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Vol 9 Idle talk 8

Bulletin board chapter 

The this and that of the verification thread and offline meeting part2


[What about the mystery barrier?] “Did he go to another world along with his house?” Verification thread part 18 [what about language?]

1: Cool NEET

Here is the thread to verify: Are the information, images and videos Yuuji uploaded really another world? What if it’s processed or CG?

Idle chat and Yuuji’s latest information are on the main thread.

Reproduction is forbidden.

Main thread:

[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 

The collection of images and videos Yuuji uploaded:


The person posting >>950 opens the next thread.


312 : Cool NEET

Now, this is about the conversation on magic

that came up yesterday, but…


313 : Anonymous ETNE


You’re too composed all of a sudden!


314 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

In the first place, that Alice-chan’s magic

what is it burning?


315 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


We start from there then!

First is whether or not it would disappear in a sealed airspace, right?


316 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

And then temperature

and then…

the spread of fire, was a little lacking isn’t it?

No matter how much we tell them to be careful,

will making a great fire in a forest end with just that?

You know, like the AoE type one


317 : Well-informed NEET

The earth magic too I guess

Where does the indented part of the soil go to?

Does it disappear?

Is it compressed?

If it just shifts downwards, then how much does it affect the ground?


318 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

I wonder if Alice’s fire magic

can be used on rainy days too…


319 : YES Lolita NO Touch

So colonel Alice-chan is useless when it’s raining, huh!

So cute


320 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Don’t come to this thread, you!


321 : Cool NEET

First we’ll start with fire magic then

  1. Can the magic fire burn in a sealed airspace?
  2. The color and temperature of the magic fire
  3. Fire progression
  4. Can it be used when it’s raining?

By the way, a review

Previously, Mr Kevin had said that magic sources dwells in things and air,

and that those who can use magic can command to move those

They cast by commanding them in their minds or by speaking

Guessing from that, I wonder whether or not it depends on the image of

the casters other than magic exhaustion or lacking magic power for the magic…


322 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Come here quickly Yuujii!

There’s lots of assignments for you you know!


323 : Verifying Anonymous NEET



What if your guess is correct

If Alice-chan learns the correct information

wouldn’t there be a possibility for her magic to get weaker?


324 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


You don’t know whether or not

the earth’s knowledge is correct in the other world though!


325 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


That’s true I guess

Yuuji’s physical abilities is already considered human limit values

Looks like he’s starting to cross over it I guess

That guy, how many seconds does it take for him to run 100m now…


326 : Yuuji

I’m here!

Could I ascertain 321 for now?

I’ll try out 1, 3 and 4 though

How would I be able to measure the temperature on 2?


I’m also curious about it, but my tape measure is only the 5m one

and there are no flat places in a straight line around here…


327 : Well-informed NEET


There’s no need for exact temperatures

so isn’t it fine to go with how many seconds until

an equal amount of water would boil?


328 : Yuuji

I’ll try it!

But it’s now night, so the report will be tomorrow afternoon or night I guess

Because Alice is already asleep!

I’ll try the rain one when it rains

Would snow be fine too?


329 : In charge of verification thread videos

Yuuji, don’t forget about the recordings!


330 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Yuuji, don’t forget about the recordings!


331 Verifying Anonymous NEET

>> 329-330

They’re the same sentence and yet they’re different in grossness


332 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Come to think of it

Can the elven girl use magic?

According to stories, elves are relatively masters in magic right?


333 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

You still there Yuuji!?

Go ask if Riese-chan can use magic!


334 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Don’t be in such a hurry

The experimental body won’t…

I mean, the elf won’t run away after all

Until spring that is


335 : Anonymous ETNE


He’s showing signs of madness!

Run, Riese-chan, run!


547 : Yuuji

Thanks for waiting!

  1. Can magic fire burn in sealed airspace?

…  I put a cup on the fire that was started with ignite magic

It continued to burn!

I burned myself with the cup that became hot…


  1. Temperature and color of the magic fire

… I put put in 1 liter in a kettle and had her heat up the bottle

The time until boiling is…

Red : 8 mins

Blue : 5 mins

White : 2 mins

I had her match the size of the magic fires and

we did it after adding the water into the kettle

The conditions are generally identical I think


  1. Fire progression

… I didn’t notice it until you told me

It sure is strange

The fire hardly spread

But there is some chance for things to catch fire

so it’s difficult to use it in the forest after all

Here, the video of the AoE type magic


  1. Can you use it when it’s raining?

… We haven’t gotten any rain or snowy days, so it’s put on hold


548 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


This guy, again full of bombs… 


549 : Well-informed NEET

I still haven’t seen the videos, but

magic fire is a special case for breaking news then

Well, fire was produced in a place with nothing in it, so

it was hardly surprising though…


550 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


The hell are these results!?

