Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Idle talk 4

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Idle talk 4 out of 6. I’m already halfway vol 8, hopefully I’ll get to vol 9 soon, I’m curious whether a possible heroine will appear for our good for nothing Yuuji.

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Vol 7 Idle talk 4 Bulletin board chapter

[7-17]Yuuji absent bulletin board, thinking about the village’s name.


[Let’s decide] I am kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 38 [the pioneer village’s name]


1 : Anonymous NEET

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.


Left the mystery of goblins and orcs becoming frequent in the forest to the adventurers.

Yuuji went to the city for the second time for inspection of the canned food workshop and greetings to the master smith.

It’s going well, but we have spare time.

Therefore, let’s decide the name of the pioneer village soon!

Reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET posting >>900 is to open the next thread!


72 : Anonymous NEET

This is quite difficult

It should be katakana after all right?


73 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji village!



74 : Anonymous NEET


No wait

Isn’t kanji here fine too?

Something number one pioneer group like


75 : Anonymous ETNE

Might as well be fine with Kotarou village already right!?


76 : YES Lolita NO touch

In that case

Alice-chan village!


77 : Anonymous NEET

“Chan” is too disgusting you know…


78 : Cool NEET

If there’s a visitor from afar, then in order for them to notice it

How about Nihon village?


79 : Anonymous MEAT


If we go that route then

Fujiyama village

Samurai village

Ninja village

would be a hit right!?


Somehow this could work for a region…


80 : Anonymous NEET


The image of Japan will be ancient from the world’s perspective you know!

Here’s the latest fad:

Monster appears from balls village

White cat in ribbon village

Ninja manga village

Otaku village


81 : Anonymous NEET


Ain’t these nothing but risky ones!?

If you’re gonna let visitors from afar notice us

Then we don’t have to limit it to Japan right?

The four-letter uppercase village


82 : Anonymous NEET


The holy four letters or something is not funny so stop it!

The wrath of God will… will it arrive? In another world?

…can we actually try that out?


83 : Anonymous ETNE


No wait!

If we’re going to test whether the wrath of god will arrive

Then the holy ground similar to a different religion’s…


84 : Infraworker


I won’t let you say it!

Stop it

Don’t get us involved in it


85 : Anonymous MEET


Let’s go with Jerusalem village!(Trollface)


86 : Anonymous NEET


Let’s go

My ass!

Get away from that field!

How ‘bout ‘em America village


87 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t tell me you’re… from kansai?

No, your speech is kind of like fake Kansai dialect

Let’s go with the British Empire


88 : Anonymous NEET


If I was the feudal lord then I wouldn’t like the pioneer village with that name…

Calling themselves empire or something, they wouldn’t be willing to submit would they…


89 : Anonymous NEET


Be relieved!

You are not a feudal lord but a NEET!

…wouldn’t NEET village be fine?


90 : Anonymous NEET



Yuuji wasn’t just an ordinary NEET!

Let’s go with HIKINEET village


91 : Anonymous NEET


What’s with the name that doesn’t gush forth the will to work?

A village with such name will become useless right away don’t you think?

What was Yuuji’s surname again?


92 : This is Sakura


It’s Houjou you know!

I married and ended up changing my family name so it may be good!


93 : Anonymous NEET



94 : Anonymous NEET

The joke character!!


95 : Clothing group member A

Miss little sister on stage even though Yuuji’s not here!

Or, is it because Yuuji isn’t here?



96 : Anonymous NEET

M, miss little sister!

By the way, what sort of name did it turn to after an international marriage?


97 : This is Sakura

It’s Sakura Flores!


98 : Sakura’s friend

Hey Sakura!

You can’t show your name in this sort of place!


99 : Anonymous ETNE

A little late aren’t you!

… somehow it’s an awfully cool name though…


100 : Anonymous MEET

Isn’t it fine with this Flores village already?


101 : Well informed NEET


So it’s Houjou Yuuji eh

Is there an older brother?

Or is it your dad?


102 : This is Sakura



So you knew!

It’s Houjou Yuuji and (北条雄二; North passage male two)

Dad is Ichio (一雄; male one)


103 : Anonymous NEET



104 : Anonymous NEET

How surprisingly simple…


105 : Anonymous NEET

Yes of course…NOT!


106 : Cool NEET

I heard that’s often the case in the olden days

That’s why 101 must have asked if it was her dad


107 : Anonymous NEET

It went Ichio (lit. One male)→Yuuji(male two) so

Yuuji’s son would be

Mitsuo right!? (三雄; three male)


108 : Anonymous NEET


You idiot!

You think Yuuji can even marry!?

It’s the extinction of his lineage!


109 : Clothing group member B

Yuuji village is questionable so

It means Houjou village?


110 : Dr Acorn

It’s related to good harvest(TL pronounced houjou), so wouldn’t it be surprisingly good?


111 : Well informed NEET


As far as I heard it there were many french type names

In other words, the H won’t be pronounced

It’ll become oujou village you know


112 : Anonymous NEET

The royal castle even though it’s a village, how?


113 : Anonymous NEET


You all wait with that part

What are you thinking so normally for?

The mysterious translation is coming into play you know?


114 : Anonymous NEET

Then geez

Go with Utsunomiya village


115 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t make it troublesome!

Look at the thread title!

There’s still a little less than 900 you know!


116 : Anonymous NEET


War criminal discovered!

It’s because you made this sort of thread title

It’s not really rising so much is it!?


117 : Anonymous NEET


Too straight

Tochigi village

North Kantou village


Northern Sanken village


118 : Infraworker



You’re looking for a fight eh?

Don’t underestimate them!

Here the biker gangs, shakotan(lowered vehicles) and vanning series are on active duty!


119 : Anonymous NEET

Vanning group etc?

Tell me you imminent person!


120 : Anonymous NEET

Major public entertainment offices


121 : Anonymous NEET


That’s wrong!

You never seen a car with showy coating blocking the windows of a minivan or light van and feathers put behind the roof?

There’s also types where pictures are painted


122 : Anonymous NEET



I happened to see one near my house!

That’s amazing right?


123 : Anonymous NEET

Guys, don’t go search for images of Vanning group Itasha!(Itasha = anime painted cars)

It’s spectacular!

I want to try getting in one


124 : Anonymous NEET

You guys…

Converting that is expensive you know


125 : Anonymous NEET

Why are there so many well informed people in this thread though…


126 : Sakura’s friend


Yer looking for a fight too?

How about Kirasse village?


127 : Anonymous NEET


Ain’t that the place we ate gyoza during offline!?

Well… does it work?


128 : Anonymous NEET

We’re not getting this decided at all!

Well, there’s still a little less than 900 posts

Shall we give it an appropriate one then!?


129 : Anonymous ETNE


This guy!

He has the nerve to assert an “appropriate one”!

Well it’s appropriate though! (T.N. Was not entirely sure about these two parts, てきとー could mean a lot of things)



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