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Second Summon Chapter 72

Sacred Cannon




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A story of the time Setsu and I was summoned to this world――――――――――


“Setsu, why are you so calm about this?”

“Hah! Hah! …Ah? What is this about so suddenly?”


Setsu was single mindedly swinging a wooden sword.

Those eyes of his that didn’t hold any hesitation was even eerie from my point of view that time.


“I mean… even though we suddenly came to a world we don’t understand… You already adapted to it. You seem like you already know what you should be doing you know”

“Uhmm… Let’s see..”


Without stopping the hand swinging the sword, Setsu said.


“What I ought to be doing… first of all I have to get stronger right? The world looks like it has monsters and demon kings and stuff. You don’t wanna die either right?”

“ … I err.”


I was hesitating to say it.

That when I was in Japan, I thought I wanted to die.


“I don’t get it, but if you say you don’t wanna die, then I’ll protect you.”


“You’re a fellow from the same village, right? It must be fate, let’s get along okay?”

“ … I can?”


It was the first time I met someone who said something like that for me.

Grey hair and red eyes; due to this kind of appearance, I never had anyone say gentle words to me.

Even my parents said I was creepy and did not come close.

That’s why, it was the first time.

I felt my heart beating and warming up.


“Of course you can, Touma”


He… called my name with a gentle smile.



“Oh, looks like you took that girl down, Yuuhi.”


Judging from her appearance, Yuuhi doesn’t seem to be hurt.

More importantly――――――――


“Got done in pretty flashily huh, you guys.”


I say towards the bunches who are on the ground.


“Haha… I’m ashamed.”

“Fucking strong you know, this guy…”


Glain and Roa was forcing a smile.

Most of them are hurt pretty badly, but I guess there’s no one here who’ll be dying anytime soon.

Hm? What, Ides and Lily are alive.

I guess I lost what worried me for now.


“Yuuhi, Levia. You can still move right? Gonna leave the healing of the guys on the ground to you two.”




After seeing the two starting their movement, I face Touma one more time.


“You really have the balls to hurt these guys… ey? Oh Touma.”

“ … I knew it, you won’t gently call me by my name like before.”

“Of course I won’t. You, you do know what you’ve done right?”


He hurt a lot of people.

He crushed their feelings with his foot

And above all, he hurt my companions.


“I know. But, this is all for your sake!”


“It’s strange that you and I who love each other aren’t together! But you’re not in the wrong. It’s the fault of the demons, the beastmen and a part of the humans who are deceiving you! They’re necessary sacrifices to rescue you, you know.”


… going fucking mad like always.


“Rather… that brown haired girl over there called you with Yuki-kun didn’t she?”

“Ah? What about that――――――――――――”

“Why is it that she is… calling my Setsu by a nickname so over familiarly!?”


Touma pointed his hands towards Yuuhi who was in the middle of treating Elka.

Yuuhi noticed that, but she’s already too late.




An extra large fireball was fired.

If I remember correctly, Yuuhi’s forte was supposed to be fire magic.

If it’s her then she should get a little damage, but Elka who was in the same place would die for sure.


“Oh no you don’t”


That’s why I wedged myself between the fire and Yuuhi and the rest and bisected that fire with Kuromaru.


“Ugh! Don’t get in the way!”

“The one doing unnecessary stuff is you. You can just fight with me, okay?”


The chopped fire dispersed in the sky and vanished.

The two don’t seem to have any damage for now.


“They’ll end up getting rolled in if we fight like this… Hey Touma, we’re gonna change locations.”

“ … Why do I have to go out of my way to do something to your advantage?”

“If you ain’t listening to me… then I’ll force you.”


I kick the ground and instantly shorten the distance.

I swing down Kuromaru as is, aiming for Touma’s body.




Touma drew out a one handed sword from inside his black robe and caught it.

With my unadjusted attack, the ground caved in.


“I still have more power than you I guess.”

“As ever… that animal strength…!”

“We’re changing places right away! Here!”


I kick up this guy who became entranced despite stopping Kuromaru with my foot.

With the attack that created an opening, Touma was launched up high in the sky.

I also jump up to chase after him.


““<Air Walk>””


We landed simultaneously in midair.

The ground can be seen far below.


“You’re really… not going easy on me are you”

“You’re not in a position where I will go easy on you don’t you think?”

“Well, that is true… though! <Saint Lance>!”


Touma produced a spear that was grandly shining in his hand.

It’s a magic that’s like the backbone of light magic, but when Touma uses it then it’ll become several times as large.


“What I need to do once to make you a man just for me seems to be to beat you once!”



I stop the lance with Kuromaru.

The lance that was created with light magic is a lump of energy condensed of sacred light.

It’s not something that can be stopped so easily.


“Unghh… Grah!”


