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Chapter 4

The Hero decides to live together


This is bad.

If we decide to fight here, then I will definitely not gain victory.

There is also my decision to protect the village, but I’ve already sold away the demon slaying sacred sword in the first place.

If I don’t have it, then I won’t gain an advantage over the demon lord.

How stupid of me.

However, I never thought I would have another meeting with the demon lord in a place like this, so it was bound to be inevitable.

At the very least I have to separate from here and――


“Ooh! A visitor came ain’t it!? Are you dealing well with that? Adel”

“Di- Dian!?”


Who caused a stir in this situation was Dian who just came back from gathering a large quantity of medicinal plants in a basket that he is carrying on his back.

I decide to put away the sword I readied in haste and smooth this situation over for now.


“Ye- yeah. I was about to try hearing her story at once”

“That so, that so. My bad, but I’m delivering the medicinal plants to my house, so I’m leaving you to deal with her”

“ … Alright”


Dian entered the village just like that and went towards his house.

Dang it, I missed out on requesting assistance.

I stare at the demon lord for a while and then sigh.

… Well, I guess there will be less damage if I deal with her instead of leaving her to another person.


“Follow me for now. Standing here talking is, you know”



I take Demon lord Isvel and return to the storehouse.

This place has also become the resting area for the gatekeeper and there are chairs and a desk prepared here.

I let her sit on the chair on the other side and then I sit down for the interview.


“And so, Demon lord Isvel. What are you scheming?”

“ … I am not scheming or anything. I merely want to quit being a demon lord and spend my time living an ordinary life”

“An ordinary life…?”


When I asked the full story from Demon lord Isvel, I’ve understood that she was given a similar treatment as me.

She was decided to be the Demon lord since she was born and they continued to have her wage war with the human country, she said.

It seems she came to dream of a free life inside the constantly bound life.

And then, in a conversation she heard by chance, she heard there was a village that welcomes people with hopes of retirement and so she has come to this village apparently.


“It’s because of you”



What is she talking about so suddenly, this girl.


“It’s because you declared quitting being a Hero in front of my eyes and disappeared! I hopelessly felt jealous of that freedom of yours and I was unable to bear it… and I had even desperately shut down my feelings until then!”


The demon lord said with a loud voice.

I was taken aback and was at a loss for words for a moment.


“Well… That must have been part of your strategy too isn’t it? Because you predicted the place I would escape to and lied in wait here like this”

“ …I’m sorry that I’ve let you expect that, but I am here by chance. It’s because I also knew that this village is suitable for retirement. On the other hand, the fact I misunderstood about you pursuing me is proof of that”

“――――wait, really?”

“Yes, really”


The demon lord is looking at me with round eyes.


“Is that, is that so…If that is the case! You won’t hunt me down then!?”



That’s an unpleasant question.

The demon lord is the enemy of humans.

If I could bring her down, then the long lasting war would settle down.


I should manage even by putting my life on the line.


However, that is a subject if I was the me until now.

I, who have thrown away the position of a Hero including my responsibility and abandoned the humans, have no obligation of having to fight the demon lord.

Not to mention this village accepts demons, demihumans and humans.

I have no rights to discriminate.


“――Yes, I won’t hunt you down. As long as you don’t inflict harm upon me or the village of course”

“ … I’m glad”


Demon lord――No, Ordinary Isvel relaxed her body, feeling relieved from the bottom of her heart.

She seems to have been straining her mind.

The air around us became a grade lighter from this moment.


I may be saying it myself, but she must have had her life constantly targeted due to her position as the demon lord.

If we assume that today is the first time she felt no hostility in the air, then even I can understand this exhausted look of hers.


“First of all, Hero and Demon lord are taboo words in this village. I am also hiding myself”

“Ah, I, I understand!”


She became awfully obedient.

No, perhaps this is her natural side.

Her age should not be that much different from mine.


“So, if you are retiring, then the price of land is five hundred gold coins. If you’re building a house on that then it will be an additional thousand gold coins. A sum of fifteen hundred coins, do you have that?”



――I have a bad feeling about this.


“Fifteen hundred gold coins, can you pay it?”

“ …can’t”


“I, I can’t pay…”


I almost slid down from the chair.

