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Sidestory Chapter 4 

The Sword Saintess (Behind the scenes)



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The girl called Mizuhara Saki, one of the Heroes who have transfered to this world, is currently called the ‘Sword Saintess’ in the cities and the country north of Eludia kingdom.


Mizuhara Saki is curently active in Sanokia kingdom that is situated in the northern part of Eludia.

The disparity of wealth in the Sanokia kingdom is very intense and both royalty and nobility hold a lot of power. The way things are is that the nobles, for the sake of vanity, would eat extravagant cuisine and if it is more than they could eat then they will throw it away without hesitation, whereas the residents of poor villages are in painful situations where they would either fall into slavery or starve to death.


The western side of the Eludia kingdom, beyond the mountain range is demon territory where the demon lord is said to be living in. In other words, it means that Sanokia kingdom that is near Eludia kingdom is relatively near the demon territory as well. Hence, thinking of when they will be targeted by the demons, they positioned themselves as one of the Hero support countries.

This Hero supporting countries are countries who declared supporting the Heroes summoned by Eludia Kingdom and when they by any chance are exposed to demon threats, rescue by means of the Heroes will be arranged by Eludia kingdom.


Kastal queendom that is situated in the east of Eludia, while having similar location as the Sanokia kingdom, have decided not to become a Hero supporting country, but they chose this because they possess many S rank adventurers and the queen’s knights and they had confidence that they can challenge the demon lord army with their peculiar military strength, is what the neighboring countries concluded.

As a matter of fact, none of the neighboring countries knew there was a perfectly different reason for it.


Let’s return to the main topic.


The treatment of the Heroes in the Hero supporting countries is exceedingly friendly. Heroes are basically expected to belong to the Eludia kingdom. However, this relationship is, in fact, not absolute.

If the heroes strongly desire it, then it is not impossible to belong to another country. Therefore, in order to take in the Heroes who came to them, each country of the Hero supporting countries have made it a rule to show them better treatment than necessary.


As a matter of course, Mizuhara received an exceedingly warm reception when she came to Sanokia, but she abstained from it.


“Rather than spending money on a warm reception for me, please share even a little food to the poor villages.”


Since even the country could not possibly deny the Hero’s say in it, they reluctantly delivered supplies to various poor village. Of course, a portion of the people took a kickback on the goods, but a part of the goods still reached the villages. And together with the goods, Mizuhara Saki’s name came to be well known far and wide.


Of course, that still is not a big enough event for her to be called “Sword Saint”. That was just the start. When she came to be called ‘Sword saintess’ was because of Mizuhara Saki’s actions afterwards.


[Okay, it’s done with this. It’s already fine to move.]


Mizuhara Saki stops applying recovery magic to an elderly person.


[Oh, Saintess-sama. Thank yee very much…]

[I’d like you to stop it with the Saintess though…]

[Oh, sorry. Saintess-sama…]


She had been saying that being called the saintess does not fit her, but nobody followed through so she seemed to have resigned herself somewhat in the end


[…*sigh* If your lower back becomes worse, tell me okay? I plan on staying in this village for a few more days after all.]

[Really, thank yee very much.]


After saying so, the elderly person who became unable to walk of a bad lower back, stands up and goes back home on his own.

Mizuhara Saki tours through cities and villages of various places in Sanokia Kingdom, doing charity work like giving free treatment and thinning out monsters. Since she is a Hero, her combat ability is not low and now too she is doing medical treatment with light armor put on top of her school uniform.


[Saki-sama, If you call upon me then I can carry the sick without you going out of your way to carry your feet to their place, you know?]


Who said that is a girl clad in armor, standing beside Mizuhara Saki. She is a year older and taller than Mizuhara Saki, but feelings of respect could be grasped in her eyes looking at her. Her appearance was exactly like a knight swearing an oath of allegiance towards their lord.


[But, my running is faster than yours right? I want to ease their sickness and pain even a second earlier.]


The other girl is firmly wearing an armor, whereas Mizuhara Saki has an improved physical strength from becoming a Hero in addition to her lightweight equipment which is light armor on her school uniform. It is very clear which of them will move faster.


[I’m sorry. Please forgive me for not having measured your compassionate heart, Saki-sama.]

[Jeez. As formal as always…]


Even while making a strained laugh, one can see Mizuhara Saki has grown accustomed to interacting with her. It must be because the armored girl has been with her the longest among Mizuhara Saki’s current party.