I somehow repelled it right over my head.

The lance which went and flew right above me, bursted in the sky after flying upwards to a certain height so that it scatters its energy.


“… Are you done warming up?”

“I could ask the same thing.”


I reply and then Touma pointed his hand to the open air.




The airspace broke and a sword handle appeared.


“Fighting you won’t get anywhere if I don’t have this after all.”


A sword that, unlike Kouma’s sacred sword, held a pitch black edge was grasped in that guy’s hand.

Even though it was a sword that was shining in the beginning…


“I know that your sword is user unfriendly. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have this end before you can draw it out, Setsu.”

“Try and do it then… if you can!”


I kick the sky and get closer to Touma.




Similarly Touma kicked the air and quickly approached me.

Kuromaru and the sacred sword clashed, spreading shockwaves as far as the eye can see.


“The sky is… cut open…”


Having finished her treatment, Desastre murmured while watching the sky.

The two were exchanging blows with their swords in the air and each time they do, the thick rain clouds covering the sky scattered away.


“Good grief… they’re on a different level aren’t they.”


Beside her, Levia said like she was amazed.

Everyone in this place was made aware of the difference between themselves and the two.





“You think you can win from me with power!?”


I swing down Kuromaru from right overhead.

Touma was not in time to have each arms on his sacred sword and guard, so I was able to hit his shoulders.

Touma who was knocked down below, created a scaffold with <Air Walk> and once again got back to the height I’m in.


“I knew I won’t get in enough damage if you have <Sword Defensor>.”

“It’s simply painful though!”



Countless number of light spears appeared around Touma.

They’re on the same scale as the one that was beaten in the beginning, but there were about 40 at a glance.


“There’s no escape!”


I cut off those spears that were all fired at once and sometimes stop and avoid them.



“Damn… it!”


There are too many of them.

One of the spears slipped through my guard and reached my stomach.


“There, impact”


The other spears then took the opportunity to come and attack the chink that was created there.


“Gh… that fucking hurts man!”


I swing my arm and mow down the blast.

My field of vision cleared up, but Touma’s no longer there.


“Up here Setsu――――――――――<Flying sword – Sever>!”



Touma was right above me.

If that guy swings his sacred sword, then a <Flying sword> will be fired with a sharpness that’s carried to the extremes.


(Not good… If I defend it with Kuromaru then Kuromaru will end up getting bisected…!)


I thrust my hand into my magic bag right away, took out a sharp sword which I don’t know when I got my hands on, and stopped the blow with it.

Although I naturally strengthened it with magic, that sword was easily cut and even a cut was put on my body.




While blood is dripping from my shoulders, I regain my posture in midair.

Sacred sword wielders have one more ability, or rather a special characteristic.

When they attack a sacred sword wielder with their own sacred sword, then that would make <Sword Defensor> invalid.

Because we have that, sacred sword wielders essentially can’t be taken down without another sacred sword wielder.


“Huh? Isn’t your arm getting dull?”

“Hah! Say whatever you want!”



I throw away the cut sword and once again re-equipped Kuromaru.

I kick the sky to get closer to Touma and then I swing down Kuromaru without hesitation.


“<Swallow Overturn>!”

“That’s all…!”


I release <Swallow Overturn> which is a technique where you swing down and slice up, but it was entirely defended by his sacred sword.

However, the time I sliced up, I successfully repelled Touma’s sword upwards.


“Oh no!”



I throw Kuromaru up and then drive my fist several dozen times into Touma with all my might.

<Sword Defensor> has a delicately low stance against strikes.

Since I can’t thoughtlessly draw out my sacred sword, I can only attack him like this.


“Gah… Kuh… That hurts you know!”


The pummeled Touma impatiently tried to release magic from point-blank range.

Having sensed that, I quickly fall down and catch Kuromaru that came falling.

Touma also moved a little and caught his sacred sword that came falling down.


“Heh, your face turned out pretty good there.”

“Ugh… how cruel, beating the hell out of me.”


Touma’s face became a little swollen.

It immediately healed through his self-healing ability, but the fact he receive damage should be certain.

As for the wound on my shoulder, it’s also healing so we’re even right now I guess.


“It can’t be helped then… I don’t like fighting sluggishly so… shall we up the pace a little?”


Touma pointed his sacred sword towards me.

His magic began to fill the sacred sword and the black aura spreaded.


“<Form Change – Sacred Cannon>――――――――――――”

“… What is that.”


The form of the sacred sword <Excalibur> changed.

First gigantic and then long.

Touma held the gigantic gun under his arm and pointed its muzzle to me.


“It’s the <Sacred sword>’s new possibility, Setsu. Now, it’s the second stage!”


The trigger that was joined by the hand he had next to it, was pulled――――――――――




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