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Vol 11 Chapter 10

Yuuji, decided to fulfil Riese’s selfishness


The group finished the sauna, the tour through the open-air market and their premie city sightseeing, and returned to the Kevin company building.

That place had become the place of accomodation while Yuuji and company were in the city.


The Kevin company building has three floors; the first floor is the store, the second floor has a small room for the apprentice and a parlor, and the employees live on the third floor.

With the elf Riese coming here this time, the employees took an inn and lodged there. Yuuji and co were occupying the living room. Of course, Riese’s escort Salomon was staying there as well. Both of them were measures for the elf Riese’s safety.


The evening, where they were about to sleep after having finished their dinner.

Riese, Alice, Yuuji, Kotarou, Kevin and Salomon had gathered in the parlor.

The somewhat worrying looking Riese called out and gathered everyone.


‘So Riese, what’s up? Do you have something to talk about?’


Yuuji spoke in a gentle voice in order to urge her.

He was a former shut-in NEET, but he seems to have improved considerably in his treatment with women.

Well, it may be restricted to little girls and young girls though.


‘Yup, Yuuji-nii, so uhm…’


With hesitation, Riese still searched for the words to try and convey something.


‘If I say something like this, then Riese may trouble everyone and be disliked by everyone though…’

‘It’s alright Riese. Hey, everyone l-, l-l-love you after all’


It was not love, but like. Well, if one were to say american-like like Sakura, then it would be love though. Nevertheless, perhaps strained by the word, Yuuji stuttered. He did not seem to have the communicative ability to say it smoothly.


‘Ehehe, thank you, Yuuji-nii. Uhm, you know, Riese wants to go to the royal capital with everyone’

‘Eh? It’s safer to wait in the pioneer land, you know? If you really want to no matter what, then you can tell the feudal lord and have him send even more people’

‘Yup, Riese knows. Riese is a lady, so Riese endured and shouldn’t cause trouble for everyone, but…’


Riese quietly lowered her sight.

Coupled with her well-featured looks and fragileness, her anxious expression gave her the look of a fleeting beauty.


‘Could you have some reason for that?’

‘Yup… You know, Yuuji-nii. When Riese returns to my home country, then Riese won’t be able to leave the country until Riese becomes an adult. Because it’s dangerous outside’

‘Yup… I want to do so. But you know, that’s not good, Yuuji-nii. When Riese goes back to the country, I probably won’t be able to meet everyone anymore’


Tears were spilling from Riese’s eyes.

Hearing Yuuji’s words as he interpreted her, Alice clung to Riese.

Kotarou jumped on Riese’s lap and licked her cheeks as if to comfort her. Kotarou’s beastly smell permeated Riese’s cheeks.


‘Eh? Why?’


Surprised, Yuuji asked Riese.

On the other hand, having heard Riese’s words through Yuuji, Kevin and Salomon cast down their eyes. These two noticed something and showed understanding.


‘Yuuji-nii, elves are adults once they turn hundred years old, you know. Riese is twelve right now, so to become an adult, another eighty eight years have to pass. If Yuuji-nii, Alice-chan and Kotarou’s lifespan is raised plenty, plenty enough by raising your rank, then maybe we can meet again, but…’


Riese told them as tears trickled down.

It was inevitable due to long living species.


They have a lifespan different from Humans and beastkin and other species.

That was one of the reasons that elves shut themselves in their country.

The people that have gotten close to them will pass away before them without exceptions.


On that subject, Riese had told Yuuji and co that her parents, who she said to be around hundred twenty, gave birth to Riese at a young age for an elf.

Eighty eight years later.

Yuuji would be hundred twenty three, Alice ninety seven and Kotarou hundred seven.

Kevin once said one’s lifespan would be extended when raising one’s ranks, but it did not mean one would not grow old. Actually, his actual was unclear, but guildmaster Salomon’s appearance was around his fifties.

Even if they were to be in time, they would not be able to move together like now at all.


‘That’s why, you know, Riese wants to make a lot of memories with everyone. Riese wants to see the royal capital, but not alone when RIese is an adult, but together with everyone’


Riese tightly grabbed her left wrist with her right hand and continued her words.


‘Riese is an elf, so Riese knows it’s dangerous and she would bother everyone. But…’


Looking downward, Riese sunk into silence.

She managed to convey her wishes, but she seemed to be regretting it, bothering everyone with her childish selfishness.




Yuuji was at a loss for words.

Certainly, Yuuji was thinking of wanting to send Riese back to her family who were waiting in their home country. But he did not expect that to become their final farewell. Well, he did not know if there was life after death in this world though.


“… Can’t we do something about this? Mr Kevin, Mr Salomon”


Yuuji translated Riese’s words and asked the experienced and reliable old men.

Alice and Riese cuddled close the crying Riese.


“Lord Yuuji, please tell Miss Riese. It’s because of us that it is dangerous for them. It isn’t that the miss is causing trouble to us, but that we’re causing trouble to her. That’s why if she wishes so, we will grant at least that much. The ones causing inconvenience are us after all. Besides look, she did sneaked out, wanting to have such adventurers too!”

“Mr Salomon…”


The adventurers guild master Salomon clutched his fist and strongly declared to Yuuji. He was a man among men. His substitute, who had been working at the adventurers guild with bags under his eyes, must have shed tears of blood when he heard that.


“Mr Yuuji. Well, I have plans to go to the royal capital either way. That’s fine, let’s go with everyone together”

“Mr Kevin…”


Yuuji’s eyes moistened to the words of the two old men.

Three old men were staring at each other. Gross.


That time, the door of the parlor opened with a clank, and one of Kevin’s exclusive escorts entered.

It appears that he had been guarding the door. Perhaps he listened attentively, he received Kevin’s words and was holding a thick reddish brown cloth.


“Thank you Ianis. *sigh*, I didn’t want to use this though…”


Kevin wore the reddish brown cloth that he accepted from one of his exclusive escorts, Ianis.


“Danger will fall to my goods, after I lose my life. I, Merchant Kevin, disciple of ‘Blood stained Gaegus’, swear by my name that I will stake my life to reach it”


Yuuji stared at Kevin with mouth agape upon his statement.

What tugged at their heartstrings? Alice and Kotarou’s eyes were sparkling.

Perhaps only Salomon agreed; he nodded twice.


‘Ri- Riese, I’m not sure, but Mr Salomon and Mr Kevin said they would cooperate. That’s why, let’s go to the royal capital. With everyone!’

‘Yuuji-nii! Everyone!’


Perhaps overcome with emotion, Riese stood up and clung onto Yuuji. Yuuji held out his hands and caught her.

Yuuji also caught Kotarou and Alice who jumped in later.

The graces of improved physical ability.


Thus, Riese’s selfishness was fulfilled, and Yuuji and co decided to head to the royal capital.

Yuuji, with a flower on both hands + Kotarou, arrived at his period of popularity for the first time of his life. It was a little girl, a young girl and a dog though.


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