


7 : Citizen 1 of the tested land

The north…


8 : Anonymous NEET


Give it up

Doesn’t the bullet train recently go to and from Sapporo?


9 : Citizen 2 of the tested land


No, it takes that guy more than 3 hours 

by car and train just to go to Sapporo


What will you do? I’ll be going, you know?


10 : Anonymous NEET


My hometown’s hereeeee!


11 : Anonymous MEAT

Then I’ll announce today’s points!

-What’s this!?

There will be a booth of the usual clothing chain!

You can buy clothes at the campsite!

-There’s more!

An official trip from Sakura’s friend-chan’s 

acquaintance as a beauty parlor!

You can cut your hair at a bungalow in the campsite!


We’ve rented two large screens!

We’ve arranged to broadcast Yuuji’s videos and the bulletin board in real time!

-Of course!

This time there’s also a refuge bay and specially installed wireless LAN!

No entrance fee and there’s traveling cost aid!

Ah, but you’re paying for the clothes and hair yourself, okay?


12 : Anonymous NEET



13 : Anonymous NEET

Will we be able to go home as it is if we were to go to the camp…


14 : Anonymous NEET



The world-famous Uni*lo-sama, going out of their way to do this?


15 : Anonymous NEET

Wait wait

Inviting a beauty parlor and all,

don’t you think Sakura’s friend-san’s influence is abnormal?


16 : Clothes group member B


It’s held on a Tuesday so they said it was OK pretty easily

It’s not that far away either


17 : Anonymous ETNE


Local people!

Plans for the first group!

Delicious stuff or famous places!


18 : Infra worker

I see

It doesn’t click with me even when I heard Shimizu park


19 : Urban Park


The super major soy sauce maker would be…

A- also the namazu(EN: Amur catfish) looks famous around there?

I tried putting on a username!


20 : Anonymous NEET


I’m not in the slightest charmed by that, you know

Work harder

There should be something there right?



Put some effort into it, local!


22 : Clothes group member A


Calm down

In the first place, you’ve gone to the venue at an elementary school trip you know?


23 : Anonymous NEET


Could it be, there’s a chance that person will come to the trip?

We’ll be able to see them without going all Snake?


24: Anonymous NEET



25 : Artist



26 : YES Lolita NO Touch

And also the possibility that she would bring her child?


27 : Anonymous NEET


That’s not gonna happen you know!

You stay silent!


28 : Urban Park

It’s at a distance from the meeting place where you use a car, but

there’s a damn good yakiniku shop!


29 : Anonymous NEET


Hey, the residents around are wondering where the venue is, you know?


30 : I love huge breasts


No well, yakiniku for lunch despite doing barbecue…


31 : Anonymous NEET


I think it’s wonderful!


32 : Anonymous NEET

I wonder if I should go…


33 : Camera Ossan

Camera group, participating this time as well!

We’re finally given an order as a job though!


34 : Urban Park


That place was originally a butcher!

Management, it has quite pricey but good meat!

In the worst case, please buy at least the sauce!

Also as for famous products…

A shopping mall that’s near the meeting place

was kinda Japan’s biggest I think…?

I finally understand what everyone wants to say

First team!

Is the outdoor obstacle course!

There’s a serious aquatic course, so don’t forget a change of clothes!


35 : Anonymous NEET

Outdoor obstacle course…?

Middle-aged men, in a group?


36 : Anonymous MEAT


We’re transporting goods from there!

That’s why the reason it became the place is…


Preliminary inspection complete!

It’s probably more amazing than what you’re thinking!


37 : Anonymous NEET

I went and looked at the homepage and video site!

Isn’t it somehow… quite serious?

Isn’t the aquatic course or something a pond?


38 : Anonymous NEET

I’ll join

The work is kind of that, so from the camp


39 : Clothes group member A


I tried asking, but I’m not sure if she’ll come

I’m joining!

If there are a lot of people, then maybe I should go to the outdoor obstacle course for the first time in a long while

The aquatic course is, you know, uhm, well… you really need a change of clothes


40 : Anonymous ETNE

Will join!

What is this, looks super fun!


41 : Cool NEET

This time’s venue had been decided with both the NPO and the store’s ease of movement and existence or non existence of a cottage etc

Don’t be afraid and at least come to the camp

We’ve reserved the campsite

Those who wants to exercise, in that case

the obstacle course and other facilities have ordinary guests as well

so take advice in that respect


42 : Anonymous NEET

Could the afternoon snacks be less than 300 yen I wonder?


43 : Citizen 1 of the tested land


I’ll go!

As for whether I’ll exercise or not, it’ll be after we get closer…


44 : Urban Park

Well, there’s also a flower garden and mass fishing, so

I think we’ll be able to enjoy things quietly

There’s actually a famous place for cherry blossoms, these are all the places


45 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Looks like dogs aren’t allowed

I won’t join this time


46 : Prof Acorn

I’ll go

Only the camp

I have some preparations too


47 : My hobby is Cosplay


That preparation of yours, could you not quit it for us?


48 : Anonymous NEET

I plan to join for the first time

I’m thinking about making use of the clothing and hairdo


49 : Anonymous NEET

I wanna go…

I’ll think about it a bit


50 : Well-informed NEET

Like last time, we’re creating a format for participation and traveling expense aid

This time we expect you to be able to fill it at the site

There’s time

Take your time to think about it


51 : Anonymous MEAT

I prepared various things, but

the camp will always feel slow~!

For the time being I’ll give you the state of the previous camp for reference!


I think Yuuji will likely be back, but

that part is pending!

But I think there will be some news!


52 : Anonymous NEET

What is that, I’m soo curious about it


53 : Cool NEET

Sorry, I can’t say it yet

Stay tuned!


54 : Infra worker

Did this guy always have this kind of character…


<<| TOC |>>



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4 thoughts on “Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Idle talk 6

    1. [264 : I LOVE ELVES
      Like while they call them horses, they’re actually sleipnirs?
      Also what was it again, uhm…]

      I think it would be pretty hard getting your hands on a god-driven horse with 8 legs…

      [(TL : Should I leave it at kemona like before or go with furry?)]


      By the way,
      Cool NEET really changed, huh?

      He’s more expressive and extroverted, a complete contrast to him before he became acquainted with Gunji.

      [Those who wants to exercise, in that case
      the obstacle course and other facilities have ordinary guests as well
      so take advice in that respect]
      * wants —> want

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