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Chapter 101

Loved one


“Hmm, I’m stumped”


Touma, while hiding on the other side of the tree, glared at the woman standing at the center of the plaza.


“It is useless even if you hide, you know!”



Lustful sword Asmodeus stretched her hand towards the place Touma was hiding at.

When she did so, the soil under the tree where Touma was leaning against bulged, and the roots were exposed on the ground.

With cracking sounds the roots were severed, and the tree floated.

And then it flew at high speed towards Asmodeus as is.

Touma too, who was hiding behind the tree, suddenly floated and began flying towards Asmodeus.


“This is bullshit!”


Touma thrust his sacred sword to the ground and managed to stop.

His body merely floating, both shoes that Touma was wearing came off and flew towards Asmodeus.

No, if one were to state it accurately, they were “sucked up.”

The shoes that hit Asmodeus’ body were annihilated on the spot.

The tree where Touma was hiding at was already destroyed.


“My Lust Hole(無差別なる誘惑;Indiscriminate allurement) is a law ignoring ability. No matter how much you give resistance, this attraction force of mine you cannot escape!” 



Eventually, his sword came out of the ground, and Touma’s body was pulled to Asmodeus in a straight line.


“This is the end for you!”


Asmodeus cut up Touma, who was approaching before her eyes, with the sword she was holding.

A definite resistance being transmitted, Asmodeus was convinced of her victory.



“No really, that is a really interesting ability you got”



Asmodeus turned around.

There stood Touma.

And beside him laid the Touma who was cut up before.


There were “two of them”.


“You got caught in quite a simple trick too, my hypothesis that you can’t perceive magic power is correct like I thought”


Said Touma and immediately following it, the collapsed Touma turned into particles of light and disappeared.


“A, a clone…”

“Correct~. The real me was farther away you know. To sound out your ability that is”


Touma spoke up while fiddling with his sacred sword in his hand.


“First, your ability can only pull something from one place, also from a nearby place. I think perhaps only the place your hand is pointed at. Even if you can pull things from all directions, I can see that it’s the type of ability where its suction power would go down”



Asmodeus did not respond.

Her expression merely stiffened, increasing the credibility of Touma’s revelation.


“Also, you can’t pull in nothing but living things towards you. If trees or shoes, things lacking in consciousness touches you, then they would probably get disintegrated to particle levels. If it were to destroy human beings too, then you would’ve had no need to expressly cut my clone after all”


There Touma paused his words and pointed an expression of sneer towards Asmodeus.


“In other words, it means that your ability is not a big deal you see”

“As if I’ll let you say that!”


Asmodeus pointed her hand towards Touma.

However, Touma already vanished from her field of vision in that instant.



“If I move at high speed like this, then I won’t get caught so easily right?”


A voice came from behind her.

Asmodeus leaped forward at once.

However, she was shallowly cut at her back, and blood fluttered about in the air.


“And it could’ve been over immediately if you just let yourself be killed here~”

“Say whatever you want!” 


Asmodeus immediately pointed her hand towards Touma.

This time she had the definite sense of having captured Touma.


“I caught you!”

“――I told you it’s useless”


Touma left his body to that gravity.

Touma was pulled at a terrifying speed, but he wasn’t perturbed.

Not only that, he pushed out his sacred sword forward and pointed the sharp glint in his eye to Asmodeus.


“If you consider you sacred swords as living things, then it means my boy here is also living, right!? In that case, I’ll stab you like this!”

“ …ugh!”


It was too late for her to stop.

Touma continued to be sucked up by Asmodeus, and his sacred sword went through her with great force.


“ … I will take at least one attack”



Touma looked at Asmodeus with an expression saying that he doesn’t know what is what.

The sacred sword certainly did go through Asmodeus.

She should have gotten damage.

However, both her hands was put on Touma’s shoulders.


“This ability of mine is one for pulling the target to a range where I can invoke my true ability. And here you are within the range of that ability”

“Gh! Let go of me!”


Touma struggled, but it was already too late.

Asmodeus’ hands did not move, and Touma was unable to take distance.


