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Vol 9 Chapter 9

Yuuji, meeting up with the subjugation party for his first large-scale battle




Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou, the two former adventurers and Kevin’s exclusive escort.


One and half day since the pioneer land’s monster village subjugation team of five people and one dog and the guildmaster’s adventurer team followed the animal trail.


The group had come to a place that was only a little away until the meeting place with the subjugation group that’s headed from the city.


Kotarou, who was walking in front of Yuuji, turned her line of sight upwards, looking slanted forward. It appears she had found something.


“Heey, Mr Yuuji! Woah, Guildmaster!”


Who appeared, pushing away the thicket on the side of the animal trail, was the large man who once had a fight with Yuuji in the adventurers guild.


On top of that, the trees made sounds of rustling leaves. Who descended from the skies was the male apekin.


The 60 goblins and orcs had charged following the animal trail from the monster village, but it appears that the lumberjack and ape, I mean, the large two-handed axe wielding man and apekin combination were safe.


“You two are safe I see! I’ve been worried about you~”


“Ahh, well this guy started saying how he got some bad feelings you know. We moved a little towards the city then. And then, didn’t the adventurers who came from the city say there’s a monster village nearby? There were lots of footprints when we looked around in a hurry. We were hesitating whether or not we should go and notify the pioneer land, but… I remembered everyone from the “Dark Green Wind” are there, so I thought, well, it should be fine. But I’m so glad, everyone’s safe!”


The man happily said, seeing Yuuji without a single wound. What was that about him being enthusiastic once in trying to injure Yuuji in the adventurers guild? He was already just a virtuous lumberjack.


“That was a foreboding kind of thing I guess. I don’t think it has anything to do with me though, a city boy raised in the capital city”


The monkey told them while smiling happily beside the lumberjack. He seems to be pleased with the word “City boy” that Yuuji spoke of before. To begin with, monkeys are clever and cautious creatures. It would not be strange for him to sense danger through animal-like intuition. No, he wasn’t a monkey, but an apekin though.


“We repelled them quite easily. Really, I’m glad you two are alright”


Yuuji so said and laughed. It appears that there were no longer ill feelings between the three when the disturbing scuffle occurred in the adventurers guild.


At Yuuji’s foot, Kotarou barked “Woof woof woof” many times over. What do you mean, city boy despite being a monkey. Besides, you’re already living in the forest aren’t you, is what she seems to be retorting on. But, they did not understand her words.


In order to pacify the violently barking Kotarou, Alice stroked her, saying “there there.”


Today too, Kotarou’s retort was apparently not understood by anybody.


  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The group parted with the lumberjack and monkey on the animal trail and entered the forest.


The ones leading them were the two adventurers from the city and the guildmaster himself.


The second day since leaving the pioneer land, soon it would be dark.


Then the guildmaster, who was walking in the lead, stopped and repeated strange movements with his right hand.


While it may be true that he was aged, he had not grown senile. At the very least, his appearance was still fifty years old.


They were hand signs towards an ally.


It seems the group had reached the meeting point before it turned dark.


“Oh, I kept you waiting eh? So, how’s the village’s situation?”


“There haven’ movements in particular after we split, Master. Except that their numbers have decreased from the time of investigation. There’s probably around 250 of them”


Who replied to the guildmaster after he called out, was the adventurers party “Dusk Wind,” consisting of a fencer and a scout. The two who were in charge of the village’s investigation seems to have accepted this commission as guide for the subjugation party. Behind the two stood many adventurers.


“Yeah, you don’t have to mind the decreased part. They headed to the pioneer land, but they have already been exterminated”


The guildmaster said and moved his line of sight towards Yuuji pioneer group.


“Eh? Exterminated you say. If we consider the decreased part, about fifty of them went to the pioneer land didn’t they?”


Dusk Wind was surprised by the guildmaster’s words. But seeing Yuuji pioneer group, they could instantly nod with an understanding face. “Ah, our seniors at work were there of course. Of course it would be easy to exterminate them.”


Yuuji, who was nearby, did not understand, but the former third rank adventurers party seemed to be that much of an existence.


“Good. With this the subjugation party is assembled. Now, we will handle the subjugation starting tomorrow morning”


Who took the lead was Premie city adventurers guild master Salomon.


It seems to be the final strategy meeting with each of the subjugation party leaders assembled.


For some reason, Yuuji was also invited in that place.


