KG-SHSB Chapter 17

Good day everyone! Here’s another chapter of Kanna the Godless! I’m kind of disappointed the plot isn’t progressing as fast as I would want, not to mention the fact he somehow keeps adding commentaries about breasts and whatnot is kind of…well, I guess it’s interesting enough. Enjoy the read everyone and see you in… less than two weeks!

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Chapter 17 You’re able to enjoy this muddled story because it’s somebody else’s problem



“Sickness and health start with the mind”ーーif we have that saying, then paradoxically if the sickness is cured then what’s in your mind should be fixed. Sickness won’t be cured if you don’t have physical strength. And you must eat delicious things in order to gain physical strength.


ーーWell, it’s something stupid I’m thinking about while I’m trying to eat.


“Say, I was actually thinking about this since we were in the village at the foot of the sacred mountain, but eh”


It’s dinner time right when my right arm has recovered and I’m able to move it without any problems. In order to recover the force of will I’ve spent as a result of using spirit arts and because I’ve become hungry like normal again, I’ve decided to have dinner.


“ーーAin’t the amount you’re eating clearly overcapacity, Real?”


Being in the middle of my growth period, I pay additional charges to the inn and order 1.5 times the usual serving of a dish. That is probably quite the substantial amount of food.


“It’s because a swordsman’s asset is their body. If you don’t properly eat whenever it’s fine to eat, then you won’t have the strength at the critical moment.”


Meanwhile, Real also took the same dish, but she has three servings or something. Three times the usual, twice the amount I ordered. Even though we’re sitting in a four seat table with the two of us, the table is filled to the limit. And even though she started eating roughly at the same time as I did, the pace the ratio of food is disappearing is the same for us two, it’s a dreadful story.


“How bad is the energy consumption of that body of yours? Normally, the things you eat becomes either fuel or flesh or something though.”


Since we’re eating, I’m omitting the matter about excretion.


If I take a glance, I can tell that Real’s body is slender. With one glance I can judge a body that’s identified as female. She has good looks that I’m sure could earn her fame as a 『model』. On the other hand, I know that despite her limbs being supple if you were to touch them, they hide enough physical strength to freely handle that large sword at will. I have heard of this before by chance; it’s the most ideal form of muscle.


Even so, I’m sure that’s still an excessive amounts of calorie.


“Muhh, I do admit that my energy consumption is certainly bad, but this doesn’t mean that I won’t put on any weight at all, okay?”


Real puts the tip of the fork in her mouth and expresses her complaints. There’s probably some meat attached to her under her clothes.


“How can you think about carefree things?” She says as she hits her breastplate with her hand.


“It’s simple, I happen have a constitution where it accumulates as much in my 『breasts』 as I’ve eaten whenever I eat. Good grief, even if they get any bigger, they will only become hindrances in combat, I tell you. My armor as well as my clothes; because I don’t fit in ready-made goods, I have to have them custom made so I’m also dealing with money. They’re inconvenient things. …………? What’s wrong Kanna? Sinking into silence suddenly.”


Perhaps the biggest surprise since coming to this world just held sway over me.


ーーDid she just say they can still get bigger? Real’s 『that』 I mean.


Teal’s pair of hills already can’t be described as anything other than giant breasts, is she saying they’ll evolve even further into 『explosive breasts』!? “Breasts grows as much as I’ve eaten whenever I eat” she says, it’s like a special constitution that would make women from all over the world cry in envy. If that Ayana hears about this, she’ll go crazy I bet.


I calmly look around the place and I realize that the fellows sitting inside the store are firmly straining their ears while pretending to be indifferent. The guy’s interests in the two fruits are also mutual across the world. Furthermore, the not so few female guests here are looking at Real with jealousy and envious eyes. It’s their impression regarding Real’s prime beauty and the conversation just now.


A slim and attractive figure and an attractive face are supposed to be characteristics of “Elves”. It’s extremely rare to pass by other elves like Real in town, but the breasts of the ladies, never mind the men, were slippery and flat if you know what I mean. No, I’m fairly sure Real is a half-elf. So does that mean that one of her parents has strong giant breast genes?


ーーーーThank you very much! Is what I want to go and tell that parent.


My stomach is also bulging out and my energy is replenished. Real wraps up the conversation while we’re enjoying the after meal tea.


“So, have you come to an answer?”


Of course, it’s about the contract Faima offered some time ago.


“As the senior in journeys, what do you think about it Real?”


While sipping the bitter black tea-like tea, I request for her opinion.



“Listening to it, it’s an exceptional treatment, isn’t it? Taking responsibility on the entire expenses and the like, usually these situations are mainly merchant groups who possess a plan within limitations or travelling aristocrat households. When it comes to individuals, a completion bonus is more than enough and most of the other travel expenses will be paid by themselves.”

“As far as I heard the story, she seems to have grown well too.”


Apart from her physically grown up breasts, she had an impression that her education among other things were seemingly quite high. At the time of our first meeting, she displayed quite a plain self-conceit, but I can agree that she’s from a household with a name like she said to the point of maintaining politeness and keeping us company.


“If she can move that much money individually, then either she has very doting parents or the person herself is very good.”


As far as I can see from the person herself, it must be the latter.



“If I have to say it, I became curious when she didn’t reveal her family name, but that is because it is usual for aristocrats to conceal their names and go on a journey.”


“It’s probably because they have ties of obligations, aristocrats that is.”


In real world Japan too has family lineages that has an ancient and honorable origin that continued from their former peerage and not only do they have a history, they also have a household that rode on the currents of antiquity and obtained power. There’s also one among the people I’m familiar with and that person often spill out complains.



