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Chapter 116



“Death… Why are you here…”

“No, well, I found out there are a couple of idiots trying to die as they pleased, so I came here in a rush to put a stop to that. I’m glad I got here in time”


Saying that, mother laughed.

I didn’t know what’s what and just watched in a daze.


“Welp, I’m just like someone transporting another though. Hey! Come out!”

“Geez! I didn’t hear anything about going through Hell!”

“Can’t do much about that, had to drive out these two either way”


From the gates appeared a pink-haired woman wrapped in a white veil.

She is an unworldly beautiful woman.

She is probably one of the gods, though…




Creasyl muttered.

This isn’t good, I’m being left behind here.


“She’s a messenger from ‘Heaven’”

“God of Creation Creasyl, I will be taking you to ‘Heaven’ as a criminal god”

“ …”

“Wa-, wait!”


Who flared up at Aphrodite’s words was not Creasyl, but Stroh.


“I will atone for my crimes along with her! That is why, lighten Creasyl’s sentence――――”

“That I can’t do”


However, before she could finish her sentence, Aphrodite cut her down.

It’s obviously unpardonable.

Honestly I still have some mixed feelings to the fact that Creasyl is alive.


“Wh- why…”

“Why you ask, tell them at least the charges”

“I suppose. How do you suppose to divide a sentence of working at the heaven’s dining room for two thousand years?”



Stroh let out a stupid voice.

I did too.

I thought I misheard it.


“You’re, you’re fucking kidding me mother! This woman tried to annihilate the humans you know! You’re not supposed to agree with something like that!”

“Agree or not agree, it’s already decided”

“So you’re just gonna allow it!?”

“ … You really don’t know, huh”



Before I was aware of it, mother placed her arm around my shoulder.

Being pressed down from there, I was unable to straighten my back.


“The fucking bastard of a supreme god stopped his research on humans. Any god, no matter how many humans they would try to kill, won’t be charged with heavy punishment anymore. Since they are more or less the supreme god’s creations, a punishment will happen if you try to kill them though. Even so, this is the heavier side among the punishments that happens in relation with humans”

“Yes, but!”

“Understand it. That’s what the value of humans are”



I was unable to say any more.

I understand it because I stood at the same height as a god once.

That there is a difference between gods and humans that you can’t do anything about.

That you can never win against a god with a human body.


“I, I am…”

“Aah, sorry, but I’m not listening to your opinions”



A black hole appeared at Creasyl’s feet.

Maybe because she was taken by surprise, but Creasyl, unable to resist, ended up falling down.

I rushed over to that hole right away.


“Damn it!”


By the time I tried to look into the hole, the hole had already closed.

I punched the ground.

My anger that had no outlet smoldered in my chest.



“Destroia, you manage this world as things are――――or so I heard”

“M- mhh…”


The conversation went on and on.

If something like this has been decided, then… for what sake did I wish for power?


“ … And so, Setsu”

“What now…”


Mother began to talk to me looking somewhat apologetic.

I changed my tone by the attitude that didn’t fit my confident mother.


“It’s about you obtaining divinity once. I’m aware that you have various reasons for it, but――――”

“ …What is it that you wanna say”

“To put it bluntly, you can’t stay in this world after possessing divinity”



I don’t know what’s what.

With my head in chaos, I repeated what I heard.


“You say I can’t stay in this world…”

“The gods responsible for this world has been decided you know… gods with the exception of those can’t overstay. Since you dunno what could happen if more than the regulated number try to stay, while even one has enough influential power to shake the world”


I recalled my fight with Creasyl.

Natural disasters should have happened.


“For- forgive me Setsu… I had planned for Creasyl and I to die, so I had thought to leave the world to you as our successor…”

“ …Now I get it”


If Stroh says it like that, then I can only understand it.

I was resolved to become a god by my own will after all.


“In, in that case! Is it not possible to set Setsu into the frame when Creasyl is gone? How about that!”

“ …I can’t do that either. It ain’t like Creasyl was removed from her responsibilities of this world after all”

“Is that, is that so”


Stroh was visibly dejected.

Don’t start feeling sorry for me.

And besides, it should be useless even if we’re being any more unreasonable than this to a decision.


“――――Alright. I’ll go”


“Thanks eh, Destroia. For taking care of me”


I stood up and looked at my mother.


“You’ll at least give me the time to explain to the guys around me right?”

“I got you at least that much. I couldn’t get you anything other than just enough time to greet them though”

“ …That’ll be enough” 


I started walking, in order to leave the island.

What will I say, to those guys?


Because I’ve become a god, I’ll be leaving this world.


It feels indescribably stupid, but not much choice but to say that I guess.

It’s depressing.

Just about everything is.





Being called out by Aphrodite, I turned around.


“There is a child who I am considering taking along along with you, you know” 

“Oh really now”

“I think you will be pleased with it as well. That child’s name is――――”

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