Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Chapter 4

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Vol 8 Chapter 4 Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, having a discussion concerning underwear situation and attire




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[Yuuji’s second time going] I am kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 39 [to the city in three months]


1 : Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.

Leaving the mystery of the goblins and orcs appearing more frequently in the forest to the adventurers

Yuuji went to the city for the second time.

Come back soon Yuuji!

And then put up the pics!

Reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET landing on >>900 is to open the next thread!


241 : Yuuji

I’m back

I’ve come back safely!


242 : Anonymous NEET

Welcome back Yuuji

The pics are safe too right?


243 : Anonymous MEAT

Welcome back Yuuji!

Pics quick!


244 : Anonymous NEET

Never mind the welcome backs, put up the pics!


245 : Anonymous


You guys…

So, what did you take?

Pics quick!


246 : Cool NEET

Let’s hear the report while they’re uploading


247 : Yuuji

I greeted a dwarven master in the smithing workshop

I got a brand new short spear and shield and I also had him create a crowbar!


248 : Anonymous NEET

Ooh, a dwarf!


249 : Anonymous NEET

Hey Yuuji

The dwarven women are…

The loli version?


250 : YES Lolita NO Touch

It’s very important you know Yuuji!

For science that is!


251 : Anonymous ETNE


What do you mean for science!

Aren’t you just exposing your lust?


252 : Anonymous NEET

Wait wait

It could be the dvergr based on myths…


253 : Yuuji

The dwarves are bearded middle aged men!

The dwarven women are…

Bearded middle aged men…

Here, pics

Dwarven master husband and wife


Brand new short spear and shield


A crowbar like thing of two types of length



254 : Anonymous NEET



255 : Anonymous NEET

This is…


256 : YES Lolita NO Touch

It’s fine!

There’s Alice-chan for me after all!

I wasn’t hoping for loli dwarves and such

in the slightest at all after all!


257 : Anonymous MEAT


What’s going on?

Is it grotesque?


258 : Anonymous ETNE

Like hell it’s grotesque!

I don’t know which is which on

the master husband and wife pic, that’s all!


259 : Anonymous NEET

The thick and hard thing has a black luster you know…


260 : Anonymous NEET

Oh bby!


261 : Infra worker


Your way of talking!

It’s just an ordinary crowbar like thing you know!?


262 : Well informed NEET

Pretty fast for a BTO even when you think about the time for a round trip

I’m curious about the material properties and fuel of the furnace


263 : Cool NEET

And so, what happened with the migration of the master smith?


264 : Yuuji

The master smith will be migrating and bring along an apprentice, but

It’s been decided to transport materials and fuel from the city so

It’ll be after the cart passable road is made they said

Mr Kevin said he’s going to hire people for it

But it looks like it’ll be still in the future

Also there’s something I have to discussion with you all

The clothes and underwear sold in the city were not good

Mr Kevin will arrange for cloth and seamstresses

And it’s decided that we’re going to have them make clothes and underwear and such for sale and for Alice

I’d like you to teach me designs and the way of making them


265 : Anonymous NEET



266 :

I- in other words it’s that right?

Alice-chan would wear the clothes I thought up for me right?

E- even underwear?


267 : Anonymous NEET


Go back to your cave, pervert!


268 : Kemona Lv.MAX

Fo- for sale means that right?

If I think up clothes for furry dogkins and catkins and such

You’ll make them for me?

Yo- you’ll take photos too won’t you?


269 : Overwhelmingly dog person


You too go back to your cave!

Ah, I’m in the faction that don’t put clothes on dogs, that’s why.


270 : Anonymous NEET


For some reason those words sound like those of a pervert

At any rate, that the clothes they’re selling is no good for him and stuff

Yuuji-san is Mr stylish like I thought

271 : I love huge breasts

… Should, shouldn’t we present underwear to the feudal lord’s wife?

Li- like brassieres, thongs and garters and such


272 : Anonymous NEET


You too, calm down!

If you don’t know her size you can’t make something like a brassiere right?

First we have to take a motion picture from all angles in order to measure her size


273 : Infra worker


Yeah sure

It’s for measuring her size, so it can’t be helped right?

Is what you thought I’d say huh, idiot!


274 : Well informed NEET

Yuuji, it’s hard to think about if we don’t know the cloth

Are there any threads of the raw materials?

What about the existing woven method? What about knitting?

Get some samples from Mr Kevin please


275 : Anonymous NEET


I do think his knowledge is amazing, but

For some reason it’s disgusting isn’t it…


276 : Anonymous MEAT


Now that’s just slander I say!

Wait, how do we actually let them make it?

Like hand over a picture and design drawings or something?


277 : Cool NEET

In addition to design, we can draw the length on the paper pattern and upload it

And Yuuji can reproduce it on paper there

They should be able to make at least the full size paper pattern if they have that



278 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Should I go with frilly clothes for Alice-chan after all I wonder

Gothic lolita, sweet lolita and maid clothes are also good though

Aah, but since we’re already here, I want to put a magical girl look on her!


279 : Anonymous NEET


Hey pervert

Did you read the conversation?
There’s paper patterns you know?


280 : Sakura’s friend

If there are nobles then

Party dresses look good to sell


281 : Huge breast faction here


Are you a comrade too!?


282 : Infra worker


Nobody said anything about party dresses for the huge breasted feudal lord’s wife did they!?

Far from a comrade, that one’s a woman you know!?

I want take upon myself to support the mermaid dress


283 : Kemona Lv. MAX

My wild idea like thinking about clothing of a real animal eared

and such is making progress!


284 : Anonymous NEET

These guys…

Don’t they know the difficulty of putting the design on the paper pattern?


285 : Anonymous ETNE

Aawright then!

We’re gonna cause an underwear revolution in the other world!

Brassiere is of course

Let’s set a trend for G-strings, thongs and crotchless!

And then it’s Cameraman Yuuji’s turn!


286 : Anonymous NEET

Which reminds me, is there rubber?


287 : Anonymous MEAT


We’ll manage with G-strings!

In other words, it’s G-strings Only in the other world!


288 : Anonymous NEET


It’ll be fine.

These guys will put it on the paper pattern

Even if they will pay money for it


289 : YES Lolita NO Touch


I can do it if I pay money?



290 : Clothing Group member B

Ah now you’ve done it, giving the pervert another unnecessary wisdom…




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