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Companion Chapter 3-4

The tales of adventures of the B rank adventurer Cloud (4/5)



When I woke up, the pain in the joint made me groan.


[Oh, Cloud, you finally woke up.]


[Good work. Cloud-kun.]


When I looked around while I was lying down, I saw Coco. Sicily and Yuria-san sitting nearby.

It doesn’t seem like they were able to stand up properly due to the effects of “Spirit Form” either.


[W-What’s the result?]

[We won! Giordo fainted over there. He seems to be heavily injured and didn’t wake up even when we shook or kicked him hard.]

[We kicked him hard…]

[Just to make sure.]


Coco is quite violent after all (Except in front of Jin-sama).


I looked at where Jirodo had fainted.

It seems he fell down face down, but it doesn’t look like he died.

He is quite tough.


At any rate, there’s no mistaking that we won.

It’s not like we can’t kill him anymore, and that is what we ought to be doing, but I don’t really think like doing so.

Because I don’t feel any maliciousness from him at all.


<<Oh, Cloud-kun, you woke up!>>


I looked around and saw the light spirit Akari-san floating around.

It seems the other spirits already went back except Akari-san.


<<Congrats~! As a reward I will give you a boob sandwich. Oh, that’s impossible with this form. Yuria-san, I’ll borrow some of your magic power, okay?>>

[Eh, wait…]


While Yuria-san was confused, Akari-san’s body shone and turned into a woman taller than me.

She turned into human-like form by increasing magic supply from Yuria-san and putting in effort towards materialization, or so it seems.


<<Here, gyu~!>>


She said, and pressed her voluptuous breasts on me.

In this situation, this sensation is the same as for normal humans…, I’m about to die.




You could say I’m suffocating.


[Let him go! Perverted Spirit! Cloud is dying!]

<<Ah, sorry~>>


I was saved from being suffocated to death because Coco scolded Akari-san.

No matter how high their levels are, humans will die if they can’t breath…


[Puha~! T-Thanks, Coco.]

[Cloud too, you should properly show it with your attitude if you hate it!]

[I will be careful…] 


I just thanked her but she just turned it down, too bad…


<<I’m sorry~, I was too excited because it has been a while since the last time I was summoned~>>

[It feels strange to see you doing something like this after summoning you.]

[Calm down, Coco-chan. Akari-san doesn’t mean any harm either~]



Akari-san has been strangely attached to me after I saved her when she was swallowed whole by a blood tiger.

She made a pact with Yuria-san because of me…

I’m really happy about that, but this excessive skinship is the problem.

However, she is really reliable when we need her like that time she attacked Giordo.


[Thank you, Akari-san. Then, goodbye.]

<<Wai-, you are acting too cold to me! I’m sorry for taking your magic without permission. Ah, you are really unsummoning me…, Cloud-kun, see you later.>>


Under normal circumstances, summoning 3 spirits simultaneously requires a lot of MP to maintain and being forced to supply more for materialization made Yuria-san angry, so she unsummoned Akari-san.


[If she wasn’t this fond of Cloud-kun, she would’ve been a good spirit…]


Yuria-san muttered and sighed.


[Well, we are talking about Cloud after all.]

[This is Cloud-kun after all~]

[You are right. This is Cloud-kun.]

[Eh, why are you settling down with that!?]


I raised my voice to their agreement that made no sense.


[So…I lost…]


This is the first thing Giordo said after regaining consciousness. 


[Yeah. You can’t say “I didn’t lose” in this kind of situation after all.]

[Of course. If I were to say such thing despite being let alive in my unconscious state, I would lose the qualification to call myself a fighter.]

[You are really a combat maniac…]

[He ends up appearing more likable instead if he is this persistent with it, isn’t it.]



Though he regained consciousness, he did not have the strength to stand up, so he continued his talk as he was lying down.

We have recovered enough to stand by drinking potion.


[So, why didn’t you kill me?]

[Didn’t you say you would leave this place if you lost? Our commission is to subjugate you or drive you away.]

[Kukuku, it would be much easier to just to kill me. You are really interesting. Yes, it is a promise. I shall leave this forest.]


Giordo acknowledged leaving this place while laughing.


[They will come here to confirm tomorrow. Please leave this forest before that if possible. It would help us a lot if you go to another country.]

[I recommended Erudia kingdom, they have a lot of Heroes~]


Sicily sneakingly convinced Giordo to go to Eludia.


Jin-sama, our master really hates the Eludia kingdom.