There’s nothing disagreeable about it you know!


551 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


No, it’s still a trick!

There should be some sort of trick to this!


552 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Good luck there

Was the elf taught like that too?

If so, then leaving aside the otherworlder Yuuji

who is Alice-chan?


553 : Cool NEET


Yuuji, for now our side will inspect the experimental results

If there is anything else, we’ll ask you again

Also, take care to check out 

what kind of magic Riese-chan can use


554 : Anonymous MEAT


Remember Mr Kevin’s story!

This world’s magicians are at the level where 

it’s centered on royalty and titled nobility

and there are some commoners who can use them

Alice-chan’s parents have “eloped”

In other words…


555 : Verifying Anonymous NEET



Alice-chan is likely to be a kid from a good family?

Despite being that much like a village girl?


556 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Wherever Alice-chan is born in, Alice-chan is Alice-chan!

I don’t care!


557 : Infra worker


We didn’t ask you, you pervert!


558 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Come to think of it though

The verification thread wasn’t to verify this, but

whether or not it’s another world right?


559 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


We- well, look

If we can discover differences like this

then it’ll become otherwold-ish right?


560 : Anonymous NEET


Don’tcha sweat the details!

You’re gonna lose hair, you know?


[Main thread] Holding the third Yuuji related thread community offline camp [verification thread community]


1 : Sakura’s friend

This is the thread where we share information on the offline meeting for the threads related to Yuuji-san.

Please keep idle chat or Yuuji’s latest information on the main thread and whether they’re true or not on the verification thread.

Reproduction is not allowed.

Main thread:

[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 

Verification thread:

[What about the mystery barrier?] “Did he go to another world along with his house?” Verification thread part 18 [what about language?]

The collection of images and videos Yuuji uploaded:


The organiser, me, will start the next thread when we hold the next meeting.


2 : Sakura’s friend

Date: april 12th-13th

Meeting place and time: JR Utsunomiya station, west entrance in front of the gyoza dumpling statue, 15:00

Venue:  BBQ: Forest park campsite

Lodging: Forest park campsite (Unlimited number)

Lodging: Former site of Yuuji’s house (Up to 25 people)


-Basically, it will be held at the forest park campsite

The date is the date when Yuuji’s house went to another world 4 years ago.

We can accomodate the interested party on the former site of Yuuji’s house, but there is a chance you would go to the other world as is.

Those who will be accommodated at the former site of Yuuji’s house, please participate fully understanding that.

-The maximum participants for the camp at the former site of Yuuji’s house is planned to be 25

After the BBQ at the forest park campsite, we send cars to take you to the former site


3 : Sakura’s friend

It’s earlier than usual, but I started the thread!

Starting this year, it will be centered on the campsite, so

like, I have to get the number of participants!


4 : Anonymous ETNE



This year’s a feast too!

I want to try a campfire too!


5 : Anonymous MEAT


Campfire huh…


Sterilize the garbaaage~!


6 : Infra worker


Wouldn’t you be the one getting sterilized?

Of course there’s an early arrival group this year too!

It’s a full-course gyoza meeting at 11:00!

This year it’s a weekday, so I’ve taken a day off!

And because it’s a weekday, I’ve booked a famous restaurant!


7 : Anonymous NEET


You’re putting a little too much effort don’t you think, old man…

What are you going to do if you don’t gather a large number of people…

Well, I’ll go though!


8 : Sakura’s friend

Team USA is coming, but

the number hasn’t been decided yet, including Sakura!


9 : Clothes group member A


Will we have a clothes tour this year too?

By the sales clerk at our first year if possible…

Ah, I’m participating with the forest park group!


10 : Anonymous NEET



Somehow it smells of romance?


11 : Clothes group member B

I’ll participate too!

Which accommodation should I pick…


12 : Cool NEET

I’ll participate

I heard Gunji-sensei will also participate

This year there’s aid for the NEETs with severe travelling expenses

Template is getting prepared now


13 : Well-informed NEET

I’ll participate!

