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Chapter 61 Each starting their battle



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There were once two gods who made this world.

One is the god of creation.

She created all things from nothing and developed the world.

The other is the god of destruction.

She destroyed things that becomes an obstruction to the development and similarly developed the world.

The world becoming its “Complete form” was a matter of time――――――however,


The god of creation went mad.


Precisely at that time, she began massacring the “people” born in the world.

When the “people” fell down to half their numbers in the twinkling of an eye, the god of destruction finally began stopping that massacre.

The battle between fellow gods began.

The battle turned violent, but they constantly competed over strength.

There the god of destruction hit upon the idea of borrowing the strength of the “people”.

At the end of the long and violent battle, the god of destruction, borrowing the powers of the “people,” had finally succeeded in sealing the god of creation.

And then, worried for the seal to be lifted, the god of destruction prepared three keys to the seal.

Two of them dwelled inside the “people” and another one dwelled inside a “monster” which has no concept of lifespan.

They were called respectively the “Earth god”, Sky god” and the “Sea god,” and each of them possess great strength in order to not lose the key.

The earth god and sky god are, in accordance to the lifespan of the “people”, taken over, generation upon generation.

The sea god has continuously watched over that.

And like that, they continued to protect the seal to the god of creation.

As long as they weren’t endangered that is.


Until the earth god Gaia turned against the sea god Levia and sky god Desastre――――――


“Really, you all are……planning on reviving the god of creation aren’t you?”

“That’s right! You know all of the “people” of this world! We’re gonna get everyone killed!”


Contrary to her words, Gaia smiled innocently.

Levia turned lightly cold to that facial expression of hers.


(If I properly found this child and managed to speak with her……no, never mind this talk. It’s a little late for regrets.)


Levia has the duty to worry over the other keys.

For hundreds of years she continued that duty and this time was her first blunder.

It was impossible for her to not feel regret.

Even so, Levia renewed herself.

It is because the younger sister beside her was looking strongly――――――――


“……we can not afford to commit a blunder for our generation, now can we.”


Desastre took a step forward.

Levia also tried to match up with her, but Desastre held her back.


“I shall go from here.”

“Hey wait! You don’t have to do this on your own! Not to mention you are the king, don’t you know that!?”

“I will not be bested”

“That’s not what I……hnng! You know what, fine. Just do whatever you like!”


Levia looked at Desastre’s face warped in ferocity and snapped.

She can’t be stopped at this point, and going as far as exterminating her enemy is――――――


“Fufu……be relieved. There is not in a million chance of a defeat for I, the demon king”


Desastre’s hair changed from the lovely red to a beautiful golden color.

Matching with the rise of her magic power inside her, her body began sending out crackling electricity.


“humph……are you maybe underestimating me? The one who ends up dying is yourself though, poor you!”

“Says the likes of a human. The likes of you don’t have any such privileges to put up a mask in front of I.


“<Flame art – Cannon>”



The flame bullet let loose by the black haired woman, Kuroinu, shot down the demon soldiers.

Upon taking a glance at that, the girl flipped her robe and directed herself to the battlefield.

Incidentally, unlike the time at the beastmen continent, she had the shape of a human.

It was the same with Melua, but all the people in black robes were basically, with the exception of Shironeko, human beings.

Running parallel besides such woman was a single man――――――


“Saiga, what has happened with your post?”

“I caught up with ya. There were only a few soldiers so it was done instantly.”


The man who mowed down the oncoming soldiers with his spear, Saiga so answered.


“Even so, it won’t do to be apart from your post would it?”

“Well it’s fine ain’t it!? You’re happy to see me right?

“That is……well, I suppose that is true.”



Saiga reflexively leaked out his voice.

What he said as a jest ended up being affirmed and now he was quite shaken.


“If you are here then I can leave my back to you after all, Billdos or Luna would be even better, but……It would help having even you on this occasion.”

“……What, so that’s what you meant.”

“? What about it?”

“Never mind!”


He faced away and swung his spear to vent his anger.

Saiga was also a man. The woman he likes was here.

What the woman said raised him and then pulled him down.


“*sigh*……Ah, right you know, once we defeat the demon king, let’s go have some meal together.”

“Excuse me? ……I don’t think there will be any place to do so once that revives.”