I haven’t heard the details, but various things happened it seems.


And now, Jin-sama’s hatred for Eludia gradually infects us.

If I were to put it more accurately, the reason was more that we could not bear to look at him if we were to cause him anger by doing something that benefits Eludia kingdom.

Therefore, we won’t accept any escort requests to Eludia or enter the Eludia side of Liraluka city, the border city with Eludia, even if we have to go there.


[Hmm, I did think it was about time to go to another country soon. I will fight with the Heroes in Eludia. Or it may be good to go to Estia and kill my foolish brother…]


He is saying quite the disturbing thing, going to kill his brother.

The vampire in Estia is probably the one Jin-sama defeated.


Oh…, so we have to report to Mira-san that “We didn’t kill the vampire”.

I feel somewhat bummed out. But trying to kill him now will leave a bad aftertaste…


[There are 2 things I want to ask.]

[I will answer if I can.]


I can’t answer most of the things related to Jin-sama, so the “questions I can answer” is surprisingly scarce.


[Did you take countermeasures against <Flash Step>?]


I don’t think there are any problems to answer this question.


[Yeah, it is a strong skill. We prepared it in case our opponents use it.]

[I see… It is a strong skill but he problem was that it isn’t possible to change direction while moving, turning the attacks monotonous regardless…]

[Yes. We trained to stop movement with wall-type magic.]

[Cloud-kun worked hard there~]


Sicily, don’t say that… 


A fighting style that relies on strong but hard-to-control skills cannot easily recover when their weakness is picked at, so they’re a simple group to deal with if anything.


[Kukuku, to think that my trump card would become the opening to take advantage of as soon as it’s cut through.]

[As for me, the fighting style with no weak spot before was more troublesome though.]

[Cloud-kun has been blown away so many times after all.]


You too Yuria-san, don’t say that.


[Good grief, the world is vast. I have to resume my training as well.]

[There are many more people who are stronger than me after all.]


Mainly, at Kastal mansion…

Jin-sama, Maria-senpai, Mio-senpai, Sera-senpai, Dora-san, Tamo-san, and Lusia-sensei…

They are this many people who I’ve done a mock battle and lost.


[Hmm, that would be my second question… I want to know if you happen to know someone stronger than you. I have no intentions of challenging them as I am now, but I want to fight them someday.] 

[Oh, sorry. I can’t answer that question.]

[You can’t~ You absolutely can’t!]


Sicily didn’t stretch the end of her sentence.

She must’ve lost her cool mentally, imagining any harm befalling Jin-sama.


[Umm, I see. That is regrettable. However, it is fortunate even if I only discovered there are people stronger than you. For the sake of having a fight that will come someday, I will have to forge myself more. First I will be reviewing a countermeasure for <No Chant> and “Spirit Form”, and the practical use of <Flash Step> and <Dragon Awakening>.]


He is already thinking about the next fight…

Is there nothing else except fighting in his head?


[Err, if possible, I’d like to keep “Spirit From” a secret…]


It is more or less our trump card.

We will be troubled if it is made too public.

What would we be troubled with you ask? We would be troubled if we’re pressed about it in Jin-sama’s mansion.

We will be really…troubled.


[Hmm, I see. Very well. If the winner wishes so, then the loser has no choice but to obey silently.]




If he said he was going to spread it, we will have to finish him right now.


[Then, I guess I will depart.]

[Eh, already? Your physical strength is like that, and in the first place it is daytime right now.]

[Are you going to be fine with the sunlight? Didn’t you say your elder brother overcame the sunlight before?]


Yuria-san and I asked.

If he is fine with sunlight, there would be no need to fight inside the forest like this.


[I have recovered my physical strength somewhat so it should be alright. As for sunlight, it won’t be a problem if I cover my whole body with a thick coat.]

[Is it fine to use such a simple way of coping with it?]


It’s a very crude way of coping with it, right!?


[I don’t mind. It is best to keep my promise immediately. Oops, one last thing. Would you fight with me again sometime? It has been a long time I have put my all into fighting. I can count it as one of my most fulfilling fights in my life. Eventually, after becoming even stronger, I would like to meet you who would have become even stronger as well.]

[Ugh, I don’t want to have a battle with that much of a close call many times over, but… Okay. I understand. Let’s have a fight again someday.]


Although barely winning like this wasn’t good for my heart, it wasn’t without any gains.

For the sake of becoming an S rank adventurer someday, I want to look greedily for strength now.