She was originally a knight of Eludia, but she was saved by Mizuhara Saki when she was about to be executed on a false charge. Afterwards she quit as a knight, vowed loyalty only towards Mizuhara Saki and had chosen to serve her to the present day. There was quite a dramatic sequence of events, but it will become lenghty so it will be omitted here.


[I’m sorry…]

[Don’t mind it. It’s because that is one of your good points. More importantly, have they gathered information on the robbers I wonder?]

[That’s right. It will soon be time for the meeting, so they should have taken hold of information somehow. Our party’s scout is excellent after all.]


Right now, the party where Mizuhara Saki acts as the leader, consists of five members excluding Mizuhara Saki. One of them is the previously mentioned armored girl. It is a bit of a classic concept, but if she acts as the ‘Knight’, then the other members will each fall under the ‘Scout’, ‘magician’, ‘priest’ and ‘hunter’.

And so, while Mizuhara Saki, the knight and the priest are giving treatment in the village, the scout, the wizard and the hunter are collecting information about a thieving group who has been raising havoc in the neighborhood.


With no more patients left and having nothing to do, Mizuhara Saki and the Knight decided to return to the hotel, which is the meeting place,  a little earlier.


[I’ve returned. Saki… I’ve wanted to see you.]

[Ohohohoho, I have returned now! Saki-san, I have done my best so please praise me!]

[Saki-oneesama! I’m back!]

[I just got back -be. Seeing Sacchi energetic is the best -be.]


The scout, wizard, priest and the hunter returned to the inn by that order. The girls then gather around Mizuhara Saki one after another.

Various events occured to the girls too and they all came to yearn and love Saki like a mother, like a lover, like an older sister and like a grandchild, but it will become lengthy so it will be omitted here.


[So, how did the matter of the thieves go?]



As Mizuhara Saki took control of the situation, the scout starts speaking.

This village, as a matter of fact, has been attacked by thieving group many times over and Mizuhara Saki was requested for their subjugation by the village.


[Let me start with the conclusion. A spy is mixed into this village.]

[Isn’t that serious!? What happened with that spy!?]


The knight reveals her shock. By the way, she has a relatively frank tone of voice towards her party members with the exception of Mizuhara Saki.


[I followed him and found out their hideout. They are aware that we are in this village and they look like they are thinking of attacking a different village. If we are going to crush them, then I suggest we do it now.]

[Right -be. Since we already found out their hideout, attacking them will be faster and safer for us -be.]

[Ohohohoho, you are right. I will blow their hideout to smithereens with my magic!]

[You can’t do that! There might be abducted people inside! Saki-oneesama, please say something to this magic idiot.]


Being talked to by the priest, Mizuhara Saki looks at the wizard and declares with a smile.


[Geez, you can’t do that you know. If you do something like that… you may end up hated]

[Ohoho, I will absolutely not do it! That’s why Saki-san! Please don’t hate me!]


The wizard clings to Mizuhara Saki with teary eyes. It showed her excessive attachment to Mizuhara Saki.


[You’re my important companion, I won’t seriously hate you. But, doing too many extreme things is bad, okay?]

[Ohoho, I understand that!]


Since the wizard has become obedient, she resumes the discussion.


[By the way, Saki-sama. When shall we depart? I believe the sooner the better.]


The knight entrusts the decision to Mizuhara Saki.


[Okay. Let’s depart as soon as possible then. How far is it to the thieves’ hideout?]

[Two hours on foot. If we use a carriage, then we won’t take even an hour. I think.]

[A carriage would be good. Saki-oneesama!]


The one who responded first to the scout’s answer was the priest. As a result of her being a girl who led a sheltered life, she doesn’t seem to have much confidence in her own stamina.


[Ohohohoho, is it not impossible for you to follow Saki-san on her journey with such meager stamina?]

[Mumumu… You too, are you not attracting nothing but unnecessary trouble? I think someone who is a bother to Saki-oneesama should not come along with her journey!]

[Ohohohoho, now you’ve said it]

[Look who is talking]


The wizard provokes the priest simply because of her payback from before. Moreover the priest returned the provocation. These two are the only group in Mizuhara Saki’s party to be on bad terms, quarrelling at every opportunity.


[Both of you, leave it at that, okay?]



As Mizuhara Saki reproved them, both the priest and the wizard drop their shoulders. Those two always drop their shoulders when getting scolded by Mizuhara Saki.


