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 Vol 9 Chapter 13

Yuuji, cleaning up afterwards with the adventurers


The place that had been a monster village until early morning, the center of that site.

Yuuji, while carrying the girl, linked up with the adventurers starting with guildmaster Salomon.


“Yuuji-nii! You’re not hurt right? Are you okay? Is that girl okay too?”


Alice approached the linked up Yuuji as if she was jumping at him, and talked on and on with him.

Kotarou barked *Wan wan* as if to soothe her. We’re fine, everyone is safe, is what she seemed to be saying. She was a gentle woman. To her allies that is.


“Alice, we’re fine, nobody’s hurt” replied Yuuji. It seems he wanted to pat her head, but those hands were blocked.


“Lord Yuuji. I’d like you to let that girl lay down here first”


The guildmaster Solomon said and pointed at the place where to lay down the young girl who Yuuji was carrying like a princess.

When Yuuji looked there, cloaks of the adventurers had been spread there. Yuuji laid down the girl he was carrying. Incidentally, he did not slip his hand and touch various places. Yuuji was a gentleman. Unlike the old scout pervert.


“Mr Yuuji, you did well in the fight there. Even so… master”


Who approached and called out to Yuuji was the former third rank adventurers party leader-turned-pioneer citizen. However, he was hesitating in saying something after seeing the young girl. He seems to be hesitating whether or not to confirm it with guildmaster Salomon.


“ … An elf right?”



As if anticipating it, guildmaster Salomon answered him.

Perhaps having known the reality by putting it into words, the two continued to be troubled.


“An elf! She’s an elf like I thought right!? So they really do exist!”


The excited Yuuji’s eyes brightened. He could not help it. He was in the presence of a genuine elf. It was a live elf. Could there be a man who could stay calm? No, there could be none. Seeing the pointed ears, Yuuji seems to be thinking, could she be, but his tension after obtaining proof of it went through the roof.

Kotarou barked “Bow” and turned a cold look towards Yuuji. This is not the time for that now don’t you think? Is what she seems to be wanting to say.

On the other hand, Alice beside Yuuji went “Waah, it’s an elf! It’s the elf that I’ve heard in stories!” and became excited. Was she resembling Yuuji? It was a situation that ought to be feared.


“It’s rare to catch sight of them so I understand your feelings too, lord Yuuji, but…”


The guildmaster and former adventurers party leader made a bitter face to Yuuji’s group at another place.


“Master, what about in the city?”

“It hasn’t changed from when you were there. They don’t have elves. I’m happy we managed to rescue her safely, but…”


Guildmaster Salomon exchanged such conversation with the party leader and then breathed a big sigh. He switched his mood and hurled instructions to the gathered adventurers.

“This time, female adventurers have participated in this I guess. Yeah, please keep a close eye on this girl. It should be better than suddenly being surrounded by the filthy faces of us men. The rest of you will be tidying up! Lord Yuuji, I’d like you to act together with the little lady Alice’s spellcasting”


Clapping his hands, the guildmaster put the gathered adventurers to work.

The adventurers replied in their own way and disappeared into the former monster village.

From then on they gathered the ruins of huts made of trees, branches and leaves and the corpses of goblins and orcs, and then waited for the melancholic job of incinerating them. Because there is a need to carefully destroy them so that they would not become a den for bandits or other monsters, tidying up was a greater task than the subjugation itself if they were unlucky. But then again, there were twenty eighth to sixth rank adventurers for that reason however.


“Heey, Mr Yuuji, Alice-chan! Burn this part next please!”


While the puffy white snow flies were flying about, the adventurers began to destroy the monster village. Once they gathered the trees that had become rubble and the corpses, and then created a hill out of them, it would be Alice’s turn.

Yuuji and Kotarou guided her and Alice headed to the place where they were done preparing. Perhaps being happy that she was useful to everyone, her whole face was full of smiles. What she was doing was gruesome however.


“Okay~, then here I go~! Hot flames, burn up a lot~!”


The magic that was released by Alice made impact and burned like it was covering the hill. It seems to be a narrow version of the magic she released at the beginning of the subjugation.


