BFTG-NT Death Chapter 2

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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Death Chapter 2 Half-elf


My name is Yurika, and I’m just… a G-ranked adventurer.

I recieved a request from Konoe, the adventurer town, but if I report that I failed five consecutive times now, my adventurer status will be suspended for a year.

To prevent that, I have to go to the guild now and accept a potion-making request. Since I’ve had a talent in potion making for a long time, I regularly accept that kind of a request. It’s almost as if that is my exclusive request.

A person who has a talent in potion making usually has a bight future. Unlike adventurers. Of course, it is natural. Potions are necessary for any adventurer town. There is always a demand for people with that skill. It is strange that I choose to be adventurer rather than potion maker, who can earn more money and be a lot safer.

Yeah, I’m a little strange.

I wanted to be adventurer because I wanted to be like the adventurer who swiftly defeated the thieves who came to my village when I was small. That adventurer looked like a champion of justice. No, he was a champion of justice. And that desire turned into my dream.

Before I knew it, I had decided to become adventurer, so I practiced my swing with sticks. However, I just didn’t have the talent for it, and I was injured easily. It’s ironic that I have potion-making skill, which allow me to treat my own injuries…

I thought my situation would be better when I became adventurer, but it isn’t. On the contrary, most adventurers are totally different from the kind of adventurer I had been yearning for — perhaps because that adventurer had also received a reward from someone else, too. It is natural for that adventurer to help others because of a request.

Maybe I don’t really want to be adventurer. I just want to be an ally for justice. Consequently, I decided to become an adventurer who will accept requests at the lowest price possible — even if the request is impossible.

Although my idea was good, reality was too severe: I’m about to be dropped from being a G-ranked adventurer.

[It’s not here! The potion-making request isn’t here!] I exclaimed.

I arrived at the guild headquarters and looked at the request board, but the potion-making request had disappeared. It was here this morning. There isn’t any specific person in this adventurer town who was qualified to accept this request.

[Oh, my! Yurika, what’s wrong?] asked the receptionist.

[Where is the potion-making request?!] Yurika asked.

[Some new adventurers accepted it just a little while ago.] my acquaintance, receptionist-san, told me.

This was bad. I forgot that it was possible for new adventurers to accept that request. No! I might make it in time if I go now. In the first place, their talents for potion making have to be checked beforehand. Even if they have a talent, it isn’t an easy task to make all one hundred potions. If I could, at least, get a part of it, I could still be able to claim an achievement for that request.

[Sorry! I’m a little busy!] I exclaimed.

[Oh? About the request’s report…] the receptionist asked.

[See you later!] I said.

I ran at full speed toward the shop that put in the potion-making request. Oh!  By the way, even if I’m not confident about my combat skill, I’m really confident about my legs. Some adventurers even envy my escape speed.

Okay, I’m confident in my legs, but I’m not confident about my breasts. Just my legs… In two meaning…

While I’m running with a sinking feeling because of my skill, I arrived at the shop before I knew it. I had a feeling I’d heard “potion” the whole way. Was that an auditory hallucination?

A group of six people were probably the new adventurers. Ugh! So enviable. I didn’t have a chance to join any party at all. No, I know. They just let potion makers who have weak combat skills join – just for cost reduction. Please let me fight, too…

Oops! I got sidetracked. I was surprised by those six people. All of them could make potions, and they had already finished one hundred of them.

It was over. Five consecutive request failures.

Then, Sora-san gave me an additional potion-making request. Thank you, Sora-san, but I’m sorry. I don’t want to earn a living by being a potion maker.

Surprisingly, those new adventurers wanted me to hand over my new request. They’re just young children, but they’re so strong.

Are you going to help those people? Like champions of justice?

But they had to wait because I still had a potion to make. Oops! I can’t relax just yet. I had to make it with all my might.

It turned out that I had a satisfactory result this time. Sora-san also praised me. I’m really sorry, though because I still want to be adventurer.

The transfer was done in the guild, but leaving this request with those people gave me a bad aftertaste.

So… I begged them to take me along. They were somewhat disapproving at first, but they accepted me in the end. They were good people, after all. They might be an ally of justice in my mind.

Surprisingly, those people had a carriage. They don’t seem to be nobility, but they were great in various ways. I wanted to please them somehow, but I ended up talking non-stop. My strategy to make friends didn’t seem to work well this time.

They arrived at the village and decided to defeat those fang wolves immediately. Their evaluation was really high, and unlike most adventurers from Konoe who usually enjoy themselves in the village before do the extermination, it seemed those allies of justice didn’t want to waste any time.