[Two hours on foot is a little long, so I guess we should take a carriage. However, wouldn’t it be dangerous to get too close with a carriage?]

[It is impossible in the first place. The hideout is inside the forest.]


The scout answered Mizuhara Saki’s question. It is really hard to be found in a forest. That alone tells the ability the scout has.


[In that case, shouldn’t we take a carriage to the forest’s vicinity and walk after that -be?]

[That’s right. It should be safe enough. Would that be fine with you Saki-sama?]


Being the leader, Mizuhara Saki has the final say in this party. If she says NO, then NO will become the member’s consensus regardless of the discussion until now.


[Okay, that’s fine. Then, we’ll depart as soon as the preparations are done.]

[Yes ma’am!]


[Right -be.]



And then an hour later, Mizuhara Saki and her party are moving towards the thieves’ hideout in the forest.


[We will arrive soon. Prepare for battle.]


As the scout gave a warning, the rest ready their weapons.


[Found it. There are two people on the lookout. One of them is a spy we saw earlier. Threat level low.]

[Meaning they are just a small fries.]

[Ohoho, with my magi… nevermind.]


The wizard realized she was talking too much and shuts up. She has many verbal slips.


[Then please, do as usual.]


As Mizuhara Saki spoke, all five members nod.

Mizuhara also nods after seeing that, all six people start walking toward the thief hideout. They just walk like normal, not even trying to conceal themselves or have a preemptive attack.


Of course, the thieves notice them too when they approached at a certain distance.


[Geh! Aren’t ya the Sword Saintess that came to the village!?]

[What did you say!? That Sword Saintess who recently crushed a band of thieves from around the country!? Enemy Attack! We are under attack!!]


Just as the two lookouts courteously explained, Mizuhara’s party has already annihilated a great number of thieving groups.

Thief subjugation is also included in Mizuhara Saki’s charity work. This was originally a job for adventurers or chivalric orders and soldiers around the country, but one can hardly expect that from this corrupted country. Mizuhara Saki who therefore would bring down thieves with reliable ability came to be called ‘Sword Saintess’.


[Are you all a thieving group?]

[What if we are, what will you say!?]


Mizuhara Saki asked the thief lookouts who clearly lowered their backs. Tension could not be felt at all from her tone of voice and one could say it is completely relaxed.


[We are planning on arresting you now. You can resist or even surrender, but if you’re surrendering it would be better to do so early. Because we will then end it without giving you painful feelings.]


They could not hear that as anything but provocation even if she said it humbly. But what was on Mizuhara’s face was not the look of scoff, but a look of worries instead. Conversely if one were to ask if she is being negligent then that would also be wrong. While she is relaxed, there are no opening in her stance at all.


[What’s the big idea!]


Over 20 of the thieving group came out of the thieves’ hideout almost at the same moment Mizuhara Saki finished speaking.

All the armed men are dirty. Among them is a huge man approaches while holding a large sword with one hand.


[Just when I thought what kind of guys they were when you said enemy attack, ain’t it just six girls here? Don’t call spoils approaching us as enemy attack, okay?]

[Boss! You are wrong! They are Sword Saintess’s party!]



A dangerous light dwells in the boss’s eyes.


[Are you the Sword Saintess’s party who have been going around smashing the Revolutionary Army in various place recently?]

[While reluctantly, I am the Hero Mizuhara Saki who is called ‘Sword Saintess’. Leaving that aside, what is this Revolutionary Army? I’ve never heard of that though? What I’ve been arresting were only thieving groups you know?]


Perhaps not being able to understand, Mizuhara Saki tilts her head in confusion. However, there are no openings.


[It’s the original appearance of the guys who were treated as a thieving group. Including us, the Revolutionary Army are unhappy about the current situation of this country and plan to overthrow the royalty of this country. There were many strong spirited colleagues in the many annihilated forces! And that is all because of you!!!]


The leader of a thief band, or former Revolutionary Army shows a look of anger.

However, Mizuhara Saki has her head tilted even after hearing his explanation.


[Even though you are unhappy about this country’s current condition, you would rob things from innocent villages?]

[It’s a necessary sacrifice!!! We’re going to return them as many times over when we destroy the royalty and the Revolutionary Army stands at the top someday!!!]


That is the idea of the Revolutionary Army. Thinking that it is impossible to change the current situation alone, so they plunder, calling it a Necessary sacrifice. They build up their strength by repeatedly plundering and would eventually overthrow the Monarchy and nobility establishment. They later take the position of a good government and later return what they deprived from the people.