“They are certainly a privileged class, but I can’t deny that they are also troublesome social position. Socializing with other households or territory management if you’re a man. An uncomfortable life in one way or another through a political marriage. At first glance it looks glamorous and the facts are muddled.”


Real’s face turns bitter and she drinks the bitter tea to make it look misleading. The world is different, but the darkness of the upper classes being deep doesn’t change. To put it in other words, various things of the universal human societies may have been condensed because it is a cramped world.



“Miss Faima’s position must also be in a political marriage I guess. She has that much beauty and wisdom. She’s very popular for sure. Her journey to Deagal could be the last freedom she’s been given before that.”


“Quit it, don’t make this conversation any heavier than this. It’ll get harder to decide.”


If I only listen to that, I’ll end up accepting it, don’t you think?


If Yuuzuki was here, then he should become extremely angry at the time the political marriages and the like is announced. To put it bluntly, that guy only would act violent and doesn’t think and all kinds of various preparations were made by me in cooperation with the little girl in question. If we’re going to do it, then we’ll do it, so I want him to try and act more well behaved.


“Setting that aside. If we properly exchange contracts with her, then we should have no problems as long as she doesn’t commit any dishonesty. It’s a surprisingly attractive negotiation if I only listen to it. We have a surplus in our savings, but if she will bear in mind the emergency expenses, then we won’t have to worry about it no matter how much money she has.”


Taking the burden on the total expenses on various things surely is attractive. It’s because we can go on a journey without putting our hands on our current savings; if it was the usual we would be stupid not to accept this.


If it was the usualーーI unexpectedly noticed that preface.



“As I expected, are you curious about the owner of that magic power?”


“…………It would be stranger if I’m not curious about it don’t you think?”


Some time ago when Faima approached us with that proposal, my head still hasn’t been recovered yet to the point of being able to completely understand its contents. And now, my mind has recovered, my stomach is satisfied and my energy is full. But even so what I’m still hesitating about is all because of that strange magic power I felt at the end of the attack.


“There’s no doubt that the owner of that magic power used magic in order to save the masked men. You should know that too, Real. If we accept being Faima’s escorts, then we will almost certainly clash with the owner of that magic power, you know that?”



I guess Faima brought up this proposal because of that. It’s impossible for her to not realize this. It’s a magic that can emit super-high heat enough to melt flagstones. If a person is directly hit by it, then they would carbonize on the spot, or they become ashes without leaving any trace and disappear. Even if the servants risk their life to try and protect their master, they will burn up along with him.


“Even if it’s a financially attractive contract, the risk is too big. We’re not so troubled with money that we have to put our lives at stake for the sake of a noble lady whom we just met yesterday and we’re not that soft-hearted either.”


If it was that idiot, then I bet he would readily accept the escort of Faima, but is it fortunate or unfortunate that he’s not at this place?



“You’re surprisingly cold aren’t you? You went out to help the daughter in the village at the foot of the mountain without hesitation, I tell you.”

“That was me getting swept up by the course of events if I remember, but circumstances are circumstances. I also regretted the time I spent hesitating. In the first place, weren’t you also brimming with motivation to undertake that task?”


In my case, the hand I was dealt with was unusually limited, so there were a lot of situations where I inevitably had to rely on another person’s abilities. So that may be why I don’t hesitate in to take someone’s hands. Of course, I don’t plan on taking someone’s hand without compensation and I’ll also do reasonable transactions. If, at that time, Real misunderstood the agreement, I would be tempted to demand recompenses from the villager I guess. Real gave the agreement before I could make demands, so it was lucky for us that we were able to shorten the time.


If it was that Yuuzuki, he would decide immediately with 0 time to consider it and also charge into the mountains at night with the intention to do this free of charge, that’s for sure. He’s a hopeless guy when it comes to taking things into consideration, but sometimes I feel jealous towards that lack of hesitation and grudges are also born towards the greatest heights of his ability. I’ve been associating with my incompetence for a very long time, so my jealousy and grudges disappear instantly and also there’s Yuuzuki’s degree of stupidity that outdoes all of that, so my anger would come out instead.



“As a result, it was a farce the spirit grandma played though.”

“Don’t say that. The spirit lady as well as the villagers have apologized deeply and you have also received a power that is useful to you. It’s exceptional as a recompense in regards to the crime.”

“That’s also true, I guess.”


I leak out negative words one after another from my mouth, but if I only express arguments based on emotion without any reason, then I would believe it’s fine to undertake the escorting of Faima.


In the end, me and that guy may resemble each other in the roots. Otherwise, we would’ve never hung out together since around elementary school until now, though it’s an undesirable but inseparable friendship.


In any case, I’m at a loss as to whether not pushing through reasoning with emotional arguments is me being cautious or me not being dependable. I keep calling Yuuzuki a good for nothing and all, but on the contrary, I may also be good for nothing.



“So at a time like this…………we drink.”

“Wait, why did it come to that?”

“Hé, young lady. Some alcohol s’il vous plaît.”


Ignoring Real’s calm retort, I ordered some fruit wine from the waitress. Real shruggs and also orders the same thing. By the way, there are no age limits to drinking alcohol. Generally it looks like you will develop a taste for it from the age of fifteen so there are no problemsーー or should be.


“ーーーーDo you mind if I also join you?”


Right when the waitress passed by to fetch wooden cups to pour the wine into, a voice calls out from behind me.



I turn around and a face I’ve seen beforeーーFaima’s head servant is there.


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