“Before its revival I mean! We should have at least some time don’t ya think?”

“Well……if you’re fine during that time.”



Saiga this time wielded his spear gleefully.

Each fallen demon soldiers were pitiful.

Seeing such Saiga, Kuroinu anxiously let out a sigh.


(That’s why I feel anxious with him……particularly the part where his emotion shakes easily)

“Keep coming, ya demon insects!”


Spreading his voice, Saiga instigated the demons.

A lone demon soldier who felt anger towards that did a suicide attack and was thoroughly sent flying.

The soldier who was about to be thrown to a tree like that was caught by someone.

Saiga and Kuroinu knew of these people. The soldier who was caught peered into the face of the young girl who caught him.


“You……all are……?”

“……I’m letting you down desu.”


The young girl let down the soldier and ordered him off to the back.


“Aren’t we lucky, right big sister.”

“I’m glad desu. To meet you first.”


What was there were two girls: a black and white one.

They transferred together with Setsu, the sisters who has won fame on the beastmen continent――――――――



“Good afternoon desu. Kuroinu, Saiga.”


Towards the cat sisters in front of them, Kuroinu showed a look of hatred and Saiga a forced smile.

Excitement ran through the soldiers who have heard their names.

The unluckiest sisters who had put a wound on the beast king.

There were scant people who did not know them, even among the demons.


“The cats who plastered mud on our honored liege……meeting you here is convenient! I will erase you, skin and all!”

“Shut the hell up desu, fake dog woman. Hey Mineko, say something desu.”

“Eeh……Why are you bringing it to me……


Mineko, who never thought she had a right to speak was bewildered.

However, she seemed to have something she wanted to say, so she immediately put on a serious expression.


“Well……Even I have saved up some pent-up anger after being thoroughly used, so……don’t expect that you can just simply die.”

“You damned prattling cats!”

“Here I go desu”

“Good grief……you women are scary!”




“Stop him! Whatever it takes!”

“You think we can lose!?”


The soldiers swarmed a single well built man. Although that man was wearing a black robe and was a skinhead――――――――

――――――he had lipstick on him for some reason.


“Oh my……it was a good attack, you all……buut, it’s a little lacking, isn’t it!?”

“Wha, what is!?”


Swords struck him and spears hit him.

But his body was neither cut nor pierced.


“Moore……Bring more things that lets me feel!



The man took a single swing of his fist……that alone bid the lower body of the soldiers goodbye to their upper body.

Seeing that, the other soldiers stumbled a step or two from that bizarre spectacle.


“Come at me more! Like you’re letting I, Billdos tremble from the heart of my body! Your biggest attack, give it to mee!”


Towards Billdos showed a look of ecstacy, the soldiers completely lost their fighting spirit.

Their instinct was telling them not to come close to this.


“What’s wroong!? Here! Here!”

“Kuh……temporary withdraw――――――”

“――――――――aaaaAaAAAAAAH! I’m gonna die!”



Right between the soldiers and Billdos, someone fell down.

They seem to have splendidly landed on their feet, but they painfully stroke their feet.


“Owow……I, I didn’t die! It was a close call! I was in danger!”

“Yo-, you are……”

“Hm? Aah, I’m glad. I arrived at the battlefield for now.”


Said the blonde young lady as she felt relieved seeing the nearby demon soldiers.


Ro- Roa Gold……daughter of the beast king……”


She was someone who originally wasn’t supposed to be here.

The soldiers were naturally surprised, but at the same time felt relief.

The mood in this place had already become hers.


Hmm~ You’re the beastmen princess aren’t you. I don’t know why you are here, but what bad luck~ If you were the beast king then I would’ve wanted to fight, but……I’m not interested in women.”


Billdos looked surprised in the beginning, but lost interest the moment he understood it was Roa.


“But I am gentle, soo……if you scurry back home to the beastmen continent right away then I won’t do anything. Now, women are an eyesore! Go immediately!”

“Ah? Who are you? How gross.”

“……I take it back, I’ll kill you.”


A vein rose on Billdos’ face.

And then he approached Roa while cracking his knuckles.


“What, you’re an enemy? That’ll be just right! Just when I wanted to act violently with all my strength!”


Roa also prepared her hands.

Again on a battlefield different from everyone, each of them were about to start their battles――――――





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