I didn’t believe it, but to think she really…


“I did understand money was necessary! But I didn’t think it was that necessary and――ahem, currently I only have this”


Having noticed midway that she unintentionally showed her real self, she became embarrassed and smoothed it over.

What Isvel put on the desk was an inflated leather bag.

There are no five hundred gold coins in it no matter how I look at it.

There should be around three hundred coins I see.


The amount of gold coins I was able to prepare were three hundred…”

“So it was like that after all. But the demon lord should be able to prepare more, shouldn’t they?”

“There was also the fact I left in a rush, but I don’t have much asset myself. So I had no choice and raised money by selling my armor”

“And that was three hundred gold coins. Hmmm… how should I deal with this”


I didn’t ask what one should do in a situation like this.

I have the feeling it’s different from turning them away and if it comes to it, then perhaps I could let her stay in the village for the time being.

While I was worrying myself like that, somebody came knocking on the door of the storehouse.


“Heeey, it’s me Dian, but is it fine to come in?”

“Yeah, go ahead”


The one who opened the door and entered was Dian who went to deliver the medicinal plants.

Dian saw Isvel’s saddened face and whispered in my ear.


“Hey, what happened with this girl?”

“She doesn’t have enough money. If she only has three hundred gold, then she can’t even buy a plot of land.”

“Oh I get it. And because of that, you’re also thinking about what you should be doing”

“That’s the gist of it… How do you solve a situation like this?”

“Lessee here”


Dian separated from me for a moment and compared me and Isvel with his eyes.

And then he nodded as if he has consented to something.


“Well it should be fine. We’ve decided that fellows who come to this village and have no money would first freeload in the house of newcomers”

“――Come again?”

“In this case it’ll be your house, Adel. ‘nd so, we’ll have you work until you’re able to pay the hush money and plot of land”

“Oh great…”


To think they have that sort of system. I never heard of this.

However, I also came to understand it.

If they were to simply turn them away, then the existence of this place would come out in the open.

Like this they have been drawing in people who could not pay the money and reduce the people who would go outside.


“There, there is a method to earn money!?”

“Roughly yes. With the connections of the village head, this village, though it’s a little far from around here, has done exchanges with several cities and villages. Those who need money would go sell the produce they grow and the fellows who have confidence in their skills would be earning small changes in the adventurer’s guild. There hasn’t been any people who’s been troubled with money for several years here, so you never heard something like that”


So they do things like that too?

However, is it really fine to go to an adventurers’ guild and such?


Like the guild card I’m holding, I have to hand in personal information to do work at the adventurers’ guild.

My social status and such will end up spreading so I thought it would be forbidden in this village of the end which observes strict secrecy.


“The village head is also related to the guildmaster you see, so you can even fake your social position you know. Of course, you won’t get to have big jobs though. Missy, judging from your appearance you look like a demon and you’re more or less up for it right? I think becoming an adventurer will work out as long as you can hide your horns”

“A- adventurer…”


This girl’s eyes… she actually did become a little interested in adventurers.

Certainly, though an adventurer is accompanied with danger, they also have many enjoyments.

My heart pounded with excitement going to the labyrinths and the savage lands and there’s also the fact you could obtain gold and silver treasures and become a millionaire in the blink of an eye.

I’m certain it’s a much more charming occupation from Isvel’s perspective who didn’t seem likely to go out from the demon lord castle.


Well, it doesn’t really have much to do with with me, so if she is going to become an adventurer then she can do as she pleases.


“If you’re interested in adventurers then, take her with you Adel. You’re a former adventurer right?”


“Looking after the person living with you is also duty of the newcomer yeah?”


When Dian said that, Isvel quickly lowered her head towards me.


“I hope we can get along”

“ …”


I escaped reality and thought about something stupid like ――the figure of the demon lord lowering her head towards the Hero is kind of funny.


It can’t be helped.

It’s for the sake of living without creating discord in this village.

I’ll cooperate with Isvel.

Under one condition: I will of course have her listen to my whims.


“Alright then. I’ll tell you the adventurer’s know-how… but, it won’t be immediately. I’m going to have you get involved in my work, got it?”

“O- okay… Say, what should I do?”


I take in my hand a farm tool that was in the storehouse and hold it out to Isvel.


“It’s farm work”


This is probably the first time.

That a human forced farm work on a demon lord――




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