“Really, you’re really amazing aren’t ya little lady! It’s got power, but you’re still not out of magic power? How about it? Won’t you quit pioneering and join my party? You can earn money you know-”


“Ehehe” Alice laughed from being praised, but his invitation was clearly turned down.

Furthermore, Kotarou’s sharp look and growling voice flew at the man who was inviting her.


“Owah! No nono, it was a joke, a joke, okay?”


“Uhehehehe” The men showed a forced smile and made excuses to Kotarou for some reason. They backed away.

Seeing that, Kotarou snorted her nose, going “Hmph”. Well, I will forgive you, is what she seems to be saying.


In any case.

Like this, the village destruction advanced favorably by great efforts of the helpers, which were the twenty adventurers from eighth to sixth rank, and Alice’s fire magic.


“Ooh, it’s going well thanks to the little lady Alice’s magic I see!”


In the early morning they subjugated the monsters, in the morning they began tidying up and then they took a lunch break in the afternoon.

The burning hills had disappeared, so Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou and Kevin’s exclusive escort Aias left behind the adventurers who were tidying the cinders and returned to the guildmaster before them. 

Alice was praised by many people, and was in a good mood from the beginning to end. However, she was currently looking anxiously at the young elven girl. 

Beside such Alice sat Kotarou slightly, and she too looked at the young girl with an anxious look.


“At any rate, Mr Salomon. Some time ago, why did you, like… looked like it was troublesome?”

“Let’s see, there’s a lot of things, but… Lord Yuuji, first, I have no doubt this girl is an elf. But you see, there are no elves in Premie city, and neither the humans nor the beastkins know the location of the elven village. It’s certain that it exists in this large forest though”

“Eh…? Ah, but, if this girl wakes up, can’t we just have her guide us and escort her to hervillage?”

“That is if we can. There is a famous elven adventurer in the royal capital, but… what that guy said was that there is a unique method for elves to enter the village. He may have wanted to exaggerate and give us the impression that it’s impossible even if we look for it though”

“In other words, there is the possibility that this girl doesn’t know it either? … You can’t expect that to be possible right? It isn’t possible right? Besides, if this girl doesn’t know, it’ll work out if we send her to the elf in the royal capital right?”

“… I guess so. Well, we can’t say unless she wakes up. Sending her to the royal capital would be… look, it’s snow flies. Winter is about to come down. We could get her to a nearby place while it’s not yet piled up, but to think that it’s going to be the royal capital. Besides, the biggest problem is”


The guildmaster talked with Yuuji, still looking depressed. It appears that even if the girl were to wake up, “Yes, I’m glad for you, then you can do as you like later” would not seem to work.

And then, midway the guildmaster’s speaking, a voice could be heard.


‘U… uuhngh…’


It was the voice of the young elven girl.

“Ah! Yuuji-nii, looks like she’s going to wake up very soon!” Alice sprung up her voice delightfully and informed Yuuji while peeking at the elven girl.

Kotarou too walked aimlessly around the girl with a relieved look that was saying I’m glad, it looks like she’s alright.


The guildmaster, the female adventurers watching over her, Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou and Aias were in the middle of observing her.

Slowly, the elven girl’s eyelids opened.



The biggest problem that the guildmaster was talking about.

That would be.


‘…Eh? Where is this place? Kya! Humans!’


The elven girl raised herself, looked around and tilted her head, and then she raised her voice, showing surprise from seeing humans encircling her.”


Hearing that voice of hers, the guildmaster dropped his shoulders, as if saying “I knew it”.

Alice looked at the elven girl and tilted her head.

As if she did not understand what the girl was saying.

Kotarou looked restlessly out over Salomon, Alice and the adventures, and barked “Wan”. So, so this is what you mean, Salomon, she seems to be saying and comprehended him.


Just one person.

Only Yuuji’s behavior did not change.



As if he was calming the elven girl, Yuji slowly spoke.


‘It is alright, calm down. You’ve been rescued you know’


The guildmaster, the adventurers, Aias, Alice and the elven girl opened their eyes wide.


‘Eh? You, you’re human and yet you understand our language?’

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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