I wonder what we’re going to barbeque this year…


14 : Anonymous NEET


If possible, something that doesn’t take time!

The baumkuchen’s 4 hours and all that is, you know…

I’m fed up with that…


15 : Dr Acorn

A camp at the forest campsite, huh!

Could you cook the things that we gather in the public park?


16 : Anonymous ETNE


I ain’t gonna eat acorns or insects anymore, you know!

The tragedy of the second offline camp…


17 : YES Lolita NO Touch

I’ll participate

Do we have a clothes tour?


18 : Sakura’s friend

We’ll do it this year too, a clothes tour!

2 full sets for 20k yen is basic though

it depends on your budget


That girl is divorced and has kids too though…


19 : I love huge breasts

I’ll participate!


Tch, so she ain’t a married woman

Well, not like I’m interested in NTR for the third time though!


20 : NEET Unicorn


She’s out!


21 : Anonymous NEET


Shut up, NEET!

Ah, I’m also a NEET…


22 : Clothes group member A


So she’s single right now then…


23 : Anonymous ETNE



Romantique won’t stop? (TL Reference to this music)


24 : Infra worker


That’s so out of date, the hell! 


25 : Anonymous NEET


Clothes group member A

He is that guy who, despite being a shut-in NEET,

started working at a convenience store after

going to the first offline camp right?

Even his love has accidentally begun?

I’ll go too, to the offline camp!!


26 : Anonymous NEET


Calm down

It’s not like his love has started yet you know

I’ll go too, to the offline camp!!


27 : Kemona Lv.MAX

I’ll participate!

With team former site of Yuuji’s house!

Oh god, please take me to paradise!


28 : Anonymous MEAT

The pervert group should announce their participation a little later!

All the NEETs participating for the first time and shut-in NEETs will end up declining, don’t you think!?


29 : Anonymous NEET


What a gentle NEET…


30 : Anonymous NEET

I’ll participate

Please let me know once the traveling expense aid template is done


31 : Overwhelmingly dog person

A forest park you say

Could I take my dogs with me?

Is this something I should ask you to ask them?

Is it better to have a point of contact and not asking personally?


32 : Anonymous NEET


What an anxious NEET…


33 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t be fooled!

That guy is a winner who’s running a pet shop, you know!


34 Sakura’s friend


Aalrighties, oneesan is gonna do her best!


I went and asked

I’ll do the point of contact, so

so no direct inquiry for anybody!


35 : Infra worker

Beside the gyoza tour

we’ll do the home center tour too!

Do your best, ma’am.


36 : Camera Ossan

I’ll get my car this time too

I heard that I’ll be in charge of the recordings too


37 : My hobby is cosplay

So team USA is coming!

I wonder if the patternmaker will come too…

I want to talk to her!

I’ll participate!

Ah, also, is the forest park OK with cosplay?

Please ask them!



If the chances aren’t 0, then

there are reasons to hesitate I guess

No, there aren’t

I’m participating!


39 : Anonymous nEET

I’ll participate

I’m sorry if I’m taking refuge in the car


40 : Clothes group member B


Well, everyone is kind of similar one way or another, so

Wouldn’t it be better not to get worked up?


41 Cool NEET

It’s gotten out of hand, hasn’t it?

So I’ll create templates of not only 

traveling expense aid, but also of participation


42 : Sakura’s friend


Women are always young girls you know!

Those who are married, pay attention to that!


Say, when I got in touch that girl now,

she remembers you though…

Also the fact that Clothes group member A-kun didn’t come last year


43 : Infra worker

So he has hope!


44 : Anonymous ETNE

Leave this place to us and go ahead, Clothes group member A!


45 : Anonymous NEET

It’s not like it’s particularly necessary to meet at the offline camp right?

What if he approaches her in advance starting now?


46 : Anonymous NEET

A genius appears! 


47 : Anonymous NEET

Warming up beforehand and

then a date on the appointed day of the offline camp!

It’ll be fine

We don’t have a Snake here after all, right?


48 Clothing group member A


Right, my ass!

You just feel like doing a Snake aren’t you!


Sakura’s friend-san, I’ll contact you later


49 : Anonymous NEET

I wonder if I should go…


50 : Infra worker


It’s okay to come, but don’t go expecting an encounter, you hear!

The offline is full of men after all!

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