I saw the fight with the fang wolves, and it was nothing short of a master piece. Although she was just a small girl who’s about half of my height, she could accurately hit the middle of the forehead of those fang wolves. However… she wasn’t the most skillful one in their party. I couldn’t help but notice but how strong their leader was.

They value their companions and have enough room for justice. This party is exactly my ideal party. I will absolutely join them.

However, there was a sudden development: They refused to accept the request from the village chief. Why? Aren’t you guys capable of doing it easily!?

[Why don’t you accept!?] I asked them. [You guys are really strong!]

I had spoken out unintentionally. It was the same as earlier. They said they couldn’t accept because it didn’t match their party’s policy, at all…

They also said the conditions of the request weren’t appropriate. Come to think of it… Wasn’t it normal to accept requests first? I heard other adventurers who were talking about conditions a lot. In that case, they might be right. However, my sense of justice told me that I had to accept this request.

However, he didn’t accept the request. He said he and his friends needed to vote about this, so there was still a sense of justice in their hearts, after all. He may be right… There might be a reason he can’t accept this kind of request.

They decided to come back again once more the next day in order to give the village chief enough time to sort out the content of request.

The next day, I talked with the village chief whose face was totally worn down. I thought he was so worried about the forest that he couldn’t sleep. He was unable to prepare the request note, too.

If it kept up like this, he wouldn’t accept the request again. Then I have nothing else to do but to accept this request. Fortunately, it was just an investigation request. It would be possible for me because I could escape without a fight.

[Village chief-san, I will accept the request!] I proclaimed.

[Really? Thank you very much!] the village chief said.

Hadn’t the village chief’s attitude change quickly?

I decided to go to the Torte forest immediately. I had a different kind of request here once before, but there was something wrong here that made this forest look completely different this time.

I left a message with village chief that said, “I’m going to forest, so don’t worry.” This was my request, so I have to discover the cause and report it. According to the situation, it will be used to make a new request. He will receive the request if I do it.

I entered the forest. Yeah, it was obviously not normal. The plants had grown more than I remember. Their shade wasn’t common, either. I knew they were poisonous just from looking at them. How should I report this? Just this only? No, this wasn’t a cause. I thought that I should discover what had happened here.

I made my way deeper into the forest, and I had encounters with a lot of monsters. Yeah, my escape speed was really effective there.

Most of the monsters I encountered were plant monsters. No fang wolves, at all. It was possible that those plant monsters became superior and drove those fang wolves out of the forest.

Fights between monsters wasn’t uncommon, either.

However, I didn’t know why the plant monsters had become more dominant. I didn’t think it was enough for me to complete this request if I couldn’t find the cause.

So, I moved even deeper into the forest.

Oh, that’s right. The leader of my former party had said: “If you don’t know about the request, then you don’t know whether or not this kind of request is beyond our capabilities and might end up putting us in a dangerous situation.

What about the current me? Am I suitable for this kind of request? It is completely different… I encountered a lot of monsters that I couldn’t defeat on my own just to find the cause. Because I didn’t know the cause, I had to move around recklessly. Before I noticed, the area around me became unfamiliar.

Ah, ha! I didn’t think I could complete this request today.

Let’s get out of this forest first. This is obviously more than enough. I have to report and leave this to the village chief’s judgment… Uh…

I lost consciousness when I was hit from behind.

[Ahh!] I screamed.

I regained consciousness and confirmed my situation. Yeah, I was hanging from a branch, completely naked. How?

No! When I looked at my surroundings, I understood my situation. This was a man eater. A B-ranked monster. I saw it inside the guild’s picture book. I… No, they might not be able to defeat it, either.

I noticed that a lot of fang wolves had been hung in the same way as me. I was caught in a man eater’s surprise attack. That’s right. Clothes were obstacles when it was eating. So it completely removed my clothes. I mean, this was the source of the anomaly in this forest.

[Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] I screamed again.

It was impossible. I tried to be calm, but I couldn’t control my fear. It was completely checkmate for me. I was capable of escaping from this kind of situation because of my speed.

However, my legs and neck were completely restrained, so I couldn’t even move.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!] I yelled.

Where were my legs now? They were hung in the air. In short, I couldn’t escape.

I struggled desperately.

[Ahhhhhhh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah] I yelled again.

I didn’t want to die. I struggled with all my might. I might have been able to escape if those branch were loosened a little.

[Someone help!] I cried out.

When I said that, I felt some regret inside me. He was right.

I won’t be saved because I aimed to be an ally of justice. There is no ally of justice who will help when I’m in pinch. Only a companion. And I don’t have any companions.