[I see, that is good. Well then, I will see you someday…]


Saying that, Giordo really left the forest for real.

Even if he said he took countermeasures, that he would actually leave the forest while the sun is out, he has quite a bold character…


After driving out the vampire(he mostly went away by himself), we returned to an nearby town in order to report our commission completion to the guild.

The fact that we were attacked by bandits while on the way to the forest with the guild personnel and were picked for a fight by another C rank adventurer and causing an uproar with a duel immediately after returning to the guild and completed the commission is not much of an interesting story, so I’m thinking of abridging it.


Changing locations to the Queendom royal capital adventurers guild.


[I see, you drove the vampire away.]


The Guild master muttered as he heard our report.


[Yeah, there was nothing in his head besides fighting. That and it’s limited to situation where his opponent wishes for the fight too. The commission contents were to either to subjugate or drive him away, so we thought the choices is at our discretion, but are there any problems with this?]


[No, not at all. As you have said, you had the options. What I was thinking about was something else. To think that a vampire could use <Flash Step>…]

[I was also surprised about it.]

[It would’ve been dangerous if you didn’t take any countermeasures.]


…To tell the truth, I have talked with the guild leader about <Flash Step>.

More accurately, the fact that I can use <Flash Step> was found out by the guild leader who knew about <Flash Step> from the beginning.

I was told that it was the strong point of an S rank adventurer, who was once the guild leader’s rival.


Of course, we didn’t talk about anything involving Jin-sama at all .

I was asked why I could use <Flash Step>, but I honestly answered “I can’t answer that”.

Also I asked him to be ambiguous about “Spirit Form” and <Dragon Awaken>.

It’s because if we explain about <Dragon Form>, we would not have a choice but to explain about our trump card “Spirit Form” either.


[Long time ago, I believe my rival said he taught <Flash Step> to someone…]

[Do you believe that person taught this technique to the vampire?]


If it was that’s a vampire, it may be possible that he taught him.

Although it might be different back then…


[I don’t know. That vampire has departed, I lost contact with my rival, meaning the truth is in the forest. Given that he is a vampire that is.]

[This is boring!]

[Now now, Coco-chan, let’s be patient~. It is quite pitiful to get angry about it because it’s uninteresting~. Although it is really uninteresting~.]


Wouldn’t the way Sicily is saying hurt him more instead?


[I’m…about to cry…]


He’s feeling down after all.


[May we continue our conversation?]

[Hm, aah. That’s right. In my judgment, this vampire’s ability is rank S. Honestly, we’ve completely made a mistake in the commission rank. I can’t apologize enough for that. I’m really sorry.]


The guild master said as he lowered his head.


[Recently, a vampire seems to have appeared even in Estia which did not meet the commission rank  Soon, the minimum rank for a vampire-related commission may become A. With the apology included, this time’s commission fee will be equivalent to an A rank. Even so, it won’t reach to an S rank reward…]

[No, getting an A rank equivalent reward is enough. More importantly, we’ve fulfilled the clan establishment requirements with this time’s commission, right?]

[Yes of course. If you wish so, you can do the clan registration right now even.]


We finally can take a breather as we heard that word.

Our end goal that is S rank adventurer is still far away, but we were able to cross another big checkpoint.


[Finally. It took a long time…]

[It did. But I think it is fast from the perspective of the average adventurer.]

[That’s right~]

[That is natural. There hasn’t been any past events where they went from adventurer registration to clan establishment within three months.]


Some adventurers seemed to have raised their ranks at a ridiculous speed from time to time, but they didn’t seem to have established a clan.

I guess it’s inevitable, what with the clan establishment requirements needing factors other than slightly increasing one’s rank.


[Guild leader, could I apply for a clan tomorrow?]

[I don’t mind that…, oh, the group that is doing independent action, right?]



This time we completed the commission with 4 out of the 8 adventurers in our team.

But it didn’t mean that the other 4 people who aren’t here now were just play around.

They were just doing another job and coincidentally are not in this place now.


Since we took all this effort, I want to share the joy of celebrating the establishment of a clan with everyone.





Q: Why did you fight against your elder brother?

Giordo : Because I fell in love with the same woman.


Q: What happened after you had won the fight?

Giordo : That woman became my wife. I had a daughter too.


Q: Did you leave your wife and daughter to go on a  training journey?

Giordo : ……


Q: And that sort of person would prattle on about the summit of martial arts?

Giordo : ………… 


Q: Hey, what about you say something? Hey?

Giordo : …………………

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