“I shall make you love me”



Touma tasted a sensation of electric current running through his whole body.

A cruel feeling of loss, like his inside was being remade.

And then the feelings of “Love” towards the woman in front of him was created.

He saw anything and everything of Asmodeus as charming, and he began to feel hunger that he would consider everything to make her his.


“With this, you are no longer able to oppose me. That is because the target of who you ought to offer your love is me alone. You will never be able to do any acts of betraying me.”



Touma shed tears from seeing Asmodeus.

And then he pressed his head on the ground and began to apologize.


“I’m sorry! I’ve been crazy until now! I’ve been rude again and again, I sincerely apologize to you!”

“Fufuh, you look great don’t you!”


Asmodeus stepped on Touma’s head.

She moved her foot, and Touma’s head was gradually being buried in the ground.

Touma nevertheless kept apologizing.


――――Saying, I won’t be able to bear being disliked by you.


――――Saying, I won’t be able to live without you.


“What, what should I do… to get you to forgive me…?”



This time it was Asmodeus’s turn to sneer at him.

While showing a sneer, Asmodeus declared the merciless.


“Then――――commit suicide by cutting your stomach with your sacred sword”


Touma’s body trembled.

Touma got up as he looked up at Asmodeus with frightened eyes.

And then he picked up his dropped sacred sword, stuck out his arm and put the pointed tip in front of his stomach.


“That’s a good boy. That’s right, I will give you a reward at the end”


Asmodeus put her hand on Touma’s chin and pointed it up.

When she brought her face near his, Touma’s face was dyed red.


“The best farewell gift for the nearly dying you”



Asmodeus’s lips drew near Touma’s lips.

During that slow movement of hers, Touma’s head was ruled by happiness.


And then, their lips touched――――


“Like I thought, kisses are too much for me”



was what did not happen.


Releasing his saved up magic power instantly just before their lips touched, Touma cut Asmodeus upwards diagonally with all his strength.

While scattering large amounts of blood, Asmodeus’s body was cleaved in two and dropped on the ground. 


“Wh- why…”

“I’ve come to like you, but like I thought women are too much for me, you know? Physiologically that is”


Touma stood up and thrust his sacred sword at the crown of Asmodeus’s head.


“I have a man I have decided in my heart. He is someone who I could only think about from the beginning you know”

“What about… your love for me?”

“It’s about as much as a small cup I guess?”


The sacred sword went through the crown of Asmodeus’s head.

That instant, a cracking sound echoed nearby, and Asmodeus’s body began to crumble.


“Oh, sacred swords have an interesting way to die don’t they”

“ … Just killing me won’t possibly let you reach Lady Creasyl you know”


The crumbling Asmodeus sneered at Touma as her last moments of resistance.



“The slothful sword Belphegor… belongs to a different class from us seven sacred swords. Struggle as much as you can… inside your despair”

“ …”


Her smile kept afloat in her last moments, Asmodeus’s body completely ceased to exist.

In that place was a sword.

It was the sword that Asmodeus was holding until some time ago.

Touma stepped and crushed that sword

Along with breaking sounds, the sword broke and was reduced to ashes.

While viewing the ashes being swept away by the wind, Touma scratched his own head.


“It’s more absurd to worry about them you know. Setsu’s allies that is”



“――――Hey, get up you small fry. I’m getting quite tired of the bullying too”

“Haah… haah… Wh- why!?”


Roa kicked the slothful sword Belphegor’s head flying.

Belphegor, having stopped after prancing several times on the ground, looked for Roa with frightened expression and his breathing feeble.

She was already in front of his eyes however――――


“Hmph, what a boring guy”



Roa grabbed Belphegor’s head and raised him.

Belphegor raised a voice of anguish from the pain from his head being clamped tightly. 


“It’s about time for you to sleep!”


And when she threw Belphegor onto the ground, the ground caved in greatly, along with thunderous roar.

Belphegor could not do anything but convulse.


“Don’t underestimate the daughter of the beast king ‘kay?”


At the center of a gigantic crater.

The sole girl standing there, said so with not a single sweat on her face.

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