My justice inside me was shattered. What value does it have if it doesn’t help me? There is no meaning if I’m going to die because of that.

When I was feeling depressed, the man eater’s tentacles were moving toward me.

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  2. this is death chapter 2… the first one was about the girl that send her butler to kill the party??….

    Well nice meeting you Yurika… what a waste of a half elf…. i wonder when the MC revives her what will happen… will she fully revive and be 100% fine?… or it will be a mindless zombi?… or a zombi but with intelligence but without personality? more like a robot?

  3. Somehow i don’t really feel any sympathy towards her. Too many bad decisions even when warned. Not to mention trying to force her value on other people

    1. My thoughts exactly. She didn’t care about the life of the other adventurers and talks shit about “sense of justice”, was fooled by a ridiculous emotional blackmail and jumped in a horde of demons wich only know information is that she absolutely can’t beat them. No matter how I look at it, she is just a hypocritical and suicidal moron. I can’t feel pity even if I try hard.

      1. Funny that – You essentially described the behaviour of your average teenager! Still, I think most of us agree that naivety and maybe even stupidity are things that most of us should be allowed to learn from and grow out of?
        Death by hentai tentacle plant seems a bit extreme to show no sympathy over…
        Don’t you think? ^^

  4. thanks, translator/editor/proofreader-san

    really such an Idiot girl… at least she discovered her shortcomings before death.
    I guess the magic Sakura is going to create will be something like making Yurika a high undead, don’t think it will be a full resurrection.

  5. This girl is bad in a bad way. Active stupid, I want to go to hell and I will definitely go to hell even with all my good karma, kind of active stupid.

    She need a minder in the worst way.

    1. That is an interesting thought. Does this mean that the blonde noble chick from death chapter 1 might also get revived. Cause she also got a side story where she regretted her actions and showed promise for change.

      1. Actually, she didn’t. She felt regret at sending her butler to kill the MC, but not that she wanted to have the MC killed. What that means is that if she could do it all over, she would have sent someone else instead of her butler. She still wanted to have the MC killed; she just didn’t want to risk losing her butler by ordering him to perform the deed himself.

        1. I interpreted that differently. She did still want to kill the MC but that doesn’t mean she would have sent someone else. You could dislike someone to the point of wishing them death but its a complete different story to actually try and kill them. It comes with a whole set of extra costs and consequences that she is now blatantly aware of. She learned that it was foolish to pick fights and risk the safety of herself and her loved ones for that petty pride of hers. She would probably become more humble after she has time to reevaluate what happened.
          By no means do I want her to be a party member because she still is a b*tch but I do think that she did become smart enough to change the way she acts if not the way she thinks.

          1. Sure she would change but would still remain a BEEP. Why do you think she would become humbles ? She only cared about her butler. If she don’t loses him and can do it all over she will send someone unrelated to her (bandit/thief/assassin/mercenary/bad adventurer) to do the job or there is even the possibility of her joining his party (if revived) just to kill him (with poison for exemple but would be discovered red by the map).
            Extra cost ? She got money. Consequences ? She will just try to not being discovered/ cover her tracks (killing the assassins) or just use her status.
            She still stay a mad girl that wants to kill MC, spare him ? why ? She won’t be able to calm herself if she do it.

    1. Well, I figured something was going on. Just rest and get well, it’s the holidays here anyway. We’re done with the queue and I’ll get them cleaned up and released after a nap myself. So lurkers, next dozen hours or so, 24 and 24.5 will be out. After that, as Specterze eludes to, the queue is empty. o/

  6. Yurika is flat, and flat is justice. She’s already my favorite character. Yes, she’s dumb, weak, and idealistic, but I can’t fathom how people think that’s a reason to hate her. I think that just makes her lovable. Like Mumen Rider in One Punch Man.

    1. Yurika is an idealist that will sacrifice your safety and resource expenditure to satisfy her own ideals and goals. She also uses guilt tripping and emotional blackmail in front of others (village leader) to try to compel you to do her bidding. This is a bad person. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  7. I might not be particularly sad about Yurika but at least I’m not elated like some of the edgelords in the comments for the past few chapters. She’s dumb and naive but saying she deserves death from just that is pretty extreme. Even saying she’s “forcing her values” on them is putting it too strongly. She was surprised that the MC declined the task, complained a bit, and then let them be. If she really wanted to “force” her values then she would barged in on their vote and pestered them all night long like some annoying door-to-door salesman.

    Dumb children and teens never learn so they don’t deserve a second chance, right? Maybe next people will start vying for the MC to go around and start culling the dumb and naive kids of the world so that there’s less mouths to complain and feed.

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