“Our strategy will be just as I have said before. The twenty people from rank 6 to 8 will encircle the village and not let any of them escape. Make sure to tell them to strike them with several of them if there are orcs. The eight rank 4 and 5 will be the attack party with me and the two from “Dusk Wind”. Next, the two from “Dark Green Wind” from the pioneer land will participate in the battle. You haven’t grown dull have you? You’re also with the attack party. Our information seems to be saying that there’s more than just Orc leaders. I don’t mind you lots who will try to kill them, but if you hit the jackpot and think you’re having it difficult, call me. And then…”


The guildmaster spoke in order to instruct the gathered party leaders. The strategy had already been memorized by each of them by explanation and this place seems to be their final confirmation. The guildmaster, after roughly conveying the summary in order to review, he stopped talking and looked at Yuuji.


“I’m only changing the starting signal of the battle. Lord Yuuji, signal lord Kevin’s exclusive escort once you’re prepared. And then we start the war with little missy’s fire magic”


Yuuji nodded in silence, showing his feelings of understanding. It was not that he was pretending to be a bigshot. He was called in the strategy meeting’s atmosphere. The ordinary person- no, 10 years shut-in Yuuji wouldn’t have been able to utter in a tense briefing.


Kotarou was at Yuuji’s feet, but Kotarou didn’t seem to have any objections either. Rather, Kotarou’s eyes were sparkling fierily. As if she was saying A large-scale battle huh, I’m getting fired up. She was a warlike woman. Since she was a beast


“And all of you, this person is lord Yuuji. He’s participating as a rank 8 adventurer, so I’ll have him be in charge of the encirclement. He is one of the commissioner of this subjugation and a pioneer group leader. Make sure not to make any careless mistakes”


The expressions changed of each of the adventurers who listened silently to him. Especially the adventurers of age were obvious.


The meeting became noisy as if the silence until now was a lie.


“We, we’re all from a farm village, so we’re perfect for farmwork.” “What are you, an idiot? Mr Yuuji I can make arrows myself, I can do anything, hunting, vigilance.” “Mr Yuuji, everyone of my party are proud of their strength, we will be useful in pioneering.”


It was a battle of sales promotion to the pioneer leader Yuuji. There was no helping it. In modern language, the adventurers are freelancers who do not belong to a company. Their occupations are basically life-threatening and physical work with their body being their capital. The freelancers, who had displayed the limits of their talent or physical strength and experienced the reality and risks of death, saw a place of re-employment with good employment conditions in front of their eyes. The adventurers who had put on age were earnestly selling themselves to Yuuji. The younger adventurers felt drawn back from their vigor. They were still young and thought of themselves to be special. They misunderstood heavily, but nobody would want to recognize their mistakes due to their youth. No, they just did not notice that it was a mistake though.


“Cal- calm down a little please,” Yuuji said as to calm down their sudden sales promotion. Because they began their talking all at once without going in order, the contents did not reach Yuuji’s ears. But, that may be good.


The female adventurer team leader said this.


“Mr Yuuji, we are a women only team so, look, the pioneer land has nothing but men right? If you choose us, you understand?” She said, with a sidelong glance.


Kotarou barked towards that woman. Bitches are unnecessary, she seemed to be saying, vetoing them.


It would seem that Yuuji’s harem was, crushed before it was born, unbeknownst to Yuuji.


Another male adventurer said this.


“Heh, of course we are going to disagree if women are going. Mr Yuuji, I recommend us rather than them, my members are experts in two fields after all.” He strongly said.


Kotarou barked after changing direction. Hey wait, two fields is about weapons right? But either way they’re no good, was what she seemed to be saying.


It would seem that the crisis of Yuuji’s chastity was prevented, unbeknownst to Yuuji.


“Now now everyone, let’s leave it at that and take your time selling yourselves once we’re done please. Now Guildmaster, how shall we use the criminal slaves?”


Who interrupted the adventurers and called out, was the government official sent by the Premie city magistrate. He was dispatched for confirmation of the results whether they succeeded in exterminating the monsters, using the criminal slaves and observation.


“Yeah? I don’t know whether or not they’re helpful in battle, so can’t they just be quiet and encircle them?”


The guildmaster answered slovenly as if to say it was uncomfortable. It was no clear whether that was caused by the criminal slaves, by the government official who rounded them up useless combatants or because his own duty that was combat was being invaded.


“Is that so… Well then, I will send them around the village”


The government official answered without minding the guildmaster’s displeasure. It seems that shameless government officials in any world.


In any case.


Yuuji and co met up with the subjugation party.


The group spent one night here, and then they finally start the goblin and orc village subjugation starting tomorrow morning.


Incidentally, being told that she was entrusted with the signal to raise the curtains, Alice wildly snorted “muhuh~”.


She seems to be happy to be of use.


… One could only pray that it would not turn into a forest fire.

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