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Chapter 7

The Hero goes to the adventurers guild


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The Hero goes to the adventurers guild


“Wow! So this is an adventurers guild!”

“Don’t be in too high spirits alright?”

“I, I am not in high spirits!”


Even if you tell me that, it doesn’t really hold much persuasive power with your eyes sparkling.


Where we are currently at is a large town quite separated from the village.

Perhaps because there’s a dungeon nearby where treasures are sleeping in and it being a middle point in order to go to various lands as well, the town was greatly flourishing.

It’s exactly one day since arriving here.

It’s not a significant distance to me and the demon lord.


“First off, we enter and register as adventurers.”



Isvel entered the adventurers guild in high and proud spirits.

The adventurers guild is a wooden two storied building and the lower floor seems to have a counter to receive commissions and a portion of the lower floor and the whole upper floor seem to fulfill the role of a bar.

I see, depending on the people, they would gather intelligence or friends here I guess.


“Is the counter there fine?”

“Hm? Yeah, it’s that way”


Isvel and I headed towards the counter where a receptionist is standing at.

I notice gazes from the adventurers drinking since daytime are pointed towards us, but I can’t think of a reason why in particular, so I ignore it.

Is it because of my appearance that smells of the countryside?

I certainly have an easy to move appearance that I can use for even farm work though…


“Good afternoon! What can I do for you today?”

“Ye- yes! I’d like to become an adventurer you see…”

“A new person are you? Then, I will be arranging your procedure, so please wait for a moment”


Who interacted with her with a smiling face, was a receptionist woman in her early twenties.

Steady business manners, this one seems dependable on the guild’s side.


“The gentleman there as well?”

“I am merely a chaperone and I’ve already gone through with the adventurer registration. Also, about the procedures of this person――”


I take out one letter from my pocket and give it to the receptionist.


“Please hand this over to the guildmaster”

“Certainly sir”


Without saying anything unnecessary, the receptionist retreated to the inner part of the counter.


After a short while, the receptionist returned with a card grasped in her hand.


“The procedures are complete. This will be your guildcard”


While emphasising the you part, the receptionist gave her the guildcard that is proof of an adventurer.




Isvel who received the card, gazed happily at that card.


My impression after peeking at the contents is that clever things were written without it feeling off.

Isvel is a demon, but that part is firmly written human.

With black magic that changes one’s figure on top of it, just her appearance is now human.

And if you show this in addition to that, there won’t be anything to be suspicious of, no doubt.


“You cannot accept commissions with too high degree of difficulty, but since you have let us understand your circumstances, we will make sure to be accommodating. We look forward to working with you from now on”

“Mhm! I will easily handle many commissions!”

“How promising! The commissions will be put on the quest board over there, so please bring the desired commission here. We put commissions up to A rank over there, so I prefer commissions no higher than rank B if possible”

“Alright. Let’s go, Vel”

“Eh? Uh, yes”


I take Isvel to the quest board.

Many commissions are put there which are divided in order of difficulty of E-A rank starting from below.

Basically, novice adventurers are called E rank adventurers and they can’t accept any commissions except E rank ones.

We appear to be exempt from the ranking system, so we could accept any kind of request if we think of doing it as far as we are concerned.

But we don’t have plans to be in that much of a hurry.

First we have to choose a commission that fits our first work from here now, but before that――


“What’s wrong? You’re being absent minded”

“Heh? Ah, no… I just thought what is Vel and…”

“What, so it’s about the way I called you?”

“What do you mean what! I’ve never been called like that you know!”


Isvel’s face was a little red.

Could it be that she’s feeling shy?


“Did you believe I would openly call you by your real name in a place like this? Your name is famous you know? As expected you yourself won’t expose your own secret, but you won’t be flattered so it’s better to conceal it”

“That, that’s true but… I wanted you to tell me beforehand. Saying it so suddenly uhm… got me surprised after all”



Even if you hide your face like a girl of marriageable age, I won’t be deceived!

My heart isn’t throbbing or anything! Absolutely not!


I shake off my worldly thoughts by shaking my head.


“A- alright. From now on, I’ll be sure to confirm with you beforehand when I’m doing something.”

“Ye- yes please”


Saying so, Isvel smiled softly 


It’s still a somewhat awkward smile, but we came to be able to at least show a smile to each other.

This is surely a good thing.


“Also, please call me with an alias too just in case. It’s really just in case though”

“Alright. What should I call you?”

“I’m Adel, so… Al is fine”

“So Al… Right, I understand!”


Isvel murmured Al, Al many times over in a low voice in order to get used to it.

Completely feeling, while reluctantly, that her appearance was adorable, I unconsciously tried to stretch my hands towards her head.

No, that was close. I somehow resisted it and feigned tranquility.


“ …”

“ … What is it?”

“No, you look like you wanted to pat me”

“ …”


A bull’s eye.


“But you see, I won’t let you touch my head so easily you know! Because being pat on the head is something special to demons alright!? It’s still early for you!”

“O- oh”


Isvel looked at me with a triumphant expression.

It was mortifying for me who ended up thinking it was a little regrettable.

Actually, you let me wash your body and not touch your head?

Demons are such mysterious creatures.


I mean, don’t say demon with such loud voice.


“To pat my head means you will follow the steps more you see――”

“Hey you”

“What is it! Can’t you see I am still talking with him!?”


Who cut off Isvel’s suggestive speech was a boorish hoodlum gang of three.

The three of them has a tiger tattoo on their faces.

I wonder, is it fashion?

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