[Does that include even assaulting women in the villages?]

[A necessary sacrifice! The Revolutionary Army are mostly men after all!]

[Even kidnapping women and children and selling them as slaves?]

[A necessary sacrifice! It’s a precious source of funds!]

[Even killing innocent villagers in the process?]

[A necessary sacrifice! It becomes experience in fighting!]


(Jin-kun shouldn’t have any interest in this kind of person I guess. But, let’s go with the usual for the time being just to be sure.)


Mizuhara Saki sighed as if she was worn out and gave up on something.


[It looks like you were a band of thieves after all. I will say this again. We are going to arrest you, so if you’re giving in or surrender, then tell us okay? We will gladly accept that anytime.]


As Mizuhara Saki said, she lowers her back and unsheathes her Treasure Sword on her hips.


[Don’t try and make fun of us! You bunch of noble dogs! You rascals, show the likes of them hell!]


As boss gave a signal, everyone shouts “OH!” out loud and charges at Mizuhara Saki and her group.


[Take this and this!]


Especially the thieves’ boss narrowed down his target to Mizuhara Saki and attacks her relentlessly with his large sword. Mizuhara Saki continued to avoid the swung sword by shifting her body left and right.

Only the boss and Mizuhara Saki have a one on one duel, other members have to fight 4 on 1. It is because it is possible that their allies would eat collateral damage if they were to join the boss’ battle.


Mizuhara Saki’s gift is <Sword Master>. This gift allows the owner to become a sword expert. A master of a sword is not nominated to a person who is just being skillfull at swinging a sword. A person who possess techniques to cut people and techniques to not be cut themselves would be the true meaning of ‘Sword Master(assassin)’.

This <Sword Master> gift allows its owner to become the true meaning of a ‘Sword Master(assassin)’. In short, when one receives this gift, you can become nothing more than a combat specialist.


She keeps dodging the boss’ sword by a hair’s breadth. Of course, that was to hold him down with the lowest amount of effort used in avoiding. However, thieves’ boss misunderstands it as “barely avoiding it” and ended up thinking it will hit eventually if he keeps attacking.


[Eat this and this! You’re doing nothing but evading, Sword Saintess! Is that pointlessly expensive sword just decoration?]


The boss is getting carried away and talks as he swings his sword. On the another hand, Mizuhara Saki hasn’t said a word since the fight began.

Mizuhara Saki just confirmed her companion’s fight as she calmly dodges his large sword.


The knight has no problem at present. She is good at managing her enemies with her shield and footwork. She manages to fight equally with 4 people and is still able to stab a thief’s leg with her prided spear. As her opponents are decreasing, her fight is going to end soon.


The hunter completely dominates them. She has been shooting arrows at them while keeping her distance in the forest. Having no means of long range attacks that could rival the hunter, she just keeps her distance away and shoots their feet and hands one after another.


The priest is in a somewhat bad position. With the sword(‘s poison) prepared in her cane she could incapacitate one person, but her situation is still at disadvantage. When the hunter passes by the priest, she shoots few arrow at thieves that tried to attack. In the end, the priest managed to defeat 2 people.


The scout already finished her fight. The scout had been hiding her presence and mowed them down before they noticed. But after the scout finished her quota, she didn’t help other members and just stared at Mizuhara Saki.


The wizard’s clothes become tattered….by her own <Fire Magic>. Her affinity over fire is good but she is half-hearted in control so she often makes mistakes in measuring the effective scope and so she often damages herself. Due to the wizard having resistance with magic as their characteristic, it hardly causes any injuries on her. However, her clothes don’t have that property and that is why they always end up tattered after battle.


As Mizuhara Saki judges there are no troubles, she turns her consciousness to decide the fight soon. The instant after that, the thieves’ boss receives a full body impact and topples down to the ground.


[Phew~ it’s done.]


Mizuhara Saki ended the fight immediately and started to bind the thieves’ boss who fainted with rope.


It didn’t take much time for all thieves to lie on the ground.

After that, all thieves including the one who fainted are bound with rope. Yes, Mizuhara Saki and the others didn’t murder any of the thieves. The poison that was used was just paralysis poison.


This also became one of the reasons Mizuhara Saki is called “Sword Saintess”. She hasn’t killed anything after being summoned to this world. Not only humans, monsters too.

Mizuhara Saki will strictly damage them at most and there were times other people would kill them. Mizuhara Saki will just damage them and let the knight, the hunter or the scout finish them later. Of course, Mizuhara Saki hasn’t landed killing blow directly even once.


[Geez, you keep becoming worn out time and time again…]

[Ohoho, how shameful of me…]


Mizuhara Saki said as she uses <Recovery Magic> on the wizard. By the way, recovery magic is something she learned by herself after coming to this world.


[Even if you say your skin is hardly burned, your skin is still burned. You’re a girl, you should value your beautiful skin more.]

(If you’re damaged goods by the time I give you to Jin-kun, your value will decrease you know.)



The wizard looks at Mizuhara Saki with moist eyes and even forgets her favorite “ohohohoho” phrase. Her face is clearly that of a maiden in love.


[Everyone’s injuries too, please tell me no matter how small it is. I will heal them. You guys don’t need to hold back since every one of you are my important companions.]

(Everyone is an important present in order for Jin-kun to forgive me, I have to heal their wounds and keep them flawless.)


All five girls are deeply moved and looked at Mizuhara Saki with moist eyes as they heard her words.


Various stolen goods are lined up inside narrow cave. For better or worse, there are no captured people inside.

Mizuhara Saki puts as many of those stolen goods as she can inside her item box. Returning stolen goods to their owners is also part of her charity work.


After everything is done, they take captured thieves to the carriage outside of the forest. Six carriages were prepared beforehand. Because they knew the number of people in this band of thieves beforehand, they prepared this for everyone, including coachmen. Each member will ride in a separate carriage, denying any chance of resistance for the thieves.


[Why didn’t you kill us…?]


The thieves’ boss who woke up inside a returning carriage asked. It seems he couldn’t hide his confusion as all of his companions are here.


[I have decided that I won’t kill any living being in this world. No matter how evil they are.]

(If the one I killed is something Jin-kun is interested in, then he might dislike me. It is something I don’t want to risk. Therefore, I won’t kill any living being.)

[What an incredibly naive girl. I ain’t gonna reform at all you know. Someday we’re gonna make you regret not killing us in this place.]


The thief boss scowls at Mizuhara Saki like he is looking down on her.


[Do as you like.]

[Tch~, giving me boring replies the whole time…]


After that, the carriages become silent all the way until they reached village.


As they entered the village, they heard shouts of joy from the villagers.


[Saintess-sama captured the band of thieves!]

[Thank you! No more people will be killed by them!]

[Thank you~ Thank you~]


The villager’s are already grateful with free treatment from Mizuhara Saki and her party, but this matter made their position in this village her absolute.


[We are really grateful. This isn’t much but it is money contributed by us villagers. Please accept it.]

[I shall gratefully accept it.]


Inside the not so large bag had a very small amount of money which looks like nothing, but Mizuhara Saki still receives from villager chief.


[Then, please take this. Use it as money for village reconstruction, it is on me.]


As Mizuhara Saki said, she returns the money bag she took back to village chief.



[While the village still has a hard time, I can’t accept your money. Your feelings of gratitude is more than enough. Please use this money for village’s reconstruction.]


[If you really insist, then please think of it like you borrowed from me. No interest, no contact and no deadline, so you don’t need to worry about it.

(If I put trust and money on a scale then trust is more expensive, so buying their trust with this money has a better value, right?)

[Saint-sama… Thank you very much…]


Village chief bows deeply. Thus, another village was saved by Mizuhara Saki.


Several days later, the investigation ended and the execution of all thieves began.

As for villagers, they wanted to execute them the very day they were captured, but an investigative torture professional turned up from a big city in order to grasp their background and such. And after they said everything comes their execution. 


[Hey! This isn’t what you said! Didn’t you say you wouldn’t kill anyone!? Why is everybody here getting capital punishment!?]


The restrained thief boss shouts as he is waiting for his execution.

All thieves also heard Mizuhara Saki say “I won’t kill any living being” and nobody was killed during their fight, so they believed they wouldn’t get capital punishment. Even the boss was resolved in the capital punishment, but he did not think all of them, even the ones who had little crimes and people who just entered, received capital punishment.


[People in this village want your, all of your deaths. Even though you will be dying by retribution for your deeds, treating that as me having killed you is terribly upsetting you know?]


Mizuhara Saki won’t kill any living being. That only means she won’t do it with her own hands and it does not mean she will oppose capital punishment nor deny revenge.


[This is retribution for your so-called “Necessary sacrifice”. You are going to return the things you snatched away? There are many things in the world that is lost and can’t be regained you know?]

(I won’t forgive myself looking at Jin-kun with those eyes. If it’s to have Jin-kun forgive me, if it’s to regain Jin-kun’s trust in me, I will do anything. I offer money, women and even a country to Jin-kun. I can’t see him until the preparation is done, but that is my punishment so it can’t be helped.)

[Than what do you suggest we should have done! Can we do anything else but steal and become stronger to change this country!?]


Thief boss shouts. Crime is a crime but it must be true that he had the heart to think of this country.


[I think you’re wrong about that. Because the people you have cut down by calling it “Necessary sacrifice” are the very same people who your hated royalty and nobles have cut down.]

(If you’re really think you want to change this country, then you should have brought all villages and towns together as one and rebel against royalty and nobles. … Like what I’m doing now.)



The thief boss is at loss for word.

The significance of making light of the people are the same for both the thieves and the royalty and nobles. For people, thieves are treated as enemies for the damage they cause directly.


[You can declare it. Even if your Revolutionary Army became the top of the country, you absolutely cannot establish a good government. Only the head changes and the same thing will repeat. If you think about the blood spilled until then, it may instead be a minus you know?]

(I wonder, could Jin-kun establish a good government? I think he said he didn’t want a country, but I have to prepare to give it to him right away if he tells me wants it…)



Thief boss cowers down, completely void of will.

Not an hour later, all the thieves’ necks are lined up.


Mizuhara Saki slipped out of the execution ground before the execution started and hastened her preparations to go to the next village.


[Which village shall we go to next?]

[How about the southwestern village near Kastal?]


From the knight’s words, Mizuhara Saki makes a slightly complicated expression.


[Southwest…, I don’t want to go there yet.]

[Ohoho, is it about “Him” again? A cruel gentleman who leaves behind this lovely of a childhood friend, you should for…*muffing*]



The priest tried to cover the wizard‘s mouth as she was about to have a lethal slip up. However, she is a moment too late.


[…d you just spoke ill of Jin-kun?]

(You’re together with me in order for me to give you to Jin-kun, but if you badmouth him like this, I guess “I don’t need you”)


The wizard is being stared by Mizuhara Saki’s chilling glance.

People have several things they will yield to nobody. And if one were to rudely cross over that line, it’ll be already war afterwards.


[Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii diiiiiiiiiid noooooooooooot saaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat]


The wizard became inarticulate due to her shivering. She was trembling by the exceeding thirst of blood.

The nearby priest, knight and scout received the after-effects and began to tremble.


[Stop. Stop -be! She didn’t mean any harm -be!!]


The hunter was in a different direction by chance and closed Mizuhara Saki eyes. At that moment, all four people lose their power and drop down on the floor.


[I’ve calmed down now, so can you let me go?]

(I already knew she’s a girl who has many verbal slips didn’t I? I guess I I got a little too flustered. But it won’t be good if I don’t properly train her by the time I meet Jin-kun.)

[Okay -be.]


Mizuhara Saki’s party has an unspoken agreement.

That is to not bring up a conversation about “Him”, who is Mizuhara Saki’s loved one, to the best of their abilities. The second is not never badmouth “Him”. Especially the latter is lethal, the Hero (Hero summoned from another world. Not in the meaning of a person who challenged something foolish) crossed the unspoken agreement with all their strength and is currently receiving counselling in Eludia royal palace, but they consider rehabilitating the Hero is hopeless.


Next day, Mizuhara Saki and her party started their journey to a northwestern village while villagers came to see them off.


The Sword Saint continued to travel and do charity work all over the place. The result; with many of the thieving groups scattered about annihilated and a situation where those who wanted to make a new group did not create out of fear of her, public order rose. With the public order risen, the sphere of livelihood extended and they came to be able to harvest many crops. That life was difficult did not change, but the number of people starved to death and number of people killed by monsters or thieves have sharply decreased.


This is a story of a Hero among the 800 summoned Heroes who had a few positive effects on the world.

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        MC had also been showing obvious signs of monopoly.
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        In fact I believe the MC mostly acted assertively.

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          That leaves Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Envy, and Greed. He’s obviously not Pride or Envy, since he dislikes attention and doesn’t seem to envy others. Wrath is possible as he is willing to kill to achieve his goals, but also unlikely. It’s probably greed due to the fact that his ability